The RCF Forum 6000 System has been designed to manage conference, debates, president desks in auditoriums/conventions and meetings, offering outstanding versatility.

The system is simple and quick to wire, to set-up and to use and includes operative functions and modes that are usually available only in more complex products. It is possible to connect to the main system unit up to 60 microphone set on two different lines. Several operational modes can be chosen through the LCD display and simple menus. For more advanced use a complete setup menu adds flexibility to the system allowing you to personalize several parameters. In fact, the system offers a wide range of options including the automatic management of a speaker booking queue and, with an accessory, the control of the cameras and a functional PC interface to enable/disable microphone consoles from a synoptic panel. Thanks to the expansion kit it is possible to connect up to 120 additional consoles on four connection lines.

It includes also a simultaneous translation system for foreign language guests. The 6000 system is easily assembled using RJ45 type connectors.

Forum 6000 system is designed according to IEC 60914 standard.