At the core of ART 735-A design there is the ND 840 compression driver, that ensures an unparalleled performance with great efficiency. Both the large-format compression driver and the woofer are precision built with RCF’s superior assembly technology, as well as a wealth of professional knowledge.


The superior 3.0’’ HF titanium driver has a crossover point of 900 Hz, allowing to reproduce almost all of the vocal range with better impulse response, fast waterfall decay and higher efficiency.

water resistent

Perfect coverage & clear vocals


This 3.0’’ diaphragm compression driver is made of pure titanium and is loaded on a constant directivity horn with a perfect coverage of 90°x60°

water resistent

Direct Drive technology

The voice coil features a high-temperature kapton former. The assembly process takes advantage from the RCF proprietary Direct Drive technology. The diaphragm’s suspension is designed after an extensive study aimed at minimizing distortion and extending low frequency range.

water resistent


The low-frequency transducer is a high-power 15’’ woofer with a 3.0’’ voice coil, delivering a punchy bass. Reproduction of the mid-bass frequencies is accurate, transparent and free from distortion.

rcf experiencet



Woofers and compression drivers are precision built taking advantage of RCF’s superior moulding, assembly technologies and a wealth of professional knowledge and experience dedicated to achieving extremely high standards.