RCF revealed several new products at the Prolight + Sound 2011
Sneak preview of the upcoming products news from RCF:
Ayra Studio Monitor Series
Modern design with a twist of the late 70´s. Ayra Five, Ayra Six and Ayra Eight are new nearfield studio monitors and the Ayra Ten Sub completes the series.
D Line Series
New powerful speaker line with D Line Class-D power amplifier technology. 4 models to be revealed at the Prolight + Sound 2011.
Commercial Audio News
12 new products to be added to the RCF Commercial Audio Catalogue. 4 new amplifiers in the UP Series. New BM3022 desktop paging gooseneck microphone. PFL30 & PFL50 Ceiling speakers. DMW 20A active speaker cabinet and 4 new Wireless Diversity Microphone systems.
New NX Models
RCF unveils the new models of the NX series at the Prolight + Sound. Two new Active Two Way loudspeakers NX M22-A and NX M25-A.
SUB 702-AS
Compact and powerful active subwoofer. Equipped with a single 12" high power woofer with 3" voice coil and a 700 W Digipro digital amplifier.
Installed Sound
Two new speaker series COMPACT and MEDIA will be introduced at the Prolight + Sound. The VSA Steerable Arrays represent the latest RCF applications in terms of digital audio technology and with integraded powerful DSPs. To compliment the popular VSA 2050 two new models are added to the product line: VSA 1250 and VSA 850. TT Compact The TT051-A and TT052-A are extremely compact active loudspeakers specifically designed for indoor applications such as: Concert halls, theatres, monitoring, distributed sound systems and multimedia amplification. TTL 11A + TTS 26A Digital steerable array with powerful DSP integrated. The TTL 11A is an active column speaker array system composed by two modules, one for the mid-high and one for the bass frequencies. With the addition of the new TTS 26-A subwoofer, the new column array becomes a powerful, compact and high definition live sound system. TTS56-A High powered, high output active subwoofer system that sets a new standard in the touring sound reinforcement.
C View Nightclub at Stena Vision powered by RCF
The new Stena Vision ferry is the largest carrier in Europe and also one of the largest in the world. It is 175 meters long, 30 meters wide, 43 meters above sea level, 527 cabins, a spa and conference centre, lots of restaurants, bars, night clubs, shopping and more. You can say that leisure and entertainment accompanies every movement on the Stena Vision ferry. It’s a convenient travel and relaxing combined with fun and dancing till the morning, and with awesome sound on the dance floor.
The Polish RCF distributor Arcade Audio provided the product for the installation of the RCF sound system to the C View Nightclub at the Stena Vision ferry. “To get the possibility to be part of an installation on one of the biggest ferries in the world it is nice challenge. You need a system that is flexible and at the same time delivers the sound to be focused on the dance floor. Also the RCF system was chosen between several systems, is a perfect solution and now the big waves are made on the dance floor”, says Renata Klimek – President Arcade Audio
The C View Nightclub installation is a combination of 4 pcs RCF NX M12-A with 4 x pcs 4PRO 8003-AS, 2 pcs RCF Art 715A and to cover the DJ booth 3 pcs RCF Art 310A.
Stena Vision ferry operates between Karlskrona (Sweden) – Gdynia (Poland).
RCF TT+ delivered the sound to 44.000 people at the Parni Valjak reunion concerts.
Parni Valjak was founded in 1975 and is a Croatian and former Yugoslav rock band. They were one of the top acts of the former Yugoslav Rock scene, and currently one of the top rock-and-roll bands in Croatia. They have been followed by many loyal fans and have released 16 studio and 5 live albums, and 8 compilations releases.
In December 2005 they celebrated their 30th birthday and at the same time they made a farewell tour with gigs in Croatia and Slovenia. Their last performance in 2005 was at New Year’s Eve in Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb, 4 years later they did a reunion tour in Croatia.
Due to the popularity of Parni Valjak and demand from their loyal fans they decided to do add 2 more concerts in the Belgrade Arena.
The sound system for the Belgrade Arena was the large RCF TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre and was supplied by three different rental companies: Promologistika from Croatia, BBA Agregati from Montenegro and Track-Copy from Hungary, and all of them brought their TTL55A + TTS56A.
A total of 40 pcs RCF TTL55A were used. 16 pcs per side (LR) + delay of 2 stacks with 4 pcs each.
8 groups with 3 pcs stacked in each with TTS56A subwoofers placed on the floor with 2.20 meters between them.
Furthermore TTL33A was used as infill on each side with 9 pcs in each stack and also 3 pcs TTL33A were placed in front of the stage. More than 44.000 people saw the 2 great performances.
Read more about Parni Valjak at:
Photos by: Dunja Dopsaj
Come and visit us at the PLASA Focus Show.
At the PLASA Focus you will get the possibility of seeing the technology shaping the world's most innovative events, concerts, tours, theatre productions, corporate events, venue installations, nightclubs and leisure attractions.
The exhibition showcases leading manufacturers from all over the world demonstrating their latest product ranges.
Furthermore at the PLASA Focus there is several free seminars, training and workshops.
You can meet us at: Booth S-D20
See more about the PLASA Focus: Leeds 2011
Meet and greet with RCF at the Prolight + Sound 2011.
From April 6 to 9th 2011 the audio and light industry will be gathered in Frankfurt and the Messe Halls will be filled up with all the latest products and technologies.
Prolight + Sound will offer users a possibility to get a look into what the new trends are and what future directions the industry is aiming at.
RCF will follow up on previously year’s success with new products, innovative technologies and will offer visitors the chance to get a “hands-on” experience with a large selection of product range and the possibility to meet the RCF staff.
We welcome you to visit us in HALL 8 – booth G70
Die neu eröffnete Lounge Bar Plaza in Zagreb, Kroation wurde mit viel Phantasie und moderner Kunst dekoriert und mit einem hochwertigen Audio- Videosystem ausgestattet.
Musik ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Konzepts der Plaza Bar und daher war es extrem wichtig, ein Soundsystem zu erhalten, das in den frühen Abendstunden eher Hintergrundmusik spielt und zu späterer Stunde mehr und mehr in den Vordergrund rückt.
Die Installation ist eine Kombination aus 24 Deckenlautsprecher, vier an der Decke montierten TT22A Lautsprechern und zwei 4PRO 8001AS Subwoofern die mittels eines speziell angefertigten Holzgehäuse an das Ambiente der Plaza Bar angepasst wurden.
Ein AM 1122-N Mischverstärker mit vier weiteren Endverstärkern übernimmt die Verteilung des Signals in die einzelnen Zonen.
Der kroatische RCF Importeur Oktava realisierte das Projekt in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Installateur Dacco. Dacco ist spezialisiert auf High-End AV-Systeme. Gemeinsam schufen sie eine sehr hochwertige Anlage.
Nino, der Chef von Oktava bemerkte: „ Es war mir ein absolutes Vergnügen, die Installation des AV-Systems in der Plaza Bar zu realisieren. Die Wahl der Möbel, die Dekoration und das Lounge Konzept haben mich sehr beeindruckt und uns animiert ein optimiertes Soundsystem zu kreieren.“
Also checkt die Plaza Bar im Zentrum von Zagreb!
TNM Projects, one of the RCF commercial audio installation partners in Greece has recently installed a RCF Forum 6000 System at the ASEP Supreme Council for Personnel Selection in Athens.
With many years of experience with turnkey solutions TNM Projects is very keen on supplying high quality equipment for all kind of installations.
The ASEP Supreme Council installation is based on the RCF Forum 6000 system that consists of: DMU6100 central unit, a chairman console and several delegate units.
TNM Projects did the installation and fine tuning of the conference system at the Plenum Room.
The RCF Forum 6000 System has been designed to manage conference, debates, president desks in auditoriums/conventions and meetings, offering outstanding versatility. The system is simple and quick to wire, to set-up and to use and includes operative functions and modes that are usually available only in more complex products.
Forum 6000 System is designed according to IEC 60914 standard.
Das TT55-A Line Array war das einzige Produkt eines europäischen Herstellersm das in der Kategorie “Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology” im Rahmen des 26ten TEC Awards nominiert wurde.
Die TEC Award Nominierungen werden durch eine Reihe von Experten bestimmt und abgestimmt durch Mitglieder verschiedener professioneller Organisationen und Webseiten innerhalb der Audioindustrie. Gegründed 1985, ist der "American Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards" das führende Programm in der Audioindustrie. Der TEC Award würdigt Personen, Unternehmen und technische Innovationen aus den Bereichen Recording, Live Performance, Film, TV, Videospiele und andere Medien.
Das TTL55-A ist ein hochleistungs 3-Weg Aktiv-Line-Array Modul, welches für Große Indoor- und Outdoorveranstaltungen einen sehr hohen Output liefert. Das System kann sehr einfach skaliert werden für mittelgroße Veranstaltungen mit wenigen Modulen bis hin zu sehr großen Arrays für große Arenen und Stadien.
Die neu für das System entwickelten Neodymchassis repräsentieren das Ergebnis aus vielen Jahren Entwicklungs- und Pionierarbeit im Lautsprecherbau unter Verwendung der besten Materialien und Technologien am Markt. Die Integration von 3500 W verteilt auf 4-Wege Digitalverstärker in Kombination mit modernster DSP-Technologie setzen neue Standards hinsichtlich Verzerrungsfreiheit, thermischer Belastbarkeit und Effizienz.
Mit mehr als 60 Jahren Erfahrung in der Audiotechnik blickt die in Reggio Emilia ansässige Firma RCF auf viele erfolgreiche Produkte und komplexe Beschallungsprojekte zurück. Einer der Schlüselfaktoren hinter dem Firmenerfolg is die anhaltete Investition in das Forschungs- und Entwicklungsteam, dessen jahrelange Erfahrung dem Unternehmen fundamentales Wissen und hohe Leistungsfähigkeit sichert. Von der Elektronik bis hin zur Akustik. RCF investiert ebenso in die Erforschung neuer Technologien, um die führende Rolle weiterhin auszubauen und neue Referenzen für die weltweite Audioindustrie zu schaffen.
Mit diesem Hintergrund hat RCF in neue Einrichtungen investiert: der RCF Audio Academy. Ein Komplex bestehend aus mehreren Demoräumen und Schulungs- und Konferenzräumen. Die RCF Audio Academy verfügt darüber hinaus über den sogenannten "Room of Sound", einen großen Bereich, in dem unterschiedliche Beschallungskonzepte von standard ELA Systemen bis hin zu komplexen DSP gesteuerten Systemen vorgeführt werden können. Die RCF Audio Academy bietet die perfekte Umgebung für Systemintegratoren, FOH Ingenieure, Installateure, Verleihfirmen und " den Anwendern von Morgen" um sich über neue Technologien zu informnieren und sich mit aktuellen Trends vertraut machen zu können.
Die RCF Audio Academy befindet sich innerhalb des RCF Hauptsandortes in Regio Emilia, Italien.
"Unser Ziel mit der RCF Audio Academy ist es, unser Wissen unsere Kompetenzen mit der Industrie zu teilen. Wir arbeiten eng mit Universitäten und Hochschulen zusammen und wir spüren den Bedarf der Audio Academy als Ausbildungsstätte mit der Vision immer einen Schritt voraus zu sein, da viele der heutigen Anwendungen komplexer und auch anspruchsvoller sind als in der Vergangenheit", sagt Fausto Incerti, Geschäfstführer von RCF.
Die RCF Academy ist offen für Dienstleister der Beschallungsbranche und bietet regelmässige Seminare und Trainingskurse in diesen Bereichen: Indoor Akustik, Konferenzsysteme, Festinstallation, Live-Events, Schallausbreitung, Evakuierungssysteme, Sounddesign und Installation etc. Die Veranstaltungen werden von professionellen und erfahrenen Moderatoren aus Industrie, Forschung und Entwicklung durchgeführt. Die Unterrichstsprache ist Englisch, Deutsch, Italienisch oder Spanisch.
Erfahren Sie mehr zu den Veranstaltungen unter: Unsere deutsche Niederlassung in Köln bietet ebenfalls RCF Audio Academy Seminare an. Mehr Information dazu finden Sie unter
RCF has created a new PR & Strategic Marketing job function within the company and has appointed Kenneth Bremer to fulfil this role, starting from January 2011.
Kenneth Bremer will work closely with the marketing team, to keep brand ing RCF internationally, developing marketing strategies and to keep relationship with all relevant medias and to support customers providing them fast product information, and suggestions to invest in professional audio equipment. Furthermore Kenneth Bremer will define the company PR strategy and work closely with our branches .
The Strategic Marketing role will also support the Sales Division and Research & Development department. Marketing has become more and more strategically important and it is essential to supply all our distributors with the right marketing and sales tools to be competitive in their local market segments. Hence Kenneth Bremer will work closely within the different team members to help improving our communication.
RCF will benefit from this new role, because the company will always be up to date with the fast moving market trends having the right information about what products are most needed in the market, how to address the distribution network, and it will develop an even stronger business relation with our customers .
Kenneth Bremer has a strong business experience and a huge network in the professional audio industry he has been working in this sector for more than 25 years, from retail, distribution and international work. He has implemented some strong sales and marketing efforts, and always delivers a professional job. Kenneth Bremer is a very dedicated and respected person; he is always full of ideas and solutions and forward driven We are very pleased to welcome him in our team.
Kenneth will be mainly based in RCF headquarters in Italy, you can reach him on this email address:
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