High Frequencies


RCF Class-D power amplifier technology packs a huge performance, operating with high efficiency in a lightweight chassis. D-LINE amplifiers deliver ultra fast attack, realistic transient response and impressive audio performance. The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminium structure which not only stabilises the amplifier during transportation but also assists in heat dissipation. All the D-LINE amplifiers feature SMPS power supply section in order to produce maximum output and minimum transportation weight.

The D-LINE series comes with professional connections and is easy to access at the rear panel of the speaker. Simply plug in your audio source, instrument or microphone and you are ready to go.

The rear panel also provides access to different controls.



The integrated DSP manages crossover, equalisation, soft limiter, compressor and dynamic bass boost.




Each amplifier features both XLR In/Out connectors and a Jack input for maximum connection versatility.
These balanced inputs can be used to connect balanced or unbalanced microphones or audio sources at line level. The balanced connector is connected in parallel and can be used to send the audio signal to other amplified speakers, recorders or supplementary amplifiers. MALE XLR SIGNAL OUTPUT: The output XLR connector provides a loop through for speaker daisy chaining.




 A switchable EQ Mode makes it easier to select between two different



A useful Mic/Line switch to adjust the input sensitivity is provided. When used only for speech, the Mic setting allows a microphone to be used directly with the speaker. Set the selector to Line when using the speaker for live music or playback.




An easy-to-reach volume knob on the back allows the overall volume of the



Three status LEDs – Power / Signal / Status – are provided for monitoring the system.

LIMITER LED: The amplifier has a built-in limiter circuit to prevent clipping of the amplifiers or overdriving the transducers. When the soft clipping circuit is active the LED blinks RED. It is permissible for the limit LED to blink occasionally. However, if the LED blinks frequently, or lights up continuously, turn down the signal level.

SIGNAL LED: The signal indicator lights green if there is signal present on the main input.

POWER STATUS LED: This green LED is ON when the speaker is connected to the main power supply and the ON/OFF is in ON position



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