DSP Processing

DSP Processing

Ultra low noise operational amplifiers and a dedicated analogue-digital converter take care of signal input amplification and translation in the digital domain.

The signal processing is executed from a dedicated high quality DSP. The numerical choice guarantees fine crossover tuning and accurate multipoint two way equalization independent from temperature and component tolerances. Soft signal clipping and transducers protections are integrated in the DSP processing.

A special algorithm runs in RCF during the final speaker testing to calibrate the speaker sensitivity and cancel even the smallest difference from the ideal curve response.

Input Board

The input interface on the rear panel offer a complete group of setting to get the maximum performance from Mytho monitors in every conditions. The rear panel is equipped with input with protecting fuse for the power cable, a main power switch and a voltage selector (115-230V). An audio signal balanced input with combo XLR - ¼" jack socket is provided.

Input Board Function

The data are not binding; RCF reserves the right to modify the data at any time and without previous notice.