Der Cannstatter Wasen ist neben dem Münchner Oktoberfest eines der größten Volksfeste in Deutschland. Auch beim Wasen stehen in den Zelten die Zeichen klar auf Stimmung und geselligem Beisammensein bei Musik jeder Art. Schon zum zehnten Mal betreute das Unternehmen SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik mit Inhaber Robert Reichle sowohl beim Wasen wie auch alljährlich am Frühlingsfest das Göckelesmaier Festzelt. Im mehr als 4.000 Menschen fassenden Göckelesmaier Zelt setzte Robert Reichle in bewährter Weise auf Audioequipment von RCF: so wurde auf der Hauptbühne das Line Array System HDL 30-A installiert, das durch zahlreiche TT-Module, die im gesamten Zelt verteilt waren, unterstützt wurde.

Robert Reichle, Geschäftsführer von SOUNDLINE Ton+Lichttechnik, erklärt, warum er auf RCF setzt:

Earlier this year, International pop sensation Katy Perry performed a free concert in the small but prominent town of Bright in Victoria’s North East. ‘Fight On’ was a family-friendly event held to thank emergency services and first responders to Australia’s recent bushfire crisis. An exceptional popstar needs exceptional sound, and this is where local production specialist Densal Audio was able to deliver.

A formidable array of RCF’s first-class workhorse HDL 20-A units were flown on both sides of the stage, an immense 11 units per side. Front fill was provided by groupings of RCF’s TT 22-A II high definition point source speakers. Highlighting their versatility, side, and rear fill was provided by further sets of HDL 20-A units, ground-stacked into small arrays to ensure coverage from all angles of the Pioneer Park Recreation Reserve.
Cinzella Festival returns to Grottaglie (Taranto) in the beautiful location of the Fantiano Quarries. Despite the social distancing guidelines for outdoor venues, the audio system of choice is the RCF HDL 10-A. Together with the main audio system, Provinciali Service chose RCF for all the audio on stage.

In its fourth edition, the Cinzella Festival is the festival dedicated to music and cinema, which has become an authentic celebration of artistic and cultural attraction between the splendid Murgian hills and the deep sea strips of the Ionian-Salento peninsula. Directed by the actor Michele Riondino, the musical line-up includes live performances of Diodato, winner of the Sanremo 2020 Festival, Andrea Laszlo De Simone, Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, Mama Marjas & Don Ciccio, and Guano Padano.

As per tradition, the festival took place at the Fantiano quarries, a location with a vast landscape with breathtaking scenery: a former tuff quarry that has now become a natural park. The Cinzella Festival owes its name to a figure well known to the popular culture of the area. Cinzella was a famous "companion" of men and youngsters, a woman so special as to remain etched in the collective memory. Legend has it that the statue named after the woman venerated tourists who often mistaken it for a religious icon.

"The project is straightforward, with two classic 10-module HDL 10-A line arrays with three subs HDL 15-AS placed at the top of the PA, and two side fills per side, each with six HDL 10-AS subs,” says System Designer Luca Scornavacca, who describes the audio project and the choices made. "I really like this configuration for two reasons. First: they can project the low mids where the PA does not reach. Second: this configuration improves the distribution of the low mids of the cluster. The line array is in overshoot configuration, adding a few more boxes than usual to maintain a constant SPL throughout the venue without any pressure drop in the back rows."

The HDL 15-AS is a 15" high power hangable subwoofer, designed to integrate perfectly into a suspended array of HDL 10-A modules. It transforms the audio system into a 4-way system (2-way of HDL 10, one of HDL 15-AS hanging and the fourth with six subs 21" SUB 9007-AS and six more 18" SUB 8006-AS on the ground).

Antonello Borrelli, system manager and FOH sound engineer, explains that "The low-frequency section is a hybrid approach and has been designed to ensure good coverage. At the same time it satisfies the sound taste of the various audio technicians who accompany the numerous bands of the festival." Scornavacca specifies that "Subs are split into two stacks of three SUB 8006-ASs and one array of six 9007-ASs in the center."

On the stage, managed by sound engineer Francesco Gaudio, two SUB 8006-ASs, and an HDL 10-A module as side-fill, 8 15" NX 15-SMA stage monitors are installed and a reinforcement of two SUB 8004-AS for the drum-fill.
RCF Headquarters lights up in red to show solidarity to our mates throughout the entertainment industry hit hard by Covid-19 over the last few months.

The global live entertainment industry stands as one: without immediate major support from governments the entire entertainment industry supply chain is at risk of collapse. This could mean a world without concerts, festivals, live spectaculars and millions out of work. On September 30th we joined the We Make Events Campaign to light up our Headquarters red and #StandAsOne. The #WeMakeEvents campaign aims to raise awareness around the current plight of the live events sector and how it urgently needs financial support in order to survive the Covid-19 crisis.

For more information about the campaign visit www.wemakeevents.com

The Italian partner movement is called Bauli in Piazza. The event industry will come together at Piazza del Duomo in Milan on October 10th. Visit https://www.facebook.com/Bauliinpiazza
Located in the Black Sea resort town of Anapa, military innovative technopolis "ERA" is built to reduce the time from the creation of innovative scientific projects for the country's defense capability and for peaceful purposes. The Russian solution provider Avilex was selected to develop the multi-zone warning system for the facility covering more than 17 hectares area and 5 buildings, also integrating the buildings together creating a unique broadcasting system.

Functioning structures include an assembly hall and life support facilities, a residential unit for soldiers (for approx. 2000 people) a sports and health complex with a swimming pool and fitness equipment, as well as a number of technical facilities and sites. The construction of this military complex advanced at an unprecedented pace to have a fully working facility in less than one year after the foundation was laid.

With the assistance of ARIS, the Russian RCF distributor, Avilex deployed more than 300 RCF products on the area. All powered by RCF IPS amplifiers, the installation features a vast range of RCF passive speakers - MR series of point source speakers, CS column speakers, VSA steerable column speakers, HD weatherproof horn speaker, and also active line arrays such as the HDL 20-A with SUB 9006-AS.

With over 50 years of ministry and community service, Tabernacle Church, located just outside Nashville, in Clarksville Tennessee, decided in 2017 that to keep up with their tremendous growth, they would undergo a monumental change with a grand new construction project, to reemerge as Mosaic Church—adding 65,000 square feet to their campus, including a 1,500 seat performance space.

When audio and integration firm, Holly Media was asked to oversee the expansion of the performance space, owner Fred Holly, with over 30 years of pro audio experience, led the design effort. “With new dynamics and changing needs, the scope of the ministry has changed—it’s become a new work,” said Holly. “Tabernacle seemed old fashioned. The name didn’t match the demographic of our church because it’s very diverse—and it’s thriving. The new Mosaic Church wanted to reflect that.”

The original structure was a smaller sanctuary [about 200 seats] and was insufficient space for many years. The church adapted for larger congregations by expanding Sunday services to four per day. Recently through COVID, the church was mobile, moving its worship service to a local high school, setting up and tearing down in the parking lot each week.

Aside from general construction, Holly focused mainly on the performance space, and the subsequent procurement of an audio system and its installation. “Early on with my ideas for the shape of the room, I didn’t want to encounter any problems later on. I wanted the diffusion to be completely natural — with the splay of the walls and installing surface treatment.

Not only does Holly Media tackle the challenges between space design and installing sound systems, Holly pulled in one of his trusted resources for advanced surface techniques and sound dampening.

“Usually when clients show me plans for a church, it’s obvious architects know nothing about acoustics,” said Jay Perdue, owner and designer at Perdue Acoustics, and the lead instructor of architectural acoustics at InfoComm University. “They’re more focused on what it’s going to look like versus what it’s going to sound like.”

Upon first glance, Perdue knew something about this new space was very unique. “When I first saw the room design, I thought Fred really did his homework,’ said Perdue. “The shape of the room was very nice with no corners to deal with. I checked all the parallelisms and found slap back on the back wall was a non-issue. I not only check a room for echo and reverberation, I conduct intelligibility testing as well. After a 13-point check throughout the space, it has the flattest response I’ve ever seen.”

Holly has worked with most major audio brands and was looking for a sound system to deliver. “Being in this business for as long as I have, I’ve come from the old school thinking that having a solid, heavy box would also give solid frequency response — or a chance at it,” said Holly. “At first I thought to spec a JBL V 20 rig, but in the spirit of transformation, I wanted to find something new.”

When Holly was referred to RCF and was introduced to Jim Reed [RCF product specialist and system designer] his curiosity was piqued. “When we spoke, Jim said he was willing to demo an RCF TT rig personally, he had my attention.” noted Holly. “I sent him the final room schematic and he returned an EASE drawing, and I was like, ‘when can you come’? [laughs] I was very excited about the possibilities.”

Reed put together a complete system which included: 16 [2x8] TTL 55-A active line array modules, four companion TTS 56-AS active subwoofers, two TT 25-CXA active floor monitors, and four TT 20-CXA active monitors for the stage. For added coverage, Reed also added nine HDL 26-A active line arrays for center and front fills for added coverage. At the helm is an Allen & Health dLive s7000 mixing console.

“Pulling everything out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of it [TTL 55-A module]. The stuff is hardcore, man [laughs]. I’m an old military guy, so I know that if it’s heavy, it must be expensive.”

Once all the products were out of their boxes and flown, Holly was also surprised at the time it took to test the sound system.

Das San-Marino-Stadion auf dem Monte Titano ist das Fussballareal des gleichnamigen Mikrostaates. Es wurde 1969 erbaut und ist unter dem Namen Serravalle-Stadion bekannt. Die kürzlich durchgeführte vollständige Erneuerung führte zum Bau eines Service-Turms mit Fernsehstudios, einem großen Presseraum, Fitnessbereich mit Phsysiotherapie und Krankenstation, sowie einer großen LED-Wand und einem neu renovierten RCF-Audiosystem.

Das nur wenige hundert Meter von der italienischen Grenze entfernt gelegene Stadion gehört zu den ersten Stadien der Welt, die einen Kunst-Natur-Mischrasen verwendet haben; es verfügt über eine Gesamtkapazität von 5.000 Sitzplätzen und war Austragungsort der Spiele der U-21-Europameisterschaft 2019. Im Stadion von San Marino fanden auch die Eröffnungszeremonien der Spiele der Kleinstaaten Europas 1985, 2001 und 2017 sowie die Ausgaben der Rallye Legend seit 2002 statt. Die Sportstätte ist als UEFA Kategorie Drei-Anlage ratifiziert. Es beherbergt auch die Nationalmannschaften der Republik San Marino, die San Marino-Meisterschaften und den Titano-Cup sowie die Vorrundenspiele der Champions und der Europa League.

"Nachdem wir in eine große LED-Wand investiert hatten, waren wir zuversichtlich, dass ein professionelles Audiosystem die Stimmung des Publikums während der Spiele und Veranstaltungen unterstützen würde", kommentiert Elya Bonifazi von der Organisationsabteilung des Fussballverbandes von San Marino. Der Fussballverband von San Marino befasst sich mit allen Sportinvestitionen im Stadion, mit Einrichtungen und Technologien, die für alle anderen nationalen Aktivitäten frei zugänglich sein werden. "Als der Fussballverband beschloss, das Audiosystem aufzurüsten, habe ich alle Angebote der besten Marken geprüft. Dann hörte ich die RCF-Systeme in einigen Stadien, und ich hatte keine Zweifel; es ist das für unsere Struktur am besten geeignete System. Nachdem wir eine Ausschreibung mit den Installationsfirmen durchgeführt hatten, konnten wir eines der besten Audiosysteme der Welt haben, und wir sind sicher, dass auch unser Publikum seine Klangqualität zu schätzen wissen wird".

Angesichts des Verwendungszwecks und der Höhe der Überdachung umfasste der Systementwurf ein System, bestehend aus acht unter dem Dach aufgehängten P3115T-Koaxiallautsprechern und sechs P3115T-Koaxiallautsprechern für den überdachten Teil der Südtribüne und zwei [2] P6215-Koaxiallautsprechern für den nicht überdachten Teil. Zusätzlich sind zwei P6215 für die Beschallung des Spielfeldes im Einsatz. Zur Vervollständigung des Systems wurden zwei HS2200-Subwoofer installiert, die über das gesamte Klangspektrum für ausreichend Schub sorgen.

Bei den P3115-T und P6215 handelt es sich um wetterfeste Zweiwege-Koaxiallautsprecher, die ebenfalls zum Systemdesign gehören. Mit ihren Hörnern mit konstanter Richtwirkung erreichen sie eine optimale Abdeckung und verfügen über genügend Leistung und Effizienz, um für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen sowohl im Außen- als auch im Innenbereich geeignet zu sein.
Moskau, Russland - RCF bietet eine Beschallungslösung für eine Fläche von über 10.000 Quadratmetern mit mehr als 500 Lautsprechern in einem neuen religiösen Komplex. Die Hauptkathedrale der russischen Streitkräfte (Kathedrale der Auferstehung Christi) ist eine patriarchalische Kathedrale zu Ehren der Auferstehung Christi, „die dem 75. Jahrestag des Sieges im Großen Vaterländischen Krieg sowie den militärischen Heldentaten des russischen Volkes in allen Kriegen gewidmet ist". Das beeindruckende, 100 Meter hohe Gebäude wurde im Mai 2020 im Patriotenpark im Odinzowskij-Bezirk, Gebiet Moskau, fertiggestellt. Die Stufen und andere Metallteile wurden aus geschmolzenen Nazi-Waffen gegossen.

Die Innenkapazität des Tempels fasst bis zu 6000 Menschen. Die Kirche befindet sich einige hundert Meter vom nahe gelegenen Freilichtmuseum entfernt, das die historischen Zeiten des Großen Vaterländischen Krieges feiert. Der Hauptkomplex des Tempels ist 11.000 Quadratmeter groß.

Edison, New Jersey—King Lear, an epic tale written by William Shakespeare, could be argued as being one of his best stories next to Hamlet. Considered by many to be the greatest tragedy ever written, King Lear is an epic tale of sorrow, forgiveness, madness, and reconciliation of family. Shakespeare’s timeless ability to portray characters who are powerful and complex, has also masterfully demonstrated the “music of language” through his work.

What once was a 300-seat movie theatre Bristol Riverside Theatre (BRT) is located in the historic district of Bristol Borough in Eastern Pennsylvania. The theatre itself, built in 1937 and reopened as a performance hall in 1986, is well-known for bringing local and national artists to the stage, producing over 200 performances each year. Earlier this year, BRT invited Eric Tucker, of New York City’s acclaimed Bedlam Theatre to direct the production of King Lear with a fresh interpretation of the Shakespearean classic. The show ran for several weeks, starting January 28th and ending February 16, 2020.

Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia and a leading international financial institution. It is Russia’s most valuable brand and one of the top 25 brands in the world. Sberbank has 11 regional banks that are responsible for the operations of more than 14,000 branches in 83 of Russia’s regions. RCF’s Russian distributor ARIS and Polymedia equipped the central office’s entrance zone with a sound system for background broadcasting and vocal announcements.

“The main goal was to equip the entrance zone of the central office with a sound system for background music and vocal announcements and a mobile system for events. Glass walls and the abundance of reflective surfaces are the real acoustic challenge of this project,” says Alexandr Shamray, Sales Director of Aris. “We decided to implement a steerable vertical array RCF VSA 850 MKII and the point source wall speakers RCF MQ 30P-W.”

The installation extends to more than 750 square meters covering the waiting area, self-service area, thematic exhibitions, meeting and customer service areas, access control zone, and the balcony.

“The RCF VSA 850 II column is a vertical controlled array with eight amplifiers and eight 3.5 inches speakers,” says Dmitry Semenov, Lead Project Manager of Polymedia “VSA 850 II provides accurate sound directivity to the listening area. Using RCF’s RDNet software, you can control the radiation pattern by controlling the width and inclination of the sound beam, which allows you to accurately articulate our audio sources .”

The miniature two-way coaxial sound projector RCF MQ 30P is ideal for complex architectural solutions,” continues Shamray “The loudspeaker features high intelligibility and a wide frequency range to ensure background music is smooth. The integrated support makes it easy to mount the speaker to a wall or ceiling and orient it in any direction. It’s compact and looks great, perfect for our application.”

As a mobile speaker system, the RCF D-LINE line array series was proposed. “The HDL 30-A with HDL 38-AS became the absolute right decision for Polymedia. “The HDL-30 has the necessary sound pressure level and sufficient headroom for these rooms and RDNet control helps to quickly achieve a good result”. states Semenov.
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