The musical Le Tour Du Monde En 80 Jours completed the shows at Euroexpo in Lyon in front of 3,000 spectators. GDS Productions used an RCF HDL 30-A system reinforced by 9007-AS subs, and a DPA microphone kit.

Le Tour Du Monde En 80 Jours was produced in 2018 with a mixture of circus, dance, comedy, and music. This musical is an original Christmas creation by the Grain De Sable troupe (GDS Prod) adapted from the novel by Jules Verne. The show is designed by GDS under the direction of Corinne Roux. Audio Technologies provided by On Stage Audiovisual with Mehdi Ould Brahim on the FOH console.

500 years after Leonardo da Vinci's death, the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan celebrates the engineer and humanist "Homo Universalis" with the largest permanent exhibition in the world. A spectacular setting guides the journey starting from the Florence of the fifteenth century. From the training of the young Leonardo to the contribution of the Tuscan engineer to his stay in Milan, invited by the Sforza family.

The New Galleries renew the historical setting with which the Museum opened to the public in 1953 and represent a unique cultural resource to inspire the new generations, the world of research, and enthusiasts of all ages.

Over 1300 square meters and 170 between historical models, works of art, ancient volumes, and installations revive the story through the evolution of Leonardo's thought in an emotional, physical, and intellectual experience.

For the occasion, the museum also renews the devices for the voice alarm and fire evacuation with an extension of the RCF DXT 3000 system previously installed. In addition to the MX 3500 units, new compact and powerful DP 1420EN loudspeakers, and BE3806 microphone bases with BM 3806 push-button extensions were installed.

MX 3500 is the master unit of the Voice Alarm system DXT 3000, dedicated to small and medium-sized applications where an EN 54-16 certified system is required. The system is equipped with powerful and exceptionally reliable Class D power amplifiers, that provide up to 500 W of total power. Depending on the model, each module is able to serve up to 6 independent zones. Moreover, a spare power amplifier facility is also available.

The internal power supply is EN 54-4 certified, and the back-up batteries can be included inside the cabinet, making the system a complete and extremely compact solution. The cabinet also features customizable finishing. The on-board DSP platform allows optimizing environmental equalization, maximizing voice intelligibility, background music, and performances. The system can be completed with emergency microphone consoles, allowing to add live announcements functionality.


Edison, New Jersey — When Celine Orlando, the city’s newest entertainment venue, was being built, they knew they could rely on local industry pro, Kevin Clouden, GC Pro’s Business Development Manager to procure a reputable sound system. Clouden has been a top seller of pro audio gear in South Florida for the past several years. Celine’s owners knew Clouden’s expertise would steer them in the right direction—sonically speaking.

Boasting a capacity of nearly 1,000 occupants, Celine Orlando is a multi-faceted entertainment space that hosts live music, corporate events, and private parties. It was created to fill the need for a centrally located, high-end entertainment complex.

Celine Orlando hosts five different spaces: a Speakeasy that takes guests back to the prohibition era, complete with antique furniture, elaborate drink menus, and an attention to detail that separates it from the rest of the venue; the Mezzanine is an elevated viewing area overlooking the main stage of the venue, offering guests the “next level” experience, with a full view of the stage, a private bar and VIP concierge service; the Rooftop Lounge is for hosting smaller events and overlooks the heart of downtown; the Sports Club at Celine is where guests can watch their favorite sporting events and features an additional area to relax and socialize; lastly, the Ballroom features an elevated state-of-the-art stage design, complete with a LED wall, lighting rigs and a top-of- the-line, RCF line array system and subwoofers.

Though the building that houses Celine used to be a nightclub, it was gutted as part of its transformation, and there were initially many options on the table for sound reinforcement. “They were looking to bring in very popular EDM [Electronic Dance Music] DJs,” recalls Clouden. “The who's who of artists that have performed at Celine recently is astounding. Because of the level of talent that they wanted to bring into that venue, everything needed to be high quality and user-friendly, from a tech/spec point of view,” says Clouden. Performers thus far have included DJs Will Clarke, Noizu, Cocodrills and more, and celebrities like basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, frequent the club.


The San Gerardo Hospital of Monza, one of the most prestigious health facilities in northern Italy, has undergone an important strengthening intervention. An articulated expansion project with new buildings and renovation of the existing buildings, aimed to provide a radical modernization and technological update. The redevelopment includes a complex RCF project for EN54-compliant fire evacuation systems and vocal announcements.

The work, for a total amount of over 200 million euros, brings the total surface of the hospital structure to approximately 196,000 sqm; given the particular complexity and extent of the projects, the intervention was divided into four phases which will see the definitive end to construction by the end of 2022.

The new hospital complex is divided into several areas, with different buildings, but well connected. Each building is intended to accommodate various care activities without interference. The complete replacement of all the elements of the facades was also conceived in order to achieve a radical improvement in thermal and acoustic insulation performance, increase the comfort of hospitalization, and the containment of energy consumption.

The entire system for service communications and voice alarm is based on the RCF DXT Series matrixes with numerous components from the RCF Voice Alarm product catalog. The installation includes a 42-unit master control system for the "New Avancorpo" and two 28 unit slave control interfaces "Sector AEA" and "Sector AEC" connected together with multimode optical fiber in a ring topology. Two microphone consoles are available for fire brigades to send pre-recorded alarm messages and emergency announcements to all areas - or groups of them. A table console allows complete system management and supervision of all the plants with a simple LCD display. From the table console users can address messages, evacuation calls, and announcements in the individual areas throughout the entire complex. The slave control units are each equipped with an additional VVF console for local emergencies. 

Numerous recessed PL series speakers, DU steel speakers, and CS column arrays are installed, as well as HD horn systems for outdoor areas. All RCF components installed are EN54 certified.


Der Prato della Valle in Padua bietet für Großveranstaltungen immer wieder ein einmaliges Szenario – zu Silvester 2019/2020 feierten rund 80.000 Menschen auf diesem riesigen Platz. Auf dem von der Stadt Padua geförderten und von Radio Company sowie dem Future Vintage Festival organisierten Fest traten zahlreiche Künstler und DJs auf. Als Headliner stand der Rapper Fabri Fibra kurz nach Mitternacht auf der Bühne.

Der Prato della Valle ist mit seinen 88.000 Quadratmetern einer der größten innerstädtischen Plätze Italiens. Die Techniker von Mazzon Service sind mit diesem Veranstaltungsort gut vertraut und rechneten mit mehr als 50.000 Besuchern. Die Main-PA bestückten Sie mit HDL 50-A, dem leistungsstärksten Line-Array der HDL Serie von RCF. Angesichts der einwandfreien Organisation und des riesigen Erfolgs der Veranstaltung plant die Stadt Padua eine weitere Auflage des Events.

The rap genre has recently been resurrected as the mainstream music in India. Hip-hop artist and rapper Divine, aka Vivian Fernandes, one of the pioneers of the underground Indian hip-hop rap scene, is creating a buzz across the nation with his hard-hitting tracks. In 2019, Divine notably contributed to the soundtrack of Bollywood’s blockbuster musical drama film Gully Boy, inspired by his (and peer Naezy’s) street rapper days.

With his knack for penning his own hits songs, along with an electrifying live act, along with meticulous flow, and his approachable persona, Divine has become hugely popular since founding the Gully Gang. Chennai recently witnessed his high-adrenaline show at Phoenix Market Chennai Courtyard. Along with DJ JD, and rapper Shaw Rule, Divine’s Gully Gang captivated the crowd with his popular numbers.

Soundgear from Chennai were the rental partner who provided an RCF HDL series PA for the event. “We have been in the pro-audio and lighting rental services for the past 12 years. Our main focus is on live sound reinforcement and we handle a lot of live bands and artists, music festivals, corporate gigs and weddings,” says Balaji, Director of Soundgear. He continues, “For the Gully Gang show, we deployed 12 RCF HDL-50A and 12 SUB 8006-AS for FOH. Additionally for both centre fills and delay, six RCF HDL 20-A per side have been deployed for more even coverage across the 2,000 capacity venue. Our client, Phoenix Chennai & Times of India, appreciated our efforts and the band’s sound engineer, Adhiraj Singh, who had the pleasure of operating the system, had nothing but good things to say about it.”
Als das 84 Millionen Pfund teure International Convention Centre Wales (ICCW) im September letzten Jahres eröffnet wurde, war es nicht nur das Erste seiner Art in Wales. Dieses Gemeinschaftsprojekt der walisischen Regierung und des Celtic Manor Resort bietet eine beeindruckende Grundfläche von 26 000 m2 für Besprechungen, Konferenzen und Ausstellungen (das entspricht der Fläche von vier internationalen Rugbyfeldern).

Integriert ist zudem eine 4 000 m2 große, säulenfreie und vielseitig konfigurierbare Haupthalle, die den Technikausrüster Stage Electrics vor große Herausforderungen stellte. Die Lösung bestand in einem Komplettsystem aus dem umfangreichen Katalog von RCF, das fast 800 Lautsprecher (und insgesamt über 1 000 RCF-Komponenten) zu einer Mehrzweck-PA in der Haupthalle und mobilen Systemen für die Besprechungsräume verbindet und mit einem vollständig konformen System für Durchsagen und Sprachalarm kombiniert ist.

Stage Electrics war für die AV, Beleuchtung (darunter auch öffentliche Räume) und bewegliche Technik zuständig und fungierte als Berater für die Bühnentechnik nach den Vorgaben von Russel Phillips, Vice President, Facilites and Development bei Celtic Manor. Als Erstes mussten Simon Cooper, Leiter des Entwicklerteams von Stage Electrics, und Business Development Manager Saul Eagles ein stringentes, aber kompromissloses Sparprogramm auflegen, um den Budgetrahmen nicht zu sprengen.

Stage Electrics installiert seit über 15 Jahren sehr erfolgreich RCF Systeme für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen, wie Dan Aldridge, Commercial & Projects Director, betont.

Tommex Żebrowscy Sp. J. (Tommex) has been appointed Polish distributor for RCF’s Installed Sound, Commercial Audio and Voice Alarm EN54  product lines, with effect from January 2020.

Tommex’s Commercial Director, Marcin Zimny, stated that the move resulted from changes in the ownership structure and distribution strategy of their existing long-term loudspeaker partner. “This meant we were looking for a new partner with a high-quality installation range, that could complement our portfolio; RCF provided a great opportunity and was an exact match.”

RCF è lieta di annunciare una nuova partnership di distribuzione commerciale per l’Italia relativa ai prodotti DPA Microphones. 
DPA Microphones è l’azienda che ha trasformato i microfoni di misura più noti e precisi al mondo nei microfoni pro-audio più realistici e naturali disponibili sul mercato. 
Oggi DPA fa parte del gruppo audio italiano RCF Group. 

I microfoni DPA contano su oltre sei decenni di esperienza nella progettazione di microfoni innovativi. La lunga storia di precisione e ricerca della perfezione di DPA è tuttora immutata e rappresenta il più alto standard qualitativo in tutte le applicazioni audio in studio, broadcast, teatro, cinema e nel live professionale. Ogni microfono è assemblato a mano nella fabbrica all'avanguardia in Danimarca. Sono necessari fino a 200 passaggi per assemblare un microfono DPA. Durante il processo, ogni capsula viene calibrata fino a 15 volte prima dell'approvazione finale.
Lo sapevi?
  • D:dicate™ 4006A di DPA è uno dei microfoni pro-audio più accurati al mondo e deriva direttamente da uno dei più accurati microfoni di misura. 
  • Prendi una capsula microfonica DPA e ingrandiscila fino alle dimensioni di un campo da calcio. Ora avvia un motore a reazione, a 60 metri di distanza. Il diaframma si sposterebbe di solo 4 mm. Prova ora ad immaginare il movimento infinitesimale del diaframma alla dimensione reale di 4 x 5,5 mm.
  • I microfoni DPA vengono utilizzati per registrare tutti i tipi di suono, a qualsiasi livello in tutto il mondo, anche in Antartide, dove sono stati utilizzati per catturare il suono (molto silenzioso) dei fiocchi di neve.
  • Non solo sulla Terra. Sono stati usati due microfoni DPA - antenati del 4004/4007 - per registrare il decollo dell'Apollo 13, mentre un sistema microfonico basato sulle capsule DPA 4006 è incorporato nel Mars 2020 Rover che atterrerà su Marte nel 2021.
Zum ersten Mal machte Integra FC, Deutschlands größte Veranstaltungsreihe in Sachen Amateur- und Pro-MMA, Station in Trier und zwar in der Arena Trier. Athleten aus 16 Nationen und Kampfsportschulen der Umgebung konnten sich vor dem Trierer Publikum beweisen. Seit 2015 betreut der Eventtechnikdienstleister TRIACS mit Geschäftsführer Udo Treimetten die Integra Fighting Championships in allen Gewerken bei allen Produktionen: Ton, Licht, Videotechnik und Livestream.

Wladimir Schwarz, Geschäftsführer Integra Fighting Championship ( fasst die gemeinsame Arbeit zusammen: „Wir arbeiten jetzt seit mehr als 4 Jahren bei unseren Kampfsport Veranstaltungen mit der Triacs GmbH aus Föhren zusammen. Die Firma TRIACS besitzt das nötige Know-how und das richtige Feeling, auf das es bei unseren Veranstaltungen ankommt. Ein Beschallungssystem mit hoher Sprachverständlichkeit und tiefen Bässen sind für die Moderationen und die gewünschten Emotion beim Einzug der Kämpfer sehr wichtig. Das Licht und Videokonzept ist sehr durchdacht und für uns ideal umgesetzt. Schon während der Planungsphasen und der gelieferten 3D Visualisierungen sind wir immer wieder von unserem Partner TRIACS begeistert. Wir freuen uns jetzt schon auf die nächsten Veranstaltungen die aktuell bereits in Planung sind.“

Udo Treimetten, Geschäftsführer von TRIACS, zur Produktion:
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