RCF appoints the Matrix Group to Commercial Audio & Forum Distributor in Denmark
The Matrix Group has recently been appointed as distributor of RCF Commercial Audio & Forum in Denmark. Matrix Group is based on three leading companies: Nordic Sales & Staging, Moto Audio Sales & Signal Audio. Together they have a strong presence in the Danish audio market segment.
“With the distribution of the RCF Commercial Audio & Forum we strengthen our portfolio of strong brands. We currently have 8 people working with Installed Sound and Commercial Audio sales, and certainly the RCF brand will add even more strength to this segment”, says Lars Bo Baadsgaard – CEO of Matrix Group.
Matrix Group has 3 locations in Denmark. Signal Audio & Moto Audio Sales in Copenhagen. Nordic Sales & Staging is based in Losning (20 minutes drive south of Aarhus).
Distribution of professional audio brands is one of the key areas in the Matrix Group and they have established a strong co-operation with dealers that work specifically within the MI, Sound Reinforcement, Pro Audio, Rental, and AV & Installation segments.
The Matrix Group is also a turnkey facility house that provides total solutions for all types of installations where audio products are needed.
This business segment is based on a large network in the industry and several projects are done every year. The reference installation list for the Matrix Group is growing and several bigger scaled projects such as The Royal Opera in Copenhagen, the Concert Hall in DR Byen (Danish Radio) are in the installation portfolio within the group.
“RCF welcomes Matrix Group to our distribution family and we look forward to expand our Commercial Audio & Forum business in Denmark and work closely together with the people in the company”, says Lars Yoshiyama – Sales Manager RCF.
Photo: Kasper Geels (Matrix Group), Lars Yoshiyama (RCF) & Rene Davidsen (Matrix Group).
More info about the Matrix Group:
Matrix Group Helge Nielsens Allé 5 8723 Losning DK - Denmark
Tel: +45 70 27 01 32
Das Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn Oberkassel, ein 5-Sterne-Design-Hotel in exponierter Lage, direkt am Rheinufer gelegen, hat sich zur Beschallung der einladenden Außen-Terrasse für 22 wetterfeste RCF MQ80P-S Lautsprecher-Systeme entschieden.
Die silberfarbenen 5"/1" Koaxial-Lautsprecher mit IP55 Klassifizierung wurden an den speziell nach Kundenwunsch gefertigten Edelstahlsäulen sowohl als einzelne Lautsprecher, als auch als Zweier- und Dreier-Cluster eingesetzt.
Die Zielsetzung, eine möglichst gleichmäßige, hochqualitative und kosteneffiziente Hintergrundbeschallung unter Vorgabe der Montagepunkte zu erreichen, erforderte eine exakte Planung und Ausführung, welche durch den RCF Installationspartner "Kuchem Konferenz Technik" aus Königswinter realisiert wurde.
Zur Planungsunterstützung erstellte der deutsche RCF Vertrieb, eine EASE Simulation, um eine exakte Ausrichtung und Pegelverteilung zu erreichen.
Das Ergebnis kann sich unter den gegebenen Voraussetzungen sehen und hören lassen - gute 90% der zu beschallenden Terrassenfläche liegen über den Frequenzbereich von 250 - 4000 Hz betrachtet bei nur +/- 3dB Pegel-Differenz (bei einem Referenzpegel von durchschnittlich 97,5 dB).
Experience, discover & network are the key words for this year’s InfoComm Show.
The InfoComm11 Show is taking place at the Orange County Conference Center in Orlando, FL. The conference program starts from 11th of June 2011 while the Exhibition is from June 15th to 17th 2011. The InfoComm Show will offer users a possibility to get a look into what the new trends are and what future directions the industry is aiming at.
Meet and greet with RCF US Team at the show and get a chance to hear and see more about the new products, about our innovative technologies and to learn more about the large selection of product ranges and solutions from RCF.
Come and visit us on Booth 169
Long lives the Lizard King! With more than 90 million albums sold worldwide their popularity is still going strong and they are getting new fans everyday.
After the lead singer Jim Morrison’s death in 1971 the Doors continued to tour as a trio but the band officially disbanded in 1973, but their music never died. The combination of charismatic wild and poetic lyrics and their music style continued to inspire younger music generations that want to be filled with a mix of rebellion and Rock & Roll.
Keeping alive the Doors spirit, two of its original members Robby Krieger and Ray Manzareck, are still active and playing those great songs that earned their place as one of the most important bands in rock history. Today they tour under the name of Ray Manzareck and Bobby Krieger of The Doors.
When The Doors were visiting Mexico on their Latin America concert tour; one of the privileged concert events was the performance at the Art Palace in Morelia, Michoacan, where the company Soundset Productions was in charge of the production and supplied the event with a large scaled RCF TT+ System supported by Mexican RCF Distributor Hermes, and secured that all the Doors fans could “Light Their Fire” at this concert.
With the advice of the RCF product specialist Oscar Mora and local sound engineer Angel Hernandez, together with Soundset Production all the attendees were taken to a total The Doors ecstasy.
The RCF TT+ equipment used during the concert was crucial for the excellent development of the show. The main front system was based on RCF TTL55-A (Active three-way Line Array high power designed to generate impressive power output in large spaces, both open or closed) and RCF TTL33-A (The Ultra Compact Line Array).
The TT+ System setup at The Doors concert also included several RCF TTS28-A and TT25-A units.
Sound Engineer of the show was Grammy awarded Michael Dumas.
TT+ System Setup:
Main: 8 pcs TTL55A + 3 pcs TTS56-A per side (Total: 16 pcs TTL55A and 6 pcs TTS56-A)
OutFill: 7 pcs TTL33A per side (Total 14 pcs TTL33A)
SideFill: 4 pcs TTL33A + 2 pcs TTS28-A per side (Total 8 pcs TTL33A and 4 pcs TTS28-A)
DrumFill: 1 pcs TT25A + 2 pcs TTS28-A
The Keep Hold Studio facility in Alessandria, Italy installs Mytho 8 in their main mixing room.
Owner of Keep Hold Studio Andrea Fresu is working with several recording artists and also doing many productions for commercial and TV applications.
As a producer Andrea Fresu is working with the labels such as Avantgarde Music, Chiara Music, db One Music, Warner Music, EMI Records and Universal Music and is constantly working with new talents and established artists.
“For me the Mytho´s will give a new dimension to my mix. When I plugged them in for the first time I was already convinced that it was the right direction to take, and now after I have got them calibrated to my room they simply give me a new value to my work. They also look cool, the shape of the monitors is just the way I like it”, says Andrea Fresu.
The last couple of years Andrea Fresu have been busy with the Keep Hold Studio and lots of artists will record in the facility during 2011. The studio has been visited by: Tony Dallara, Aris & Rita, Fausto Leali, Luisa Corna, Alessandro Mara, Mariangela Argentino, Ale e Nico Banz, Kelly Joyce, Vincenzo Consilio, Radio Number One, Luca Barbarossa, Sirya, Stefano Salvi, Isabella Biffi, Mass Corfini, Finley, Riki Cellini, YuYu and others.
Read more about Mytho here.
Tony Liotta is recording new solo album with RCF Mytho
Touring and studio session drummer is recording and mixing his 5th solo album titled “Hot Potato” with Mytho 8.
Tony Liotta is a legend in the studios as "the first take drummer". He started his carrier in New York and New Orleans. He played at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Hall. His name stands for quality; he is an unbelievable "Workaholic-Man", passionate drummer, lover of real sounds and explorer in the world of rhythm.
More than 30 years he beats himself consequently up to the top: He focuses the fascination of drumming and rhythm that way u get a Complete-Groove-Sound-Work-Tony Liotta." The critics compare him with Miles Davis and Santana. Liotta is one of the prestigious drummers in music business. Last critics "WR" (Newspaper): "Liotta is not only tripping around the world, he is also the German answer to Billy Cobham." He is an inspiration to generations of musicians.
“When I first heard the Mytho´s I was blown away about the amazing sound. The music simply had a new depth and I was impressed straight away on the spot. The Mytho´s are now an important part of my tools when I record and mix, and I have already surprised many studio engineers when carry my Mytho´s with me”, says Tony Liotta.
Tony Liotta´s list of Credits and Collaborations is long. He has worked with:
Warner Chappel - Rocky Roberts - Bernard Purdie - Kenny Arranoff - Zoro - Mel Gaynor - Pete York - Fredy Studer - Dr. Gunter „Baby“ Sommer - Gianna Nannini - Young Generation - Chaka Khan - Angelo Branduardi - Carlo Cori - John C. Marshall - Steve Smith - Pete York - Jose' Cortijo - Hakim Ludin - Mani von Bohr - Omar Hakim - Akira Jimbo - Felix Sabal Lecco - John Blackwell - Mike Terrana - Pierre Belleville - Emiliano Turi - Pierre Desfray - Paco Sery - Christian Bollman - Carmine Appice - Cindy Blackman - Andrea De Paoli - Walfredo Reyes - Eric Thomas - Dirk Brand - Thomas Lang and others.
Liotta worked as freelancer with musicians of Weather Report, Earth Wind and Fire and producers like Tony Brown, Franky Valentin, Eddie Oliwa and many others.
Tony Liotta produces for Universal and Warner Brothers Italy.
His projects are varied. Even if he comes from a jazz background, he managed to work for world music, blues and rock. He always in a for a surprise. In 2008 he released a techno project for "Love parade" the biggest Techno event in Germany (more than 1,6 million people attended).
Read more about RCF Mytho here.
Damien Egan aka Phattbelly has been in the music field for over 15 years and has been working on many successfully projects.
Previous success includes:
UK No.1 hit record ”If You Come Back” for Blue signed to Innocent records.
Co-wrote 2 album tracks for the Artful Dodger ”All About The Stragglers” which sold over 500.000 copies.
Co-wrote the UK Top 20 hit Denada “Luv U Anyway”
Co-produced 5 tracks for the Kool & The Gang “The Hits “Reloaded album.
Working alongside artists like: Redman, Lauryn Hill, Blue and Liberty X. Have remixed Ciara, Glenn Lewis, Jagged Edge, 3LW, Macy Gray, Evi-dence and many more.
Beside the song writing and recording work Damien Egan is also host of several master classes about recording and mixing music.
Damien Egan is now working in the studio on several new projects using the RCF Mytho 8.
Read more about RCF Mytho 8 here.
RCF VSA 2050 Installation in der Pfarrkirche St. Joseph, Siegburg
Im November 2010 wurde in der Pfarrkirche St. Joseph in Siegburg die alte, über 30 Jahre alte Beschallungsanlage komplett erneuert. Nach einem mehrwöchigen parallelen Vergleichstest, auch während der Gottesdienste, entschied sich die Kirchengemeinde bei gleichwertigem Klang beider Testsysteme für die preiswertere RCF Lösung.
Als Kernelemente des neuen Beschallungssystems kamen dabei erstmals in Deutschland für die Sprachwiedergabe zwei rechts und links des Altarraumes installierte DSP gesteuerte Zeilenlautsprecher des Typs RCF VSA 2050 zum Einsatz, welche inzwischen auch in der Kölner Kirche St. Severin hervorragend ihren Dienst verrichten.
Durch den großen zusammenhängenden Kirchenraum, in dem man wie in St. Joseph eine Fläche von ca. 20 x 25 Meter frei beschallen kann, lassen sich DSP gesteuerte Aktivlautsprechersysteme optimal einsetzen und erreichen mit ihrer gezielten Ausrichtung eine sehr hohe Sprachverständlichkeit, insbesondere auch auf den hinteren Plätzen. Während der Installation kam neben der optionalen erhältlichen Infrarot-Fernbedienung VSA-RC auch die neue PC-Steuerungssoftware zum Einsatz, mit welcher sich eine sehr exakte vertikale Schallabstrahlung (Beam-Steering) einstellen lässt, so dass störende Reflektionen der Kirchenrückwand nur noch in sehr geringen Maße auftreten. Darüber hinaus lassen sich bis zu sieben voll parametrische Filter zur optimalen Anpassung an die Raumakustik setzen.
Durch die ziegelrote Lackierung der Alugehäuse fallen die schlanken und leicht nach innen geschwenkten Lautsprecherzeilen optisch kaum vor dem Backsteinhintergrund auf - ein klarer Vorteil der mit 12,5cm Breite und 10cm Tiefe sehr kompakten und dezenten Lautsprecherarrays. Um den Montageaufwand zu minimieren wurde die vorhandene Verkabelung des Vorgängersystems weiter genutzt, das 100V Ausgangssignal des neuen digitalen Mischverstärkers wird über zwei unauffällig hinter den Lautsprecherzeilen montierten Übertragen in ein niederohmiges Signal herunter transformiert.
Wie Josef Schlechtriemen, zuständiger Ansprechpartner des Kirchenvorstandes in Siegburg, sagt, haben ihm alle Gemeindemitglieder bestätigt, dass sich der Klang wesentlich verbessert habe und alle mit dem neuen Beschallungssystem höchst zufrieden sind.
The recent audio visual installation at The Collegiate Church of St Peter in Westminster (more usually known as Westminster Abbey) includes 80 of RCF’s compact CS 6940 2-way cardioid column loudspeakers.
These provide coverage of the public areas and form part of an integration which includes speech reinforcement, induction loop and CCTV systems, along with video, audio and data distribution — designed by Audio & Video Systems consultants Michael Hyland & Associates.
The CS 6940 was designed specifically for speech reproduction with high intelligibility in acoustically difficult environments, both indoors and outdoors, and is also suitable for music. Featuring eight round extended-range speakers and a tweeter, each speaker comes complete with line transformer for directly connecting the speaker columns to 100V constant-voltage systems. All have been spray‑painted in RAL 7006 to match the surrounding stonework.
The coverage has been divided into 47 loudspeaker zones. A number of presets enable the appropriate zones for the regular services to be selected via the touch-screens, a page on which displays a mimic of the building.
The project was completed ahead of the thanksgiving service to mark the 450th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I granting a Royal Charter to The Abbey in 1560.
Installation of the systems was implemented so that there was no impact whatever on the building’s daily services and the various other events for which The Abbey is used. Also, steps were taken to ensure that the work did not disrupt the routines, which are in place to deal with the many visitors who tour The Abbey daily.
Winchester based Whitwam Ltd undertook the installation of the audio, video and control systems, whilst Thame based Albert Walker Electrical Ltd carried out the cable installation.
In fact a major part of the site work related to the cable requirements as new microphone, line level, loudspeaker, video and data circuits were installed throughout, with great care taken to conceal new cables and remove all redundant cabling where possible.
In order to reduce the length of the cable runs, equipment was de‑centralised and racks were installed at six key locations interlinked by a fibre backbone. In order to provide resilience and flexibility, two multi-core fibres are installed between all rack locations, forming two continuous rings.
Each rack contains a number of DSP units and control of the audio, video and related systems by the Vergers is by means of remote touch-screens.
In addition to the need for remotely located racks, limited space at ground floor level also had an impact. There are two user racks at ground floor level, located between The Nave and The Quire. A further two are at Organ Loft level, with a single rack in the South Transept and in the Nave Side Aisle — both at Triforium level. Smaller racks are located in the Henry VII Chapel and in The Cloister.
The system includes 32 cabled mic circuits set in key areas (identified via a building mimic on a separate page of the touch-screen) and six lapel radio mics, along with two stand‑mounted / hand‑held units.
A paging mic at the user rack enables ‘live’ announcements to be made throughout the building — the system also includes pre‑recorded messages, which take account of various emergency situations. Once the announcement is selected, it is automatically fed to all loudspeaker zones.
All seated areas of the building have induction loop coverage whilst CCTV coverage has been included by the use of pan / tilt / zoom colour cameras.
For major events, hired video monitors are temporarily installed to provide those in the side aisles and other areas with a better view of proceedings (these monitors are also used for events which are televised). In addition, at each location, there is an audio and a data circuit facilitating audio‑visual displays, inter‑active video, educational work‑stations and info display presentations.
Finally, the consultants’ design ties in ancillary areas to the core system such as the Ringing Chamber — whereby a local loudspeaker enables the bell ringers to listen to the speech and music elements of the services and a video monitor enables them to see the output of the CCTV cameras; The Cloister – where equipment in this area provides a relay capability from The Abbey, and conversely cabled and radio‑mic facilities enable Cloister‑based events to be heard in The Abbey; finally St Margaret’s Church, which stands between The Abbey and the House of Commons, contains an audio link to the church’s own local sound system, enabling the relay of Abbey services to the church (notably The Abbey’s hourly prayers).
The entire project was carried out under the supervision of The Abbey’s Clerk of the Works. Since being commissioned, the system has been in use for the regular services, along with concerts, drama performances, lectures and TV broadcasts.
RCF revealed several new products at the Prolight + Sound 2011
Sneak preview of the upcoming products news from RCF:
Ayra Studio Monitor Series
Modern design with a twist of the late 70´s. Ayra Five, Ayra Six and Ayra Eight are new nearfield studio monitors and the Ayra Ten Sub completes the series.
D Line Series
New powerful speaker line with D Line Class-D power amplifier technology. 4 models to be revealed at the Prolight + Sound 2011.
Commercial Audio News
12 new products to be added to the RCF Commercial Audio Catalogue. 4 new amplifiers in the UP Series. New BM3022 desktop paging gooseneck microphone. PFL30 & PFL50 Ceiling speakers. DMW 20A active speaker cabinet and 4 new Wireless Diversity Microphone systems.
New NX Models
RCF unveils the new models of the NX series at the Prolight + Sound. Two new Active Two Way loudspeakers NX M22-A and NX M25-A.
SUB 702-AS
Compact and powerful active subwoofer. Equipped with a single 12" high power woofer with 3" voice coil and a 700 W Digipro digital amplifier.
Installed Sound
Two new speaker series COMPACT and MEDIA will be introduced at the Prolight + Sound. The VSA Steerable Arrays represent the latest RCF applications in terms of digital audio technology and with integraded powerful DSPs. To compliment the popular VSA 2050 two new models are added to the product line: VSA 1250 and VSA 850. TT Compact The TT051-A and TT052-A are extremely compact active loudspeakers specifically designed for indoor applications such as: Concert halls, theatres, monitoring, distributed sound systems and multimedia amplification. TTL 11A + TTS 26A Digital steerable array with powerful DSP integrated. The TTL 11A is an active column speaker array system composed by two modules, one for the mid-high and one for the bass frequencies. With the addition of the new TTS 26-A subwoofer, the new column array becomes a powerful, compact and high definition live sound system. TTS56-A High powered, high output active subwoofer system that sets a new standard in the touring sound reinforcement.
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