Forum Congress Solutions


FORUM 3000 is a compact conference system, easy-to-use and cost effective solution for small and medium size meetings venues, where a PRO audio quality, but a basic microphone management are required.

FORUM 3000 is ideal for both temporary and permanent installations, where up to 80 or even 160 participants need to be served.

The installation of the system is very easy, as it needs simply to plug the chairman microphone to the master unit and then the delegate microphones in cascade to it, on a single or double line according to the table lay-out.

The system is composed of the MMU 3100 master unit, one chairman’s microphone set MMS 3405P and up to 80 delegate sets MMS 3404D. By linking two units MMU 3100 it is possible to double the system capacity to up to 160 delegates. MMU 3100 includes an internal power supply switch and the Class-D power capacity to supply the speakers integrated in each microphone console and also constant voltage sound reinforcement speakers if available.

The wiring is made by using CAT 5FTP cables and standard RJ 45 connectors. The chairman’s set has to be directly wired to the MMU 3100 unit, and it has two inputs to accept separate lines of delegates, useful when in U table configuration.

The chairman’s set has an additional button to get priority over the active delegates and lock-out them on a temporary basis.

The delegate set has a push-to-lock button to freely activate the microphone and to speak mixed with the others.

Each microphone set has a built-in loudspeaker powered by the control amplifier for sound reinforcement and monitoring purpose.