RD Net


We have developed a dedicated networking board for the latest TT+ products.
Using our proprietary RDNet protocol is possible to monitor all the system parameters, form the input to the status of each single amplifier. Having a Dsp on board of each cabinet, it is possible to address to single cabinets or groups of cabinets specific presets or modifications of parameters like gain, equalisation or delay. The RDNet protocol is based on RS-485 communication protocol, it is very stable and it is possible to send and receive data on a simple XLR cable.

  • • The use of RDNet software in combination with RDNet Control & TT+ Units
  • • Touring sound reinforcement
  • • Theatres and nightclubs
  • • Stadiums, arenas, concert halls and other fixed venue installations
  • • Portable and installed audio-visual systems
Part Number
  • Automatically Scanning of Units
  • Indications of Fan, Field & Cluster Setting
  • Signal Level & Delay Setting
  • Level Bars Indication
  • Selectable EQ functions & Edits
  • Different Filter Selections
  • Frequency & Gain Control
  • Storage of Parameters, Settings & Presets
The data are not binding; RCF reserves the right to modify the data at any time and without previous notice.