Low frequencies

low frequencies

The 2 woofers, in a clam shell band-pass loading configuration, provide a very tight and powerful bass response in only 6 Kg weight.
The woofers have been designed with a special low profile to optimize their housing in the cabinet and the size of the overall module.
The acoustical configuration is very efficient in the 100 Hz region and free from dual source cancellations.

hyper ventilation system

The Hyper Ventilation System

The Hyper Ventilation System is the result of a complex combination of holes in the voice coil former, in the magnetic structure and in the woofer basket. In fact, thanks to the large excursion of the cone, the great amount of air generated is directed through the holes creating a very high level of turbulence that keeps the transducer cooler without using a forced ventilation system.

double nomex layer

Double nomex layer

Thanks to the amazing strength of the voice coil former, obtained with the double Nomex layer, RCF engineers were able to make bigger holes without compromising the structure stiffness and therefore allowing the passage of a greater quantity of air, which would have not been possible with standard formers.    

silicon surround structure

Silicon surround structure

The surround structure is made of silicon which is the only material able to maintain the memory of its shape. This particular structure guarantees the perfect efficiency of the suspension even after a long period of extensive use.


silicon surround structure

Thanks to the state of the art neodymium 10" midrange design with sealed aluminium basket, the TTL55-A delivers the best vocal clarity from a large format line array module.

silicon surround structure

Impedance control coil technology

The superior midrange quality and definition is achieved through the exclusive Impedance Control Coil (ICC) technology: a secondary coil wound on the speaker yoke and driven in opposite phase to the primary coil that has the function of cancelling the primary coil inductance, increasing the speaker sensitivity and reducing the speaker distortion.
A primary effect of this technology is the perfection of the temporal behaviour of the speaker, improving the crossover transition and resulting in incredible midrange accuracy and perfect phase linearity.

silicon surround structure

Special 3.5" voice coil

The transducer is equipped with a special 3.5" voice coil to maximize output and is loaded on a 4-slot constant directivity horn that guarantees a uniform vertical coupling module to module.

High frequencies

silicon surround structure

The TTL55-A is the only line array module offering the advantages of a straight HF horn and the density of three 2.5".
The new high power neodymium compression drivers feature precision assembled titanium domes and polyester surround and are housed on a very compact 7° waveguide that ensure the maximum wave coherency, very high output power and extreme clarity.

voice coil

The best sound clarity and coherence available

Thanks to this specific design combined with state of the art transducers design, the TTL55-A guarantees the best sound clarity and coherence available, compared with arrays equipped with complex waveguides that result in too much sound diffraction making the FOH engineer's job a lot harder.