By Daniel Woon
Want to have a dash of retro in the urban concrete jungle of Butterworth? Step inside the latest attraction of Juru Autocity, the Slippery Senorita. This club is a mixture of contemporary design with retro theme decoration. From outside, this hot spot literally stood out like an orange among the apples. Coated in a shade of tangerine orange, this club is a cheerful reminder of the happy and enthusiastic side of life.
Opened in September 2009, this popular spot is the brainchild of three long-time friends. Mr. Mark Siva, the Sound Engineer, is one of the pioneers of the club. Sitting before us, Siva is still as enthusiastic as ever when it comes to his club. “This is actually a sister club. As you know, there is one established Slippery Senorita in Georgetown (Located in the nightclub hotspot, The Garage). After contemplating, we find that Juru Autocity is also a very suitable location for us. That’s why we decided to go ahead with the decision”
Since both clubs are running a different concept (Autocity’s is taking an acoustic live band approach while Garage’s is leaning towards urban R&B beats), serious considerations need to be taken in the sound and audio aspect. “Let me put it this way. For this club (Autocity), I expect a system with clearer definition. We are dealing with live bands and acoustic music; we must have a clear and defined sound system. We really want to bring out the music and the raw energy of live performance. So, in more ways than one, RCF really fulfils all the criteria”
Coverage to the main dance floor is provided by a ceiling mounted FOH system comprising of four NX L23-A line array cabinets in each cluster. A further 4 units of NX S25-A and 2 units of NX S21-A were positioned on each side of the main stage. For processor, Siva opted for a DX4008 4 input and 8 output speaker processor. Two units of FLY BAR NXL23 suspending bar for array system support were also installed.
Besides looking for high definition in sound system, Siva is also vying for reliability. “We want a good system that does what it does best without constant maintenance. We can’t be expecting the system to break down all the time. Good quality consistency is also another key factor in our selection of sound system. Well, we must have certain degree of confidence in our system. In this case, RCF has so far performed splendidly. Plus I must add, this system is definitely value for money. It worth every penny I spend!”
Installed on a complex truss pattern that reminisced the intricate design of a spider web, this whole system proved to be a hit with the club goers. Siva feels that the sound quality is good and it enlivens the whole atmosphere of the club. “Feedback from the crowd has been positive so far. They love the sound quality and the clear definition. For me, I really like the way it brings up the spirits and the energy of the crowd. A bad sound system can drive the crowd away but a good one will make them stay”
Equipment list:
NX L23-A active two-way line array NX S21-A bass reflex active subwoofer NX S25-A bass reflex active subwoofer FLY BAR NXL23 suspending bar for NX23 array system DX4008 speaker processor
Installer: Acoustic & Lighting System Sdn. Bhd.
Citysound recently completed an installation of several Forum 6000 units in the Salon de Plenos del Ayutamiento de Calzada de Calatrava (Ciudad Real), in Spain.
MYTHO 6 and MYTHO 8 are active two-way, nearfield reference studio monitors specifically designed for audio production applications where an accurate reproduction is required, such as professional recording studios, project or home studios.
The new Mytho Series is a new line of reference monitors that combine the legendary quality and reliability of RCF precision transducers with the latest development in digital amplification technology and acoustic design. Two models are presented: Mytho 6, with a 6” neodymium woofer design and Mytho 8, equipped with a 8” neodymium low frequency transducer.
Discover all the features of the Mytho Series.
Vom 24.03. bis 27.03. stellt RCF auf der prolight&sound 2010 aus. Gemeinsam mit den Konzernschwestern dB Technologies und SGM werden auf 780qm in Halle 8 Stand G70 Neuheiten und das umfassende Portfolio der RCF Group präsentiert. RCF stellt dieses ja in jeder seiner Produktgruppen eine Vielzahl an innovativen Neuheiten vor und freut sich auf interessante Gespräche im über 250qm großen Business-Center im Zentrum des Messestandes.
Besuchen Sie uns in HALLE 8, Stand G70
Der UP 2162 hat zwei separate 160 Watt Class-D Verstärker. Jeder Kanal ist mit zwei Eingängen ausgestattet, wovon einer eine Prioritätsschaltung besitzt.
Die Prioritätsfunktion des Eingangs 1 kann über einen potential freien Kontakt ausgelöst werden, der Eingang 2 hat einen separaten Lautstärke Regler. Beide Eingänge sind als symmetrische Line Eingänge ausgeführt.
Jeder Verstärkanal hat einen Bass- und Höhen Regler und Status LED für an (ON), Schutzschaltung (PROT), Priorität (PRIOR) und Signal/Peak (SIG/PK).
RCF stellt aus auf der größten Messe für professionelle Video und Audio Systeme in Amsterdam vom 2. bis 4. Februar 2010.
Die Messe ermöglicht Besuchern sich über die umfangreichen Commercial Audio und Installed Sound Speaker Systems Produktgruppen zu informieren.
RCF wir Produkte der Lautsprecherserien MonitorQ und Acustica , das DXT 7000 System, die Konferenzsysteme der Forum Congress systems, TT+ Lautsprechersysteme die neuen AM and UP 100V-Verstärker zeigen.
Bersuchen Sie uns in Halle 3B, Stand 126
RCF have announced the appointment of Linton Smeeton within the UK Sales Organisation to strengthen the company’s Commercial Audio Division. Smeeton, who has worked for RCF previously, was a founding director of the UK Branch between 1990 and 2000.
Smeeton, who brings a wealth of experience to the post will concentrate mainly on the company’s commercial audio division.
Smeeton said “It’s great to returning to RCF, the brand has grown so strong over the past decade and I’m really looking forward to being part of it”
RCF’s Phil Price commented “We are all looking forward to having Linton back on board with us, with his experience in the audio market he’ll be a great addition to the team.” “During 2010 RCF will be introducing some major new products and systems to the Commercial Audio Catalogue which will allow us to grow our UK network of Solution Providers. Linton will be concentrating particularly in these markets”
Die Mehrzweckhalle in La Chapelle St. Hebrlain (nähe LeMans) würde jüngst mit einem neuen RCF Beschallungssystem ausgestattet.
Das neue Theater wurde sowohl für Theater als auch Musikdarbietungen ausgerichtet. Der französische RCF Partner Terre De Son aus LeMans installierte eine Kombination aus Acustica C5212 2-Weg-Lautsprechern und passiven TTS28 Subwoofersystemen. Kontrolliert wird das System durch einen DX4008 Digitalcontroller.
Vom 14. bis 17. Januar stellt RCF seine Professional Audio Produkte auf der NAMM Show vor.
Die NAMM Show findet statt im Anaheim Convention Center in Anheim, California und der RCF Stand ist zu finden in Halle A, Stand 6563.
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Rental company Projecson chose RCF TT+ Series for the main sound reinforcement of the Osisko en lumière festival in Rouyn-Noranda in Canada. The event held over 4 days featured a great roster of Canadian bands as well as international acts such as Simple Plan and Scottish hard rock legends Nazareth.
Headlining on day one were Canadian band Simple Plan, the young Montreal band who have already made their mark internationally by selling over 7 million albums worldwide.
Emanuele Morlini, RCF TT+ Product Specialist, flew in for the event as P.A. manager and worked closely with Projecson’s staff and with Frank Teoli of Sound Distribution Inc., RCF distributor in Canada, during the set up phase of the system which comprised TTL33-A line array modules, TTS28-A subwoofers and TT25-SMA stage monitors.
“We used the TT+ Shape Designer Software in order to set the DSP of the line array to obtain a long and evens coverage of the concert area.” Said Mr. Ghislain Petit, who runs Projecson together with Mr. Rejean Berube. ”We were very pleased with the system because we were able to load in and set up everything really quickly. Also, with its compact size, the TTL33-A covered quite a big area and the audience. For instance on the first night with Simple Plan, we had more than 20.000 people, and the RCF system worked just perfectly even after a terrible rain storm that lasted all day during the set up process”.
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