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RCF Media makes its mark in Novi Sad’s Loft Rooftop

Situated in Novi Sad’s new Promenada Shopping Mall, Loft Coffee & Food Bar is the fourth in the successful Serbian chain, having built its reputation on a carefully designed offering, great location and innovative interior. To that can be added a top-quality RCF sound system.

The Loft Rooftop, as the latest operation is known, makes an immediate impression, with its striking interior complemented by unobtrusive but ever-present background music.

The sound is provided by a number of loudspeakers from the RCF Media series, supplied by Serbian distributor, AVL Projekt. Specifically it uses the RCF M601 and RCF DPS 604X 4-channel Class D amplification. Signal source is a computer, connected to the system via a Radial USB PRO sound card, with an additional RCF S5012 passive subwoofer providing low-frequency extension.

Further RCF equipment for providing sound in the garden has also been earmarked and will be installed after the siting of the pergola in the open space outside. For this purpose RCF’s IP55 weather-resistant MQ 80P-B speakers are an appropriate choice for outdoor installation.

However, the installation team faced several challenges during the fit-out. As is often the case, the installation of the sound system had to be completed to a short deadline due to the opening of the Mall itself. But with good organisation, and commitment from their colleagues in the field, AVL Projekt successfully met this challenge.