The Largest Forum installation in the UK Lincoln County Council, UK
In the largest installation to date of the RCF Forum 9000 system in the UK, specialists in local authority contracting, Sound Advice have completely renovated the media and communications systems of Lincolnshire County Council at their offices in Lincoln. Because of the County Councils location (Some councillors have to travel up three hours to attend meetings) they have turned to web streaming technologies. It is now possible for people to observe goings on in the Chamber over the internet. The solution was provided by Sound Advice under the leadership of Jon Hunnisett and in partnership with web casting specialists Public-i and RCF UK, who provided the conferencing equipment and software support. "Our initial one-line brief from the client was that the system had to do everything invisibly," explained Jon Hunnisett.
Lincolnshire had actually been a candidate for an AV systems upgrade for some time. According to IT manager and project co-ordinator Dave Walker of HBS, the Council's facilities management company, the previous system used in the Council Chamber was an analogue system installed in the 1980's. Demonstrations of various possibilities were carried out, and installation commenced in the spring of a completely new congress, sound reinforcement, presentation and camera system. The heart of the Council Chamber is now RCF's new Forum 9000 digital conference system. Jon Hunnisett explained what he sees as the main strengths of the system: "Firstly, it has excellent sound quality, which was very important to the client." That's something that the Councillors themselves have already commented on as being a real plus, according to Dave Walker. The second bonus is one of flexibility. Hunnisett again: "The system has so much functionality that can simply be unlocked with further software purchases. This means that the customer doesn't need to worry too much about what feature they should buy, and whether they can afford them at once. They can get on, buy the hardware and upgrade their solution later on without having to rebuild the system." RCF ultimately supplied a total of 117 delegate units for the Council Chamber, along with the FMU 9100 central control unit, one of its VM 9844 audio / video matrix switchers and three FDC9900 dome cameras. The three cameras are located discretely in the roof of the Council Chamber, and positioned to cover the whole room. The camera feeds are switched by the RCF FVM matrix unit and then pass into a Kramer matrix switcher, which delivers to the streaming hardware. Audio inputs are treated likewise.
Since the installation, the Council has asked for an alteration to the Forum software to better suit its needs. They want to be able to alter the 'waiting to speak' queue, and also would like a second screen for the chairman showing just a schematic overview of the Council chamber that would allow them to invite delegates to speak automatically. Jon Hunnisett: "RCF have been absolutely wonderful about this. They have done a software modification, which is now fully currently up and running in the installation. It's really intuitive, something that isn't always true of conference software." Dave Walker from HBS is very pleased with the installation, he concluded "The engineers from Sound Advice are amongst the most professional I've worked with, they did an excellent job."
RCF’s Emanuele Morlini was on hand to assist their Czech distributor Prodance at the recent Music Fair in Prague. The show, which was held from the 13th to the 15th of September, was Prodance’s first opportunity to show both the new ART Digital Power and the latest additions to the TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre series.
During the show, RCF held a technical seminar for the TT+ Line Array led by Emanuele Morlini (TT+ Product Manager) and the technical staff of Prodance. As well as the technical seminars, Prodance also organised a demonstration of the TTL33-A Line Array with live bands on stage.
Milan Hruza, General Manager of Prodance, commented, “The presence of such highly qualified RCF’s staff was very much appreciated by the audience at the seminars who could test the product and receive extensive information about the TT+ Line Array”.
For further information please visit
Over past year, RCF have not only introduced a large number of ground breaking new products, but have now launched the RCF Group on the Expandi Market of the Italian Stock Exchange. The Group comprises RCF and AEB (which owns the brand dBtechnologies) has an annual turnover close to 50 million of euro. At this year's PLASA show, RCF will be presenting a whole roster of new products.
TTL31-A / TTL12-AS The TTL31-A is a "mini" size 2 way Array Module, delivering very high output and dynamics plus extreme accuracy and high frequency extension. With its compact size the TTL31-A is the ideal tool for indoor applications, live performances and multi-media events. The TTL12-AS active sub, is the ideal complement for the TTL31-A array module. The band-pass design guarantees the maximum output per size, the 4" voice coil vented design woofer offering the minimum of power compression.
RCFACUSTICA P Series Coaxial weatherproof high performance speaker systems are a new addition to the RCF Acustica range of 'Audio Contractor' installation speaker systems. The RCF P Series are highly efficient coaxial designs offering excellent music and speech intelligibility in a compact lightweight weatherproof design, offering protection up to IP 66 rating standard. The P series offers an ideal answer to outdoor smoking areas. However, as well as outdoor applications, the design aesthetics of the P Series will also allow architectural choices for indoor installations in tough environments. The cabinets are constructed from a heavy duty (but light in weight) 'Rotomoulded' plastic resin UV stabilised material. The front grille construction and yoke bracket system for all models is constructed from Stainless Steel.
TT25-SMA The TT25-SMA is a high performance, coaxial, stage monitor, offering linear curve response and consistent coverage. The acoustic output of the TT25-SMA makes it the professional choice for most demanding situations. The compact size and very low profile a designed for a discrete professional stage appearance.
RCF will also be introducing a new range of Passive Speakers in the TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre line, the TT 22 & TT25. This new range has been specifically designed for the theatre and touring markets as well as fixed installations. It is an ideal speaker for rental companies who need to have passive speakers to complement their exciting amplifier stock.
Digital ART 522-A / 525-A The new Digital ART 522-A / 525-A are a 2 way active system, offering substantial power for a variety of professional applications that include primary sound reinforcement and supplementary fill for larger systems. The new ART's combines an integrated digital high power 750 watt amplifier, plus a complete electronic processor section and RCF low distortion, high power transducers. The result is a compact, lightweight, high power accurate system, unique in its class for clarity and low distortion. The total amplifier power is 750 watt, a 500 watt digital amplifier design is used to power the low frequencies, the compression driver is powered from 250 watt of digital power.
MQ50i The new addition to the Monitor Q series is the MQ50i, a constant directivity monitor speaker for flush mount-in wall installation. The MQ50i is a 2-way Bass Reflex acoustic speaker with a 5" high-excursion woofer, rubber suspension and a soft dome tweeter, loaded on a wave guide to ensure clarity and proper sound dispersion over a wide range of coverage. Its sound accuracy, compact size and design make this "in wall" speaker ideal for reproducing both music and speech.
Sono iniziate ufficialmente venerdì 27 luglio le contrattazioni del titolo RCF Group sul segmento Expandi di Borsa Italiana.
RCF have announced the launch of the RCF Group on the Expandi Market of the Italian Stock Exchange. The Group comprises RCF S.p.A. and AEB Industriale s.r.l. (which owns the brand dBtechnologies).
In making the announcement the company emphasized the benefits of the flotation in allowing it to increase it's capital in order to continue it's current phase of growth.
Arturo Vicari, Managing Director of RCF Group said "Through the quotation operation, the RCF Group intends to continue it's growth in the international markets. The synergies between the high-toned prestige of the brand, the know-how of an internal Research and Development team, as well as the abilities to catch the high growth potentials of both professional audio and public address markets represent the strong points of our strategic course."
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Fresh from its successful launch at ProLight+Sound Frankfurt, the new addition to the RCF TT+ range, the  TT08-A will have its UK preview at this ABTT show in London. 
The speaker, which  is by far the smallest member of the TT+ family, whilst being the most flexible and powerful tool in its class. The RCF design team has come up with an extremely careful and innovative acoustic design, utilizing the highest quality in house transducers. The powerful amplifier makes this system the perfect solution for small live sound situations, as well as playback and monitoring, corporate events and broadcast studios. 
RCF's Phil Price said "The TT08-A represents a breakthrough in speaker technology, we have designed this speaker quite literally from the ground upward, including both the transducers utilized plus digital amplification technology and protection systems." 
He went on "In debuting the speaker at ABTT, we feel that we will be targeting the all important theatre and TV markets. The speaker's compact design makes an ideal unit to use in enclosed spaces such as small stages or TV studios where space is at a premium". 
 As well as the new TT+ speaker RCF will also be showing the rest of the range including the TT22-ATT25-A and the TTL33-A active line array. 

RCF has a leading role in the most important summer shows of Italy: Diego Spagnoli, Tour and Stage Manager of Vasco Rossi, has chosen the TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre products for the stage monitoring of Vasco Live 2007.
Vasco Rossi is one of the most popular singer in Italy and his concerts are the biggest events of the summer. The tour, in the major Italian stadiums, will start on the 13 of June and it will last until the 14 of July. All the dates (100.000 people each) are sold out.
Stay tuned for more news about this great adventure.
RCF will be showing the new TT + sound system at the PALME 2007 in Dubai. This will be the first time the complete system has been seen in the Middle East, since its introduction at Pro Light & Sound, Frankfurt.

TT+ High Definition Tour and Theatre series is an active speaker system specifically designed for concerts and large events. The system, which represents an important chapter in the company’s history. The new TT+ range of speakers, offers a volume of power, audio definition and fidelity in sound reproduction unsurpassed by previous generations of sound systems.

RCF’s TT+ line is composed of a wide range of adaptable products designed to operate in many different situations: from live music concerts in large spaces to permanent installed Theatre, it also offers a high level solution for stage monitoring.

Compact in size and lightweight, with maximum output efficiency in sound pressure levels, high power RCF Precision neodymium transducers. With built in high technology switching power supplies and class D amplifiers, together with high quality analogue audio inputs and state of the art floating point DSP technology. The system is made of tough Baltic Birch plywood cabinets with heavy duty epoxy paint finishes: these are the characteristics that have made TT+series an immediate success since RCF first introduction on the market.

Also showing for the first time at PALME will be RCF’s new Acustica speakers in white. As part of the Acustica range, the white speakers are ideal for all types of installed sound projects including dance clubs, sporting stadia, retail outlets etc.

RCF is preparing to front a massive confluence of people at Palme, thanks to the very positive results that the company is achieving in the Middle East market.

At the third edition of Research To Business, the industrial research show that was held in Bologna on the 3rd and the 4th of May 2007, RCF was invited to display, inside the ASTER's stand, the innovative intelligent speaker system made in connection with the Regional Program for Industrial Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer.

RCF's intelligent speaker system project is one of the 20 chosen by ASTER (the consortium between Regione Emilia Romagna, Universities, Research Corporations and Companies) as examples of successful enterprise research. 
As a matter of fact in 2004 RCF presented a project regarding an innovative sound amplification system able to analyze the surrounding environment's characteristics altering, by auto-equalize itself, it's sound emission for an optimal output in every kind of circumstance.  RCF's R&D Team, cooperating with Padova's University and AEB Lab in Bologna, completed the project and made an intelligent active speaker
The innovative prototype is able to change it's equalization analyzing the environment's characteristics in order to adjust the listening in reverberating and noisy spaces. By cleaning the sound output from the environment factor, the speaker developed by RCF gives incredible quality benefits for both music and speaking listening.

The most intresting applications for this system are in pubblic address systems (train stations, airports, malls, ect.) where a system able to spread perfectly intelligible messages in every kind of situation represents an extremely important evolution in terms of security and correct information communication.

RCF applied the technology developed for this project also to a speaker, which is on the market today, for concerts and big events: the  TTL33-A

Olympiastadion Rom

Der italienische Rocker hat soeben seine „Start Tour 2019“ abgeschlossen, die er und seine fünfköpfige Band ab dem 14. Juni mit einem beeindruckenden Bühnenaufbau in neun italienischen Sportarenen absolvierten. Nach einer 29-jährigen Karriere an der Spitze der Charts und einer riskanten Stimmbandoperation, die erst ein Jahr zurückliegt, steht Ligabue nun mit seiner elektrischen Gitarre, seiner kraftvollen Stimme, einem brandneuen Bühnenaufbau und 236 TT+ Lautsprechern von RCF wieder im Rampenlicht.

Die Bühne ist 58 Meter breit und 22 Meter tief. Den Bühnenhintergrund bildet eine mächtige Metallkonstruktion, an der drei LED-Bildschirme das „L“ aus dem Namen des Künstlers bilden und eine Vielzahl von Lichtquellen beeindruckende visuelle Effekte erzeugen.

Die Beschallungsanlage besteht aus insgesamt 236 Elementen des bewährten TT+ Systems von RCF, allesamt miteinander vernetzt über die RDNet Management-Software, die nun in der Version 3.1 verfügbar ist und jede einzelne Komponente des Systems steuert und überwacht.

„Wir nutzen Ligabues TT + System nun schon seit geraumer Zeit und sind bei jedem Konzert mit dem Ergebnis äußerst zufrieden. Seit der Integration der FiRPHASE Algorithmen in den DSP ist das System sogar noch leistungsfähiger geworden und liefert jedes Mal garantiert den neutralen und angenehmen Klang, den ich haben will.“

Systemdesigner Emanuele Morlini beschreibt die Audioanlage im Detail: „Das Kernstück des Systems bilden jeweils 24 TTL 55-A Module für die Hauptbeschallung in einer Links-/Rechts-Konfiguration mit einer Grenzfrequenz von 100 Hz (insgesamt 48 Module), kombiniert mit 12 TTL 36-AS Subwoofer-Modulen, die ebenfalls in einer Links-/Rechts-Konfiguration hinter der Hauptanlage geflogen werden (insgesamt 24 Module). Die Subwoofer arbeiten im Frequenzbereich zwischen 60 und 100 Hz und sorgen dafür, dass die Tiefbasswiedergabe den gesamten Zuschauerbereich abdeckt.“ Zwanzig TTL 55-A Module kamen auf jeder Seite zum Einsatz, um die Abdeckung nach links und rechts auf 180° zu erweitern (insgesamt 40 Module).
In der Stadthalle in Osterode am Harz finden während des gesamten Jahres verschiedenste Veranstaltungen statt.

Seit 1973 ist sie das kulturelle Zentrum der Region und hat sich seit der Renovierung vor einigen Jahren als Fixpunkt der örtlichen Veranstaltungslandschaft etabliert, der von vielen bekannten Größen der modernen und klassischen Theaterszene sowie bekannten Musikern aller Genres angesteuert wird.

Auch für Messen, Ausstellungen, Bälle und andere Anlässe wird die große Halle mit ihren 872 Sitzplätzen (bzw. etwa 2.000 Stehplätzen) häufig genutzt.

Neben der Nutzung für eigene Veranstaltungen wird das Haus außerdem an externe Veranstalter vermietet. Als es schließlich um die Festinstallation einer neuen Beschallungsanlage ging, konnte man somit auf Erfahrungen mit unterschiedlichen Anlagen örtlicher Verleihfirmen zurückgreifen.

Die Anlage, die herausstach, war das sehr beliebte Verbundstoff-Line-Array HDL 20-A von RCF. Das Team der Stadthalle wandte sich also an Georg Hofmann, Product Manager Commercial Audio and Installed Sound bei dBTechnologies — dem deutschen Vertrieb von RCF.

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