The design philosophy for the new TT+ series is based upon offering the sound engineer solutions and tools that are ready to use. Key factors are the ability to sustain very high power with highly efficient sound pressure levels. Intense sound levels are created with extremely high definition and extended dynamic range. Modern construction materials result in mechanical weight ratios that are light for practical flying and portability.

silicon surround structure


The TT5-A is a high power, active loudspeaker designed specifically for high quality indoor and outdoor near and mid field sound amplification. It is equipped with 1600 W digital amplification, 1100 W are delivered from the low frequencies amplifier and 500 W from the high frequency digital module. The low frequencies transducer is a powerful 15” hypervented woofer with 4” voice coil. A large sized 2” titanium dome compression driver loaded to a 90°x 50° dispersion constant directivity horn provides a perfect high frequencies coverage.

silicon surround structure

Acoustic design

TT5-a is the result of an incredibly advanced acoustic design, state of the art digital power amplifiers and a group of innovative processing algorithms that, running at 96 KHz, take care of the speaker linearity and its dynamic control.