ART 4 cabinets are moulded on a special polypropylene composite material and are designed to dampen down vibrations even at maximum volume settings.

The ART 4 Series design looks aggressive whilst retaining familiar ART ergonomics and is the result of extensive combined functional and acoustic research.
The reflex porting has been sized to guarantee the best efficiency.
Every detail of the cabinets, from moulding to the final texture, have been carefully studied to offer the maximum reliability and strenght for the intensive use on the road.

The amplifier is housed on an aluminium top plate that integrates the rubber coated plastic top handle. This structure results in a stronger and easy to transport cabinet.
The large sized constant directivity horn is designed to offer a precise directivity.
All models are equipped with ergonomically designed hard plastic handles with internal rubber handgrip for a better portability.
At the bottom of the speakers a rugged stainless steel pole mount has been provided for deploying the speakers on stands or on subwoofers.
The cabinet shape allows every ART 4 speaker to be used also in stage monitor configuration.