With the FORUM 2000 simultaneous translation system RCF introduces not only a state of the art technology but also a new way to think, install, configure and use an interpretation system.

In fact Forum 2000 uses a digital wireless ultrahigh-frequency transmission with double encryption to always operate with maximum privacy and safety. The speech intelligibility and clarity are of the highest standards expected from a fully digital system. The RCF wireless technology utilizes a twin antenna (diversity) approach combined with an exclusive algorithm that guarantee a perfect coverage without shadow-areas and interference. All this is possible through a couple of discrete transmitting antennas which can be installed in a corner of the hall, connected to the transmitting unit which is the heart of the Forum 2000 system. The antennas are very compact and they can even be over-painted to perfectly match the decor of the hall.

The radio transmission is not affected by bright ambient light conditions, offering always the maximum audio performance.

RCF Forum 2000 can be configured to manage up to 10 languages, 3 interpreters per booth and allows the operation of up to ten Forum 2000 independent systems in the same building location thanks to the 99 digital radio channels available. All wirings necessary to link the different hardwares are, following the RCF Forum philosophy, of simple CAT5 UTP cable technology.