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 The Power Rack PR-63 features the PD 63 A-419 power distribution with a 63 A Cekon power input with 5 m fixed cable. The three-phase power is distributed in a 32 A Cekon output, 4 x LKS19 output, 6 x Powercon output, 1 Powercon auxiliary output to power the CR 16-ND Control Rack. All outputs are equipped with individual RCBOs (Residual Current-operated Circuit-Breaker with Overcurrent protection) for maximum reliability. In case of damage, only the faulty output is missed while the rest of the system continues to function.

Part Number
  • • 12100006
  • 63 Ampere Cekon power input with 5 m cable
  • 32 Cekon outputs
  • 4 x LKS 19 outputs
  • 6 x Powercon outputs + 1 Powercon auxiliary output
  • 24 x individual power line RCBOs
  • 32 Ampere and Auxiliary individual front RCBOs
  • Tour Grade flight case construction
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