Aluminium Cabinet

Aluminium Cabinet

The die cast aluminium cabinet is the result of many years of experience. The cabinet is internally braced and reinforced to improve low frequencies behaviour and reduce resonances. The internal volume is maximised in comparison with more traditional wooden cabinets.

The external shape of the cabinet is precisely designed to minimize edge reflections. The front baffle integrates a “precision directivity” wave-guide designed to improve the treble dynamics and create uniform high frequency dispersion.

Special attention has been dedicated to the bass reflex air port design. The cabinet vertical angle can be adjusted to optimise the orientation for the listening position.

The Perfect Wave

The MYTHO Sudio Monitor's cabinets are shaped to deliver the most linear and precise audio response. This concept is the result of a long and accurate design process that involved RCF's Engineers and their great expertise in acoustic and loudspeakers manufacturing.

In fact, by giving a carefully rounded shape to the angles of the cabinet, the edge reflections are extremely reduced compared to standard wooden monitors, and therefore the sound is perfectly perceived by the listener.

This unique shape, combined with the precision-directivity wave guide of the front baffle, improves the linearity and directivity of the sound dispersion, which results in a more accurate listening and mixing process.

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