RCFACUSTICA COMPACT Series represent a no compromise Compact design and construction, offering a very natural sound in recorded music and live situations.
The two way designs within the COMPACT Series offer RCF Exclusive ‘CMD’ Technology. (Coverage Matching Design), this helps guarantee the smooth transition between the high frequency horns polar responses and low frequency transducers directivity.
The compression drivers used in the Compact Series designs are the very latest in neodymium magnetic
circuit technology, while the low frequency devices can withstand peak power of up to 6 times the nominal
power. All Compact Series Speakers are equipped with high power handling low impedance crossover designs with electronic protection on driver.
All Compact Series cabinets are in Baltic birch, heavy duty painted. Free from spurious vibrations, they offer a steel reinforced construction with several mounting points, at the highest levels in the professional market.


Two-Way Passive Speakers

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