60 plus years heritage in Audio

RCF is one of only a few loudspeaker manufacturers worldwide who have the ability to completely design and manufactures transducers, speaker systems and amplification and control electronics. Our 60 plus years heritage in Audio combined with our state of the art research and development and manufacturing processes allows us to seamlessly integrate all the ingredients to design and build TT+.

silicon surround structure


The HF transducer is a high performance 4-inch diaphragm compression driver with a 2 inch exit throat featuring several state of the art technologies. RCF has developed an oxygen free process of moulding pure titanium ultra thin films in high quality, finely controlled shaped diaphragms. Our process offers superior sonic quality, extended to the highest audible frequencies which guarantee consistent power handling and reliability. The diaphragm and suspension are precision formed from .05 mm (.002 in.) thick pure titanium. At the point where the titanium suspension is bonded to the assembly ring, a special dampening adhesive has been applied in order to further reduce and eliminate distortion creating resonances.

silicon surround structure


The voice coil assembly is designed using a high strength, high temperature Kapton voice coil former, rectangular profile copper clad aluminium wire and assembled using advanced, specially formulated adhesives. Proprietary curing processes ensure optimal assembly strength and safe operation even under extreme thermal conditions. The top of the former is bent and bonded directly to the edge of the titanium diaphragm resulting in a Direct Drive™ configuration. Direct Drive™ guarantees optimal transfer of energy between the voice coil and the dome assembly providing smoother, extended frequency response beyond 10 kHz, reducing break up modes and lowering distortion. This assembly delivers high power handling along with excellent mechanical and thermal properties that make the compression driver exceedingly reliable and robust.

silicon surround structure


The TT5-A mid bass transducer is designed to provide an excellent frequency response linearity with very low distortion. A very strong neodymium magnetic structure guarantee dynamic and precision, a new and unique 4.0” voice coil design provides a very high power handling, especially recommended in comparison to a standard coils. The unique Dual-forced air venting system guarantee a very efficient voice coil ventilation to minimize the power compression and provide higher power handling.



RCF has developed a unique voice coil, combining the advantages of inside/outside technology to the superior quality of polyimide-imide materials (wire resins and formers resins).
The inside/outside coil offers many advantages:

- the dissipation surface is doubled;
- the adhesion area to the former is doubled;
- during thermal expansion the former is squeezed between inside and outside layers offering the best mechanical resistance.

Our inside/outside formers are made from polyimide-imide fibreglass and the area between the coil and the cone is a triple layer of Nomex - fibreglass - Nomex for maximum stiffness and accurate sound transfer.