Mytho Design

Born with more than 60 years of experience

Since 1949 RCF has been at the forefront of the audio industry constantly innovating in technology to develop groundbreaking products for every professional audio needs. Thanks to our great heritage we are one of only a few loudspeakers manufacturers worldwide who have the ability to completely design and manufacture transducers, speaker systems, amplification, cabinets and control electronics. This allows us to offer innovative projects with finite control of each details and to create the components that perfectly match each other for every product.

The same care and attention has been used for the Ayra Series, a brand-new line of reference monitors that combine the legendary quality and reliability of RCF development in digital amplification technology and acoustic design.



Ayra works perfectly in any listening environments, from large to small production facilities, and for the home recording studio. The Ayra Series gives you accurate monitoring and provides the engineer or producer with the right tool to make the best performance.

In our history we had the opportunity to explore and manufacture live sound products, hi-fi products and also to introduce some notable technological innovations in the studio recording such as the integrated tweeter-midrange system in our 1990 RCF SDC6000 studio monitors.

This is why we decided to combine our state of the art active live sound systems experience with our 30 plus years of hi-fi audio heritage to create a studio monitor that represents the connection between these two worlds.



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