Die P3108 und P4228 sind wetterfeste 2-Wege Fullrange Lautsprecher mit einer hohen Leistung und eignen sich für eine Vielzahl an professionellen Anwendungen. Beide Modelle erfüllen den internationalen IP 55 Standard.
P3108 • Wetterfestes Gehäuse IP 55 • Aluminium Gitter und Edelstahl U-Bügel • 8” Hochleistungs- Woofer mit 2,5“ Schwingspule • 1” Kompressionstreiber mit 1,5“ Schwingspule • 90° x 60° Constant Directivity Horn • 15° angewinkeltes Gehäuse für Cluster Konfigurationen • Active Mosfet Compression Driver Protection • LICC (Low Impedance Compensated Crossover) Frequenzweiche • Eingang 4-pol Amphenol IP 67
P4228 • Wetterfestes Gehäuse IP 55 • Aluminium Gitter und Edelstahl U-Bügel • 2 x 8” Hochleistungs- Woofer mit 2,5“ Schwingspule • 1,5” Kompressionstreiber mit 1,5“ Schwingspul • 110° x 60° Constant Directivity horn • 15° angewinkeltes Gehäuse für Cluster Konfigurationen • Active Mosfet Compression Driver Protection • LICC (Low Impedance Compensated Crossover) Frequenzweiche • Eingang 4-pol Amphenol IP 67
RCF will be exhibiting at the 2009 edition of Journées Techniques du Spectacle de l’Evénement (Performance and Entertainment Technical Show and Convention) which will be held in Dock Pullman, Porte de la Chapelle, Paris on the 24th and 25th of November.
On booth 5, the RCF France staff will show the TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre line and the Professional Speaker Systems range of loudspeakers.
Die Maintalhalle in Mainaschaff ist eine Mehrzweckhalle mit einer festen Bühne, die für verschiedenste Veranstaltungen von Präsentationen über Theater bis hin zu Rockkonzerten genutzt wird.
Tony Glaab, der Technische Leiter der Halle wandte sich an die Firma Stage Light Sound aus Recklinghausen mit der Aufgabe für seine Halle ein neues Beschallungssystem zu entwickeln, das für alle Veranstaltungen eingesetzt werden kann.
Die Firma Stage Light Sound aus Recklinghausen spezifizierte dann das RCF TT+ “High Definition Theatre and Touring“ System und arbeitete in der Planungsphase und Inbetriebnahme eng mit Norbert Wessel und Georg Hofmann vom deutschen RCF Team zusammen.
Zum Einsatz kamen TTL31-A Line Array Elemente unterstütz von TTS28-A Subwoofern, TT08-A Frontfills TT25-A Sidefills und TT25-SMA Bühnenmonitoren.
Das System wurde von Georg Hofmann EASE simuliert. Da die Maintalhalle für kleinere Veranstaltungen in der Mitte geteilt werden kann, mußte das System in zwei Sektionen aufgeteilt werden, so dass bei Nutzung der „kleinen Halle“ nur die dann verkleinerte Zuschauerfläche beschallt werden kann. Norbert Wessel nahm das System vor Ort mittels der EASE Focus Design Software in Betrieb.
Tony Glaab kommentierte: „Früher mussten wir ständig Equipment für unsere Veranstaltungen dazumieten, jetzt können wir unseren Kunden eine optimal ausgestattete Halle anbieten. Als wir das RCF TT+ System nach der Inbetriebnahme zum ersten Mal gehört hatten, waren wir sehr von der klaren und druckvollen Wiedergabe beeindruckt, sogar noch auf den hintersten Plätzen.“
Alexander Poeter, der Senior Chef von Stage Light Sound, sagte: „Die Unterstützung vom RCF Team war fantastisch, von dem System Design bis zur Inbetriebnahme hatten wir einen optimalen Support!“
Vom 29. Oktober bis 1. November wurde Italiens bedeutenste Messe für Wintersport mit Komponenten von RCF beschallt.
Der RCF Kunde NEW LIGHT SERVICE wurde beauftragt die Hauptaußenfläche, genutzt für diverse Snowboard- und Ski-Wettbewerbe sowie eine Messehalle inkl. Unterhaltungsflächen und Preisverleihungen mit umfassender Tontechnik auszustatten.
Diverse ART 310-A wurden im Innenbereich für Hintergrundmusik und Durchsagen installiert, während im Außenbereich Komponenten der TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre Serie zum Einsatz kamen.
TTL33-A Line Arrays in Kombination mit TTS28-A high power subwoofer versorgten die 2000 Quadratmeter große Außenfläche. Neben den ART 310-A fanden im Innenbreich diverse TT22-A Anwendung für verschiedenste Unterhaltungsprogramme und Preisverleihungen.
The video-photographic exhibition musical experimentation “Il Gesto del Suono” (The Gesture of Sound) will be hosted at Spazio Gerra in Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy from 17th of October to the 29th of November. Conceived and organized by Claudio Chianura, this touring exhibition was created in 2008 and from its inception RCF have provided the for the show’s sound.
Art Series loudspeakers from the Company, in fact, are being used to amplify the sound in the various sections of the exhibition, which involves people on three different levels: picture portraits by some of the best Italian music photographers, music, and videos chosen by the musicians.
In 2009 “Il Gesto del Suono” will have three new elements, 2.0,is dedicated to vocal experimentation, 3.0, to the instrumental and the 4.0 to the electronic music experimentation, in order to offer visitors a wider experience.
Version 2.0, on show in Reggio Emilia, is a step foreword into the size of the contemporary experimental scene and this year’s show is dedicated, to the 30th anniversary of the death, to Demetrio Stratos, one of the most greatest protagonists of vocal experimentation in modern music history.
Free Event designed and produced two exclusive Gala Dinners at Quintessentially – AZIMUT WinWin Terrace, that took place during the 66th Venice Film Festival. and that saw the participation of many International movie stars such as Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes that attended one of the events on the terrace made by Stella Events.
The Free Even’st production staff chose RCF TT+ Series for the amplification of the music selected by international DJ and producer Luca Cassani, and Matteo Strocchi, as well as the main sound reinforcement for the live events, including a concert by Israeli singer Sagi Rei.
TT08-A and TTS12-A subwoofers were used in the main dining area to deliver a uniform sound coverage creating the right atmosphere during the dinners and cocktails. In the entertainment area a system composed by 2-way loudspeakers TT22-A and TTS18-A subwoofers was installed as well as TT25-SMA for stage monitoring.
“We have a long time partnership with RCF” commented Andrea Camporesi and Fabio Sartoni, founders of Free Event. “We have already used their audio systems in a lot of high level events such as the after show parties for the tours of Laura Pausini, Zucchero, Vasco Rossi, Ligabue and Claudio Baglioni and we always achieved the best possible result in terms of sonic quality and definition. Even for this important event the result was excellent and sound quality was one of the main characteristics that contributed to the creation of such an elegant atmosphere.”
Trescore’s Music Festival is one of summer’s biggest event in the city of Bergamo, in the north of Italy.
The event attracted tens of thousands of people who gathered to attend the shows at this year’s festival, which cast included some of the best bands in the Italian alternative rock scene including, Afterhours, J-Ax, Calibro 35, Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and Ministri.
Rental Company Airone S.r.l. chose RCF TT+ Series as the main PA system. TTL33-A Line Arrays coupled with TTS28-A Subwoofers were used for the sound reinforcement while TT25-SMA stage monitors were deployed on stage.
“The thing that impressed us the most was the incredible sound definition and the versatility of the system. In fact every night we had to amplify a very different kind of music and the system worked out just perfectly”. Commented Valeria Barbini, Airone FOH Engineer. “ TT+ has all the characteristics that a system needs to handle every situation and we were able to obtain a true linear dispersion up to 60 metres from the stage, which was our objective. Therefore we did not have any feedback problem on stage.”
Lars Yoshiyama has been appointed as European Sales Manager for RCF’s Commercial Audio and Congress Systems.
Since he started working in the audio business, Yoshiyama has served as Export Sales Executive for several important Public Address systems manufacturers, gaining great experience in all aspects of the market.
Lars will focus on developing new business and expanding RCF Commercial Audio and Congress Systems sales in European Markets. His activities will be based in the company’s headquarters in Reggio Emilia, working in close contact with RCF Product Management and Technical Support teams. Thanks to his great experience Lars will expand the distribution network for RCF Commercial Audio end Congress product ranges and will develop a solid base for the Company’s further expansion in these growing markets.
”I’m proud to join a company with a 60 year history in audio manufacturing”, said Yoshiyama. “At a time when the PA market focuses largely on product compliance with the latest norms, RCF has a wider approach. Along with product certifications, new positions in sales and technical departments are created. The product developments are especially inspiring. New PA systems are in the pipeline and this gives me a fascinating future prospect for RCF and its distributors.”
Die neue MQ 100L (in weiss und schwarz erhältlich) ist eine 3-Wege Tonsäule mit einem erweiterten Frequenzgang für Sprache und Musik.
Dank der optimierten Abstrahlung von 180° horizontal und 60° vertikal, deckt diese Tonsäule einen weiten Bereich ab und bietet somit eine gute Sprachverständlichkeit in großen und akustisch schwierigen Räumen (z.B. Hallen).
Mit dem im Lieferumfang befindlichen schwenk- und neigbaren Wandhalter lässt sich die MQ 100L sehr eng an der Wand installieren. Die vertikale Abstrahlung von 60° ist asymmetrisch, 40° nach unten und 20° nach oben. Somit kann die MQ 100L in den meisten Anwendungen optisch gerade installiert werden.
Hauptanwendungen: • Sprache und Hintergrundmusik • Verteilte Durchsagesysteme • AV-Anwendungen • Cafes und Pubs • Einkaufszentren
Zertifizierungen: • CE – konform zur EU Norm 73/23/EEC und 93768/EEC • Selbstverlöschendes Kunststoffgehäuse UL 94V0 konform • Lautsprecher Daten gem. IEC 268-5 • Sicherheitsstandart gem. IEC EN 60065:2002
RCF is pleased to announce the appointment of Frank Loyko to the position of President of RCF USA Inc. In his new position, Loyko will be responsible for defining and directing all U.S. sales and operations for RCF and dB Technologies.
One of the founding members of loudspeaker manufacturer EAW, Loyko has more than 30 years of professional audio sales experience. Most recently, Loyko served as Director of Live Sound Sales for Avid Technologies / Digidesign and, prior to that, Frank was senior Vice President of sales at Loud Technologies Inc.
Arturo Vicari, Managing Director of RCF Group commented: “Frank has a very solid track record for building professional audio brands and is extremely successful in leading high-performance sales teams. He has broad experience in all aspects of live sound sales as well as extensive connections within the industry. He will strongly contribute to our further expansion in the US market”.
Frank Loyko commented: “I am very excited to be joining RCF, one of the fastest growing companies in our industry. I've known of RCF for several years and have been gratified to see their tremendous success. I've been impressed with the expansion of their product range, their rapid product development and the high level of innovation, such as the use of the latest digital amplification technology, in their products. RCF Group is one of the few companies able to design and manufacture all the key elements of their systems, from their legendary transducers to the final box design. This is one of the most significant factors in RCF's worldwide success. Our team will continue to strengthen the positions of both RCF and dB Technologies in the US market”.
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