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The object of the seminar is to provide a knowledge of indoor system design and the right type of system for the application. The course will also discuss the fundamental notions for critical analysis of the technical specifications of the transducers and loudspeakers. 


  • Introduction to Acoustics
    Definition of sound, generation, parameters (pressure, intensity, power, level, and definition of deciBel), free field propagation (inverse square law for point source and line array), diffraction, shadowing, atmospheric absorption, temperature and wind effects.
  • Psychoacustic
    Sound levels and sound perception, spectral analysis, weight and isophonic diagrams.
  • Room Acoustics
    Enclosed spaces: reflection, absorption and transmission of sound, absorption co-efficientcy, energy-time curve (temporal evolution of sound in an enclosed space), primary reflections, reverberant field, reverberation time (RT) and critical distance, RT prediction methods.
  • Electro-acoustics
    Speaker system, concepts of filters & crossovers, directivity. Enclosure & cabinet types and features
How to interpret technical specifications and significant parameters. 



The courses are only taking place in the RCF Audio Academy premises.
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The participation to the courses is free.
Time: from 10.00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The number of applicants is restricted and subjected to RCF approval.