Adjoining the famous Escape Club on Amsterdam’s fashionable Rembrandtplein, and also owned by experienced entrepreneurs, Ton and Dick Poppes, the new Kitchen & Bar Van Rijn has opened in the style of a grand café, with a terrace and upstairs area.
Inspired by the beauty and the masterpieces of Rembrandt van Rijn, following a substantial investment, guests can enjoy authentic Dutch cuisine in a cosmopolitan atmosphere with open kitchen, whole listening to music through a premium RCF sound reinforcement system.
In fact premium is the watchword, since installer Mike Ho, of locally based service company 24/7 Audio, specified a TTL11-A active steerable column array, requiring only two systems with two presets to service all the requirements — literally 24/7 (including live music and a DJ on weekends).
“I first heard this system under demo at RCF’s headquarters in Italy, and was so blown away that I couldn't wait to use it. Since the requirement at Kitchen & Bar was multifunctional, this presented the first opportunity.”
“The owners have been doing this for more than 30 years and one was a DJ back in the day — so we both know the importance of good audio.”
A popular addition to RCF’s Touring & Theatre series, the system is composed of two modules, TTL11A-H for the mid-high and TTL11A-B for the bass frequencies. It is run here with separate sub bass extension and is digitally steerable down to -10°.
Since it is used for live artists, DJ, various live playback devices and a pianist at a grand piano, Mike Ho has judiciously processed the sound with two different presets — one for daytime, the other for after dark.
“The TTL11-A provides a unique solution. I would have hung 20 or more conventional speakers to produce a result that delivers coverage to all four corners of this huge restaurant. And people are telling me they don't even notice the speakers because they are so discreet!"
“Everyone is delighted with the quality of the sound; it’s crisp and clear and genuinely multi-purpose.”
Giunto alla sua seconda edizione, Benny Benassi and Friends 2012 ospita a Reggio Emilia una straordinaria lineup di DJ a livello internazionale. Gli organizzatori dell'evento in collaborazione con Pro Music, service audio, luci e backline incaricato per l'occasione, hanno scelto RCF per celebrare al meglio il sound elettronico e trasformare due notti di musica in un emozionante momento di condivisione.
Per l'assortimento del live equipment sono stati scelti prodotti RCF di alto livello: 24 HDL 20-A, moduli array di indiscussa qualità, e 14 SUB 8006-AS, il subwoofer più grande e più potente della "serie Professional". "Grazie a questi prodotti dalla tecnologia assolutamente innovativa" - spiega Stefano Corrias, titolare di Pro Music - "siamo riusciti a dare a questo evento un'impronta di alto stile, sia dal nostro punto di vista sia per quanto riguarda la resa del sound della serata. La nostra collaborazione con RCF, ormai più che decennale, ci permette sempre di lavorare al meglio, con prodotti di alta professionalità e affidabilità e dal rapporto qualità-prezzo assolutamente interessante." Benny Benassi & Friends 2012 è un evento dance di importanza nazionale che il 21 e 22 dicembre 2012 ha portato al Palahockey Fanticini di Reggio Emilia il sound e lʼatmosfera dei grandi “Festival” americani e nord-europei, in una realtà che vanta un pubblico molto ricettivo e attento alle nuove tendenze.
A fare gli onori di casa, naturalmente, è Benny Benassi, DJ reggiano cresciuto artisticamente nelle discoteche della sua provincia e oggi tra i più apprezzati DJ-produttori internazionali, con innumerevoli successi da classifica e collaborazioni con artisti del calibro di Madonna e Rolling Stones. "Le due serate del Benny Benassi and Friends di Reggio Emilia" - continua Corrias - "sono il chiaro segno che il nostro sodalizio con RCF funziona alla grande e che anche in questa occasione siamo stati in grado di creare un'atmosfera e un sound assolutamente in linea con le aspettative del pubblico presente al palahockey Fanticini". Insieme a Benny, in queste due serate, è inoltre salita sul palco un'importante selezione di DJ di livello internazionale, tra cui il “top-producer” olandese Nicky Romero, Crookers, Congorock, i milanesi Pink is Punk e tanti altri, tutti accomunati dallʼ“amicizia”, non solo musicale, con il DJ reggiano.
EDISON, NJ (February 2013) – More than 10,000 votes were cast in the recent Readers' Choice Awards sponsored by ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International magazine. Twenty-three product categories covered everything from live sound recording software to large format line arrays and system engineer/tech tools.
RCF received Readers' Choice Awards for the TT052-A ultra compact, high output loudspeaker in the "Loudspeakers: Active" category and the TTL33-A active, three-way line array module in the "Line Arrays: Small Format" category.
"The readers have spoken and we are delighted with what they have said," says John Krupa, national sales manager RCF USA. "To win two awards is really exciting. We know we have terrific product. It is rewarding to know that Live Sound and ProSoundWeb readers agree with us."
The TT052-A is an extremely compact, active loudspeaker specifically designed for indoor applications where the audio beam must be directed towards specific zones. It is equipped with two 5-inch neodymium woofers and a 1-inch compression driver. Equipped with a constant directivity horn and high volume output, the TT052-A can be used to ensure intelligibility in critical environments.
The TTL33-A is a compact, wide dispersion, 3-way active line array module that offers the highest performance from a small size line array. The high output and dynamics, extreme accuracy and high frequency extension – plus the compact size – makes the TTL33-A the ideal tool for outdoor sound reinforcement, live performances and events as well as fixed installations in theatres, concert halls or auditoriums.
EDISON, NJ (January 2013) – RCF USA, the U.S. branch of RCF and dB Technologies, announced the 2013 winners of the Prestige Partner Awards. "Our dealers are more than just people we do business with – they are our partners," explains John Krupa, national sales manager RCF USA. "These companies are as invested in our growth as we are. The Prestige Partner awards acknowledge the companies that we feel have gone above and beyond in promoting our brands." RCF USA presented 12 companies with plaques identifying them as Prestige Partners – Trinity Production, Tracy, CA; AudioPyle, Napa, CA; Washington Music, Wheaton, MD; 4 Sound Group, Doral, FL; VIP Electronics, Brooklyn, NY; IDJNow, Ronkonkoma, NY; Impact AVL, Florence, MS; Yakima Sound, Yakima, WA; Pantera Productions, Seminole, TX; Owens AV Design, Orlando, FL; Soundworks Systems, Stevens Point, WI; and Rondinelli Music, Dubuque, IA – recognizing them for their exemplary commitment to RCF and dB Technologies product lines. "We are building our brands with these companies and through them our end-users," concludes Krupa. "It takes teamwork to create a mutually beneficial relationship. We are delighted to work with all of our partners and look forward to a very bright 2013."
RCF designs and manufactures high-quality professional audio sound system components including transducers, powered and self-powered loudspeakers and line arrays, power amplifiers, digital loudspeaker management systems, recording monitors, microphones and rack components. Headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy, RCF USA is a subsidiary of the RCF Group, which is comprised of RCF S.p.A and AEB Industriale s.r.l. (which owns dBTechnologies), and is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.
EDISON, NJ (January 2013) – Thunder Audio, headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, has provided famous artists and corporate events with sound reinforcement systems and crews for more than three decades. Their client list ranges from Trace Adkins, Dolly Parton and Diana Ross to Robert Plant, Steely Dan and Metallica.
In an effort to provide the low end that today's music demands, the company recently added 34 RCF subwoofers to their production inventory.
"The sub harmonic frequency coverage and punch that come from these boxes is amazing," explains Tony Villarreal, owner for Thunder Audio. "Whether used as forward facing sub frequency enhancement or as end fire arrays, the performance is second to none."
Specifically Thunder Audio added 24 TTS56-A (double 21") subs along with 8 TTL36-AS (double 18") flyable active subwoofers and 2 TTS28-A (double 18") active subs.
"With built in processing and individual delay capability, you can create many configurations quickly while in the field," adds Greg Snyder, business development manager for Thunder Audio. "What a great product for us to have added to our audio tool box."
Thunder Audio recently used the TTS56-A subwoofers to hold down the sub lows for a number of high profile events. The Skrillax New Years Eve Electronic Music Festival at the Palace of Auburn Hills utilized 18 boxes while the Detroit Electronic Music Festival held at Hart Plaza used 16. Thunder Audio provided 24 for the Orion Music Festival with Metallica. The band also used the subs to support their recent performance at the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans.
The TTS56-A is a high power, high output active subwoofer system that features two 21-inch neodymium woofers. Each subwoofer is powered by a 6,800 watt, 2-channel digital amplifier with PFC. On-board DSP sets new standards for distortion, noise and thermal efficiency. Monitoring of all system parameters as well as modification of gain, equalization or delay is possible via the internal RDnet networking board.
The TTL36-AS is a flyable, active subwoofer that features a clam-shell design to ensure maximum output. The 2 x 4.5-inch voice coil and vented 18-inch woofer design offers the minimum of power compression. Each module is powered by a 4,000 watt, 2-channel digital amplifier with PFC. Similar to the TTS56-A, proprietary RDNet software allows end-users the capability to control and monitor DSP and other subwoofer parameters.
"That Thunder Audio chose RCF subwoofers over alternative products speaks volumes," says John Krupa, national sales manager for RCF US. "We are very excited to be working with them and look forward to developing a mutually beneficial business relationship between our two companies."
Villarreal and Snyder confirmed that 2013 will be a busy year for the new subwoofers with plenty of outdoor festivals and concerts requiring the air movement the boxes provide.
"We look forward to continued product use and design input with RCF," concludes Snyder. "We enjoy the relationship and respect between our companies and plan on building on that in the future."
RCF designs and manufactures high-quality professional audio sound system components including transducers, powered and self-powered loudspeakers and line arrays, power amplifiers, digital loudspeaker management systems, recording monitors, microphones and rack components. Headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
ISE 2013 Show set to be the largest AV and systems show ever held in Europe. The event will take place at RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam. RCF will be part of ISE show and you can visit us at the booth 7K210 and at the booth 7H230 to find out more about our new DXT 9000 Voice Evacuation System EN 54-16/2008 Compliant.
This year we will be showing a wide selection of our Commercial Audio and Installed Sound product program aimed for the AV, commercial audio and installations market segment.
At the booth there will be products from the advanced VSA digital steerable array, Forum Congress Systems, Evacuation Systems to a wide selection of our different speaker, amplifier and audio source segments.
Come and visit us and meet the RCF team to get up to date with the latest news and to see what audio solutions RCF is able to offer.
We look forward to see you!
Being one of the first trade show of the year 2013 it is a good opportunity for manufacturers to show the latest products range and trends that are going to have an impact on the music and on the audio industry in the coming year.
Come to visit us in our BOOTH # 6780 HALL A !
You will be able to meet the RCF Team to get the chance to discover the new products, learn more about our innovative technologies and solutions we can provide.
For more information please contact
RCF USA Inc +1 732 9026100 email: info@rcf-usa.com
More info at www.namm.org
Italian loudspeaker manufacturer RCF has announced that it has appointed Electric Sound Benelux BV as distributor of its Commercial Audio, Installed Sound and Forum product lines in the Benelux region.
Electric Sound will take over distribution of the lines – which include RCF’s VSA and voice-evacuation products.
Lars Yoshiyama, RCF Sales Manager for Commercial Audio and Congress Systems, comments: “Electric Sound is a distributor with decades of history and we are very proud to be represented by such a renowned and successful company in this key European region.”
Established for over 60 years, Electric Sound has a clear focus on premium brands and added value, with an uncompromising passion for quality that enables it to sell not just single products but integrated systems, carefully tailored to meet the needs of the many audio architects with which the company has long-term relationships. In this respect, it is the perfect partner for RCF, a firm that shares a similar passion for sound and a commitment to providing service and support to its dealers.
Mr Yoshiyama concludes: “Electric Sound’s breadth and depth of experience are such that as well as being a partner in RCF’s distribution network, the company will become a valuable resource for our R&D programme, contributing unique insights that will allow us to develop and promote new products that meet the needs of end-users in the Benelux market.”
Electric Sound Benelux BV Radioweg, 12 1324 KW Almere, The Nederlands Tel: +31 (0)36 54 600 20 Fax: +31 (0)36 54 600 29 www.electricsound.com info@electricsound.com
Electric Sound Benelux BV Ikaroslaan,1 1930 Zaventem, Belgium Phone: +32 2 7887300 Fax: +32 2 7887301
Peter Branders Media Sound erweitert sein Studio mit RCF Mytho Monitoren.
Einer der besten Gitarristen Dänemarks und einer der am härtesten arbeitenden Persönlichkeiten des Musikbusiness – sind ein und dieselbe Person.
Er hat mehr als 1000 Alben produziert, mehr als 5000 Live Gigs absolviert und 42 verschiedene Gitarren in seiner Sammlung – Peter Brander ist eine Legende der dänischen Musikindustrie.
Als Produzent hat Peter Brander seinen unverkennbaren Fingerabdruck auf Dutzenden auf dänischen Rockklassikern hinterlassen. Für viele dänische Rock- und Popikonen war Peter Brander – und ist bis heute – einer der unentbehrlichsten Sounddesigner, sei es als Produzent im Studio, als Techniker bei unzähligen Konzerten oder als Gitarrist und Backup-Sänger live und im Studio. Ferner hat er eine Reihe von internationalen Künstlern produziert und ist berühmt für seine unglaublich rockigen Mixe.
Alles begann vor 34 Jahren mit dem Rock Tape Studio – einem bescheidenen Standort, der schnell zur ersten Adresse wurde, wenn man den richtigen Rocksound wollte. Das Studio war rein analog ausgelegt, die dort produzierten Alben allerdings hatten einen solch klaren Sound, dass jeder glaubte, es handele sich um digitale Aufnahmen.
“Ich habe meine Aufnahmegeräte immer sorgfältig ausgesucht und gelernt, das Äußerste aus ihnen herauszuholen. Das Rock Tape basierte komplett auf altem Equipment und einem hellen Kopf, der daran herum schraubt, um das Rauschen wegzubekommen – und dadurch klang es moderner”, sagt Peter Brander mit einem Lächeln.
Um das Rockimage abzulegen, änderte er den Namen des Studios in Media Sound Studios und begann nach und nach, das Studio mit zusätzlichen Mischräumen und jeder Menge neuem Equipment und Digitaltechnik zu erweitern.
“Im Laufe der Jahre haben wir mehr Pop- und Jazz-Recordingsessions gemacht, aber glücklicherweise konnten wir gleichzeitig unsere Position als bevorzugtes Studio für Rockaufnahmen beibehalten. Deshalb habe ich mich entschieden, ein neues Gebäude zu beziehen und somit zwei Mischräume und einen großen Aufnahmebereich zusammenzulegen”, so Peter Brander.
Durch die Anschaffung einer großen SSL-Konsole m Hauptmischraum sowie einer Reihe von externen Geräten und die Aufstockung (Upgrade) des digitalen Recordingsystems erfuhr das Studio eine wesentliche Aufwertung.
Die Kundenliste im Media Sound Studio ist lang. Mehrere Platin- und Goldalben dekorieren die Studiowände von Künstlern wie: Big Fat Snake, Kashmir, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, DAD, Michael Falch, Sort Sol, Walter Trout, Erann DD, Peter Viskinde, Nikolaj & Piloterne, Royal Hunt, Outlandish, Mike Tramp, White Lion, Nerve, Innocent Blood, Rockers by Choice, DJ Encore, Seven Thorns, The North, Lars H.U.G und vielen anderen mehr.
2011 wurde das Media Sound Studio mit einer neuen Mastering-Suite erweitert, in dem kürzlich ein Paar RCF Mytho Studiomonitore installiert wurden.
„Ich habe lange nach der richtigen Lösung für einen Mastering-Monitor gesucht. Wir haben etliche Nahfeldmonitore getestet, ohne den richtigen zu finden, der perfekt zu den alten Sachen passt, die wir bereits haben. Dann hat mir jemand empfohlen, einmal die RCF Mytho Lautsprecher zu testen. Also habe ich den dänischen Distributor SC Sound kontaktiert, und sie haben mir die Speaker geliefert. Als ich das erste Stück darüber abhörte, muss ich sagen, war ich positiv überrascht. Ich kannte RCF schon seit vielen Jahren von meiner Live-Arbeit als FOH und Musiker her als gute Marke – aber ich hatte noch nie etwas von den Studiomonitoren gehört. Hier saß ich also und hörte Lautsprecher mit einer solchen Klarheit und guten Trennung der Höhen, Mitten und Bässe. Ich habe mich gefragt, ob ich wirklich einen Nahfeldmonitor höre, da der Sound so kraftvoll und doch durch alle Bereiche hindurch klar war. Sofort sagte ich: Das ist mein neuer Monitor, und sie sind jetzt in der Mastering Suite installiert, aber ich werde sicher noch weitere Pärchen für die anderen Studioräume anschaffen“, sagt Peter Brander.
Produktspezialist Lars Holm von SC Sound hat die Lautsprecher geliefert und half auch beim Finetuning.
“Es ist begeisternd, wenn man Peter Branders Media Sound einen modernen Studiomonitor liefern kann. Dieses Studio ist solch eine Legende, insbesondere mit all den professionellen Musikern, die über die Jahre ihren Weg in das Studio gefunden haben, um hier aufzunehmen”, sagt Lars Holm von SC Sound.
Neben all der Studioarbeit findet Peter Brander immer noch Zeit, sein eigenes Repertoire auf der Bühne zu präsentieren. Vier Soloalben hat er veröffentlicht. Sein letztes Doppelalbum “No Compromises” hat gute Kritiken bekommen und wurde als eine der besten West Coast Blues-Veröffentlichungen des Jahres 2011 gefeiert.
Mit dem neuen Material will Peter Brander 2012 mit den Musikern Kasper Foss, Jimmy Ostbygaard, Soren Kuhle, Anne Murillo & Gry Trampedach auf Tournee gehen.
“Es ist immer ein Vergnügen, auf der Bühne zu performen und als FOH-Techniker schaue ich immer, wenn ich auf Tournee bin, welches Soundsystem benutzt wird. Ich habe im Frühjahr dieses Jahres das RCF TT+-System bei einer Demo in Kopenhagen gehört und es war echt beeindruckend. Das System ist sehr kompakt und liefert hohe Schalldrücke ohne Kompromisse, genau wie meine RCF Mytho-Lautsprecher. Ich denke ernsthaft über dieses System nach, denn so kann ich meinen Studiosound auf die Straße bringen. Das liebe ich”, sagt Peter Brander.
Mehr über Medias Sound Studios sehen Sie hier: www.mediasound.dk
Foto: Carsten Weide
Before Macy's packs away its famous floats from the Thanksgiving parade the chain of department stores begins to roll out events to celebrate Christmas – animated window decorations and visits with Santa Claus top the list.
This year Macy's kicked off their holiday campaign with day-long events that included an assortment of live entertainment including performances by former Destiny Childs singer Michelle Williams, American teen R&B, pop singer Jasmine V, Philadelphia indie rock band The Young Statues and local children's choirs.
Production company Mitta Sound, based in Philadelphia, has been a long-time supplier of sound reinforcement for special events held at the stores located in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and New York City. Once again they were tapped to pull out all of the stops to ensure that this holiday season started with a bang.
"The Winter Wonderland campaign is a big event for Macy's," explains Terrence McDuffy, owner of Mitta Sound. "Each event typically starts with the outdoor arrival of Santa Claus which rolls into live performances in the main atrium along with supplemental music in various departments throughout the day."
As he has in the past, McDuffy utilized an assortment of RCF loudspeakers to handle the diverse needs of the event.
The Philadelphia store Winter Wonderland Celebration kicked off with Santa arriving outdoors in his sleigh to the sound of members of the Philadelphia Theatrical Company dressed in old-fashioned garb and singing carols at the store entrance.
McDuffy equipped the choir with three stand-mounted Beta 87 handheld transmitters tied in to a Shure UHF-R wireless microphone system to ensure they were heard above the crowd. A pair of pole-mounted RCF NX M25-A MK II loudspeakers covered the crowd. Two RCF TT25-SMA monitors positioned in front of the choir completed the setup.
Santa, equipped with a Shure UHF-R body pack with a WL185 lavalier microphone greeted the crowd and was followed by the store manager and other guests speakers welcoming customers to the event.
Once indoors, most customers gravitated toward the center atrium where a stage area was set to host the live performances by Philadelphia Boys Choir, Jasmine V and the Young Statues.
"It was very important to the store that site lines to the main stage were as clear as possible," explains McDuffy. "We used a pair of the RCF TT22-A loudspeakers on stands set to the left and right of the stage – because they have a small footprint, sound great and throw really far. They never fail to impress me."
The TT22-A is a compact, 2-way active system featuring 12" neo woofer and a 90 x 40 constant directivity horn (90 degree rotatable) weighing it at just under 20 pounds.
A pair of RCF TTS36-A subs were located off of each side of the stage for additional low end. McDuffy placed another pair of RCF TT08-A loudspeakers on store display stands located 30 feet out from the stage in the same left-right configuration to distribute the audio further into the store.
Because of space constraints, he opted to use the PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 mixer for both FOH and monitor mixing during the Philadelphia event.
"Normally I would put our Avid SC48 at FOH and use the StudioLive for monitors – but space was really, really tight in the store," he explains. "And actually, StudioLive can do everything we need very well. It was a bigger job for the engineer to manage both mixes but easily done with PreSonus board."
McDuffy again used the Shure UHF-R wireless microphone system with Beta 57 handheld microphones for the indoor entertainment.
"We used 10 channels of the UHF-R for the choir alone," he adds. "There were easily 80 or more vocalists in the group and we covered them all – it sounded magnificent."
Two of the RCF TT25-SMA and TT08 loudspeakers – four total -- were placed in front of the stage area as monitors for the talent.
"We did a quick sound check before the event began and then just took it from there," McDuffy says. "The live entertainment occurred in a two hour window, so once we started it just kept going. Fortunately we have never encountered a group that was not delighted with the sound of the RCF loudspeakers, so that wasn't an issue, and everything went off without a catch."
Additional pairs of TT08-A loudspeakers, equipped with Christmas playback music, were also set up in the men's and women's departments to further the holiday atmosphere of the lively event.
"It probably seems like we use a lot of the TT08-As in different ways, and we do," he adds. "Those boxes are our workhorses – we use them for everything and they never disappoint."
Each of the day-long events were scheduled within days of each other keeping the Mitta Sound crew very busy before Thanksgiving.
"Each of the holiday kick-offs were really compact events," McDuffy concludes. "We have everything racked and ready to go in the warehouse the day before and then roll on site and get it all setup within two hours. The RCF loudspeakers being self-powered cuts down dramatically on setup time".
"Because the stores have similar layouts each event required minimal tweaks to the system. It seems kind of crazy but works really well. The customers think it is terrific and the stores are very happy with the results."
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