Live in Atlanta – RCF TT+ delivers sound at The SweetWater Festival
During the weekend of 15-17th April 2011 Atlanta was in music mood.
Two large festivals were running at the same time and this year it was RCF TT+ systems that supplied the sound to a big audience at the SweetWater 420 Fest and the Atlanta Dogwood Festival.
The SweetWater 420 Fest, an Earth inspired celebration festival that offers large stages with lots of music combined with several art events.
Behind the event is the SweetWater Brewery that arranges the event and changes the Candler Park in Atlanta to a huge entertainment area, and also the possibility for the audience to taste the different beer flavours from the brewery and at the same time enjoy the music.
Main performers at this years festival was: Galactic, Railroad Earth, Arrested Development, 7 Walkers feat. Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead and others.
Rock Quarry Productions supplied the TT+ system to the main stage. The system was composed by RCF TTL55-A with 8 pieces per side and with 4 pcs TTS56-A Subwoofers on each side.
“Everyone was blown away by the performance of the RCF system; concert promoter, audience member and band engineer alike. It was a large festival with a grand main stage site. Concerned at first that we have enough PA to cover such a large audience, we were all amazed at the sound quality and power that the TT55 system delivered. The TT56 subs are equally exceptional; hands down the most powerful and articulate large-format subs I have experienced to date.” says Jay Holem from Rock Quarry Productions.
Approx 30.000 people visited this year SweetWater Festival.
Rock Quarry Productions, Inc is a full production design, sales, installation, and Services Company offering audio, lighting, video, staging, and other production equipment etc. Rock Quarry Productions can handle all of your production or installation needs. Their custom design and installation department sells and installs state-of-the-art production equipment for venues large and small.
Rock Quarry Productions' event services department offers equipment and services for concert, theatres, corporate, worship, media, and sporting events. With a professional staff of production designers, site managers, engineers, and technicians insures that your event is spectacular.
The company have used several RCF products for many installations and applications. Their event service department are working with large RCF TT+ systems.
See more at: www.rockquarryproductions.com
On the two sides of the town of Atlanta a lot of music was playing at the same time, all loud and clear thanks to the RCF TT+ Sound Systems.
Le Carre nightclub in France powered by RCF
The nightclub Le Carre in Maroeuil (area of Arras), France was recently equipped with a complete RCF ACUSTICA sound system.
Le Carre nightclub has 3 dance floors with an average capacity of 1000 people. RCF pro-partner Technic Audio Light accomplished the complete installation of audio and lighting system.
The audio system is an efficient combination of RCF C5215 speakers and RCF S8028 subwoofers. Technic Audio Light installed RCF ACUSTICA after a specific study and recommendation made by Mr. Daniele Torelli, RCF audio systems department.
The 4 pcs RCFC5215 are used for the two dance floors where HOUSE Music is played together with 2 pcs high-output 18" SUBS S8028 from the RCFACUSTICA range: The complete system is powered with 6 pcs RCF HPS2500 and managed by 2 pcs RCF DX2006 digital processors.
Several of active RCF ART310Ai with compact RCF SUB705AS subwoofers have been provided to cover the third retro-80's floor and also as distributed sound in Bar and Lounge areas.
Furthermore RCF S8028 and RCF 705AS subwoofers have been specifically mounted in different podiums in the whole complex.
So with this major upgrade on the audio system at Le Carre nightclub they are ready to “pump up the volume” on the dance floor.
RCF Columns are the order for St. Columcille
Star Systems find delayed L2406’s offer controlled directionality.
When the beautiful 19th century Catholic parish church of St. Columcille, situated in the picturesque village of Inistioge, Kilkenny, had its rededication ceremony recently, the clergy were able to address the congregation through a new RCF column speaker system.
For the first time, following the extensive redevelopment, parishioners could hear the spoken word with absolute clarity — thanks to the delayed L2406 speaker array that had been specified by Co. Tipperary-based Star Systems.
Led by their MD, Declan O’Sullivan, the installers responded to the tender issued by local contractors, Corbett Electrical, and were awarded the contract based on their reputation in outfitting other houses of worship. However, this was the first time they had taken RCF to church, despite having worked extensively with the Italian brand over the past five years.
With a reverberation time of more than five seconds to contend with, Star Systems created an acoustic model of the building, and based on the measurements set about detailing a system best fit for purpose.
“We had heard the L2406 at Frankfurt ProLight+Sound last year and were hugely impressed with the directionality and the bottom end — and the fact that the speakers looked good,” declared Declan. “We knew we could wall-mount four speakers down each side of the church on delays — just 1.2 metres up from the ground — with the fifth pair upstairs in the choir loft.” The front pair also provides monitoring for the altar.
Purpose designed for houses of worship, the L2406 is a high intelligibility compact 3-way column speaker array, equipped with six 5" woofers and four 1" dome tweeters, with the vertical-controlled directivity that Declan O’Sullivan was seeking.
Reference monitors were also required for use in the sacristy and at the entrance, and Star Systems opted for an RCF Monitor 33T in each location — finished in white to match the L2406’s. These compact 2-way loudspeakers are loaded with 4.75" high-efficiency carbon fibre woofer and 0.5" mylar dome tweeter mounted on a 110 x 100 constant directivity horn.
The RCF loudspeakers form part of a full, high specification audio package, including wired and wireless (lapel and handheld) microphones, an eight-channel mixer, amplifiers, processing and an induction loop system. The overall fit-out was project managed by electrical contractor, Michael Corbett.
Visiting clergy have already been impressed with the high-grade speech and background music reproduction offered by the RCF solution — so much so that Star Systems have already received several enquiries for a similar fit-out, including a firm order.
RCF appoints Audio Visual Technology - AVtech to Exclusive Distributor in Qatar.
AVtech has been appointed as exclusive distributor of RCF in Qatar. AVtech is a supplier of high-end Audio, Video, Broadcast and Lighting equipment from the most reputable Manufacturers in the world.
One of the specialities of the AVtech Company is designing of leading edge live performance systems and solution projects and this is one of their cornerstones in their company success. AVtech enjoys an excellent reputation for superb performance and also for their integrity in design, technical excellence and customer support.
“With the flexibility of solution that RCF’s product range offers – and especially in commercial audio, we look forward to introduce the RCF brand to our customers. Right now we experience a boom in total solution projects and I am sure that with our representation of RCF will give our company even more visibility and grow the business segment even more”, says Hadi Arzouni, General Manager of AVtech.
AVtech, recently completed a installation as part of the 2011 Asian Cup in Qatar.
“RCF welcomes AVtech to our distribution family and we look forward to expand our business in the region and work closely together with the people in the company”, says Federico Lugli – Sales Manager RCF.
Photo: From left: Sharif Hashisho, MD, AV-Tech; Federico Lugli, sales manager, RCF; and Hadi Arzouni, GM, AV-Tech.
More info about the AVtech:
Audio Visual Technology (AVtech) Salwa Road. Ritaj Center, P.O.Box. 24613 Doha-Qatar.
Web: www.avtech.com.qa
Ein monumentales Audio System
Im Markusdom, der Sehenswürdigkeit des Weltkulturerbes Venedig, der jedes Jahr von ca. 2 Mio. Menschen aus aller Welt besucht wird, wurde kürzlich eine umfangreiche RCF Beschallungsanlage installiert. Insgesamt wurden 40 Lautsprecher, davon sind 10 die digital gesteuerte Zeilenlautsprecher VSA 2050, eingesetzt.
Viele der unzähligen Touristen, die dieses wunderbare Beispiel romanische und byzantinischer Architektur besuchen, nehmen auch an den Gottesdiensten teil, so dass das Audiosystem die verschiedensten Anforderungen zu erfüllen hat, erklärte Marco Mazzon, der Gründer des gleichnamigen Unternehmens mit Sitz in Meolo (Venedig), der das Audiosystem installierte. „Die Anforderungen an das neue System waren sehr umfangreich, es wurde eine erhebliche Steigerung der Sprachverständlichkeit und eine flexible Steuerung der verschiedenen Sektoren gefordert – es gibt ungefähr 30 Mikrofone die in sieben unterschiedlichen Zonen von Sprechen uns Sängern eingesetzt werden.“
Anhand der Anforderungen und detaillierten Informationen über das Bauwerk und deren Logistik, entwickelte Marco Mazzon das Signalmanagement. Für das akustische Design wandte er sich an RCF. Francesco Venturi von der Inhouse Projektabteilung, konzeptionierte und simulierte das Beschallungssystem und stellte es mit einem ausführlichen Bericht vor.
Die größte Herausforderung war die Aufteilung und gleichmäßige Beschallung der verschiedenen Bereiche, die von wenigen bis hin zu 30 Metern Tiefe reichten, ohne größere Pegelunterschiede und gleichbleibender Sprachverständlichkeit zurealisieren und das trotz einer für solche Gebäude typischen langen Nachhallzeit.
Damit sich die Lautsprecher in diesem historischen Gebäude möglichst unauffällig integrieren lassen, bekam jeder eine an den Hintergrund angepasste Sonderfarbe.
Marco Mazzon schwärmte: „Die RCF VSA Lautsprecher bieten die ideale Lösung für diese beiden Aspekte. Dank ihres bemerkenswerten Schalldrucks und Präzision und dem Custom Finish sind sie für mich das optimale System für diese Installation.“
Die zehn VSA 2050 decken den Bereich der „Gemeinde“ ab. Sie sind an den beeindruckenden Säulen der Basilika installiert. Sechs von Ihnen decken den vorderen Bereich des Hauptschiffes und die Querschiffe ab, während die anderen vier als Delay Lautsprecher weiter Hinten in den Schiffen installiert wurden. Zwei kleine RCF MR 33W/T Lautsprecher sind unterhalb des Ambos montiert um den vorderen Bereich der Sitzreihen abzudecken.
Dank des leistungsstarken DSP und der zwanzig 50W Class-D Endstufen erhält man mit der VSA 2050 eine optimale Kontrolle über die vertikale Abstrahlung und die notwendige Leistung und Dynamik um den zu beschallenden Bereich optimal abzudecken.
Verschiedene weitere RCF Lautsprecher wurden innerhalb und außerhalb der Basilika installierte: 17 2-Wege Säulen vom Typ CS 6940 und CS 6520 wurden in weiteren sieben Zonen installiert, um bei vollbesetzter Kirche jeden Bereich, darunter das Presbyterium und die Pala d’Oro (dem Hochaltar mit dem herrlichen Altaraufsatz), das Baptisterium der St. Isidor Kapelle und die Vorhalle, abzudecken.
Drei MR33T Lautsprecher sind als Abhörlautsprechern beim Organisten und in der Sakristei installiert. Für besonderen Anlässe auf dem angrenzenden Markusplatz gibt es sechs mehrzellige H6045 Fiberglashörner, jedes bestückt mit vier D5076 Treibern, die im Außenbereich an spezieller Fast-Lock Hardware befestigt wurde.
Zum Abschluss der Installation wurde das komplette System von RCF Technikern eingemessen.
Am Sonntag den 08. Mai wird Papst Benedikt XVI eine Messe im Markusdom zelebrieren.
RCF appoints the Matrix Group to Commercial Audio & Forum Distributor in Denmark
The Matrix Group has recently been appointed as distributor of RCF Commercial Audio & Forum in Denmark. Matrix Group is based on three leading companies: Nordic Sales & Staging, Moto Audio Sales & Signal Audio. Together they have a strong presence in the Danish audio market segment.
“With the distribution of the RCF Commercial Audio & Forum we strengthen our portfolio of strong brands. We currently have 8 people working with Installed Sound and Commercial Audio sales, and certainly the RCF brand will add even more strength to this segment”, says Lars Bo Baadsgaard – CEO of Matrix Group.
Matrix Group has 3 locations in Denmark. Signal Audio & Moto Audio Sales in Copenhagen. Nordic Sales & Staging is based in Losning (20 minutes drive south of Aarhus).
Distribution of professional audio brands is one of the key areas in the Matrix Group and they have established a strong co-operation with dealers that work specifically within the MI, Sound Reinforcement, Pro Audio, Rental, and AV & Installation segments.
The Matrix Group is also a turnkey facility house that provides total solutions for all types of installations where audio products are needed.
This business segment is based on a large network in the industry and several projects are done every year. The reference installation list for the Matrix Group is growing and several bigger scaled projects such as The Royal Opera in Copenhagen, the Concert Hall in DR Byen (Danish Radio) are in the installation portfolio within the group.
“RCF welcomes Matrix Group to our distribution family and we look forward to expand our Commercial Audio & Forum business in Denmark and work closely together with the people in the company”, says Lars Yoshiyama – Sales Manager RCF.
Photo: Kasper Geels (Matrix Group), Lars Yoshiyama (RCF) & Rene Davidsen (Matrix Group).
More info about the Matrix Group:
Matrix Group Helge Nielsens Allé 5 8723 Losning DK - Denmark
Tel: +45 70 27 01 32
Das Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn Oberkassel, ein 5-Sterne-Design-Hotel in exponierter Lage, direkt am Rheinufer gelegen, hat sich zur Beschallung der einladenden Außen-Terrasse für 22 wetterfeste RCF MQ80P-S Lautsprecher-Systeme entschieden.
Die silberfarbenen 5"/1" Koaxial-Lautsprecher mit IP55 Klassifizierung wurden an den speziell nach Kundenwunsch gefertigten Edelstahlsäulen sowohl als einzelne Lautsprecher, als auch als Zweier- und Dreier-Cluster eingesetzt.
Die Zielsetzung, eine möglichst gleichmäßige, hochqualitative und kosteneffiziente Hintergrundbeschallung unter Vorgabe der Montagepunkte zu erreichen, erforderte eine exakte Planung und Ausführung, welche durch den RCF Installationspartner "Kuchem Konferenz Technik" aus Königswinter realisiert wurde.
Zur Planungsunterstützung erstellte der deutsche RCF Vertrieb, eine EASE Simulation, um eine exakte Ausrichtung und Pegelverteilung zu erreichen.
Das Ergebnis kann sich unter den gegebenen Voraussetzungen sehen und hören lassen - gute 90% der zu beschallenden Terrassenfläche liegen über den Frequenzbereich von 250 - 4000 Hz betrachtet bei nur +/- 3dB Pegel-Differenz (bei einem Referenzpegel von durchschnittlich 97,5 dB).
Experience, discover & network are the key words for this year’s InfoComm Show.
The InfoComm11 Show is taking place at the Orange County Conference Center in Orlando, FL. The conference program starts from 11th of June 2011 while the Exhibition is from June 15th to 17th 2011. The InfoComm Show will offer users a possibility to get a look into what the new trends are and what future directions the industry is aiming at.
Meet and greet with RCF US Team at the show and get a chance to hear and see more about the new products, about our innovative technologies and to learn more about the large selection of product ranges and solutions from RCF.
Come and visit us on Booth 169
Long lives the Lizard King! With more than 90 million albums sold worldwide their popularity is still going strong and they are getting new fans everyday.
After the lead singer Jim Morrison’s death in 1971 the Doors continued to tour as a trio but the band officially disbanded in 1973, but their music never died. The combination of charismatic wild and poetic lyrics and their music style continued to inspire younger music generations that want to be filled with a mix of rebellion and Rock & Roll.
Keeping alive the Doors spirit, two of its original members Robby Krieger and Ray Manzareck, are still active and playing those great songs that earned their place as one of the most important bands in rock history. Today they tour under the name of Ray Manzareck and Bobby Krieger of The Doors.
When The Doors were visiting Mexico on their Latin America concert tour; one of the privileged concert events was the performance at the Art Palace in Morelia, Michoacan, where the company Soundset Productions was in charge of the production and supplied the event with a large scaled RCF TT+ System supported by Mexican RCF Distributor Hermes, and secured that all the Doors fans could “Light Their Fire” at this concert.
With the advice of the RCF product specialist Oscar Mora and local sound engineer Angel Hernandez, together with Soundset Production all the attendees were taken to a total The Doors ecstasy.
The RCF TT+ equipment used during the concert was crucial for the excellent development of the show. The main front system was based on RCF TTL55-A (Active three-way Line Array high power designed to generate impressive power output in large spaces, both open or closed) and RCF TTL33-A (The Ultra Compact Line Array).
The TT+ System setup at The Doors concert also included several RCF TTS28-A and TT25-A units.
Sound Engineer of the show was Grammy awarded Michael Dumas.
TT+ System Setup:
Main: 8 pcs TTL55A + 3 pcs TTS56-A per side (Total: 16 pcs TTL55A and 6 pcs TTS56-A)
OutFill: 7 pcs TTL33A per side (Total 14 pcs TTL33A)
SideFill: 4 pcs TTL33A + 2 pcs TTS28-A per side (Total 8 pcs TTL33A and 4 pcs TTS28-A)
DrumFill: 1 pcs TT25A + 2 pcs TTS28-A
The Keep Hold Studio facility in Alessandria, Italy installs Mytho 8 in their main mixing room.
Owner of Keep Hold Studio Andrea Fresu is working with several recording artists and also doing many productions for commercial and TV applications.
As a producer Andrea Fresu is working with the labels such as Avantgarde Music, Chiara Music, db One Music, Warner Music, EMI Records and Universal Music and is constantly working with new talents and established artists.
“For me the Mytho´s will give a new dimension to my mix. When I plugged them in for the first time I was already convinced that it was the right direction to take, and now after I have got them calibrated to my room they simply give me a new value to my work. They also look cool, the shape of the monitors is just the way I like it”, says Andrea Fresu.
The last couple of years Andrea Fresu have been busy with the Keep Hold Studio and lots of artists will record in the facility during 2011. The studio has been visited by: Tony Dallara, Aris & Rita, Fausto Leali, Luisa Corna, Alessandro Mara, Mariangela Argentino, Ale e Nico Banz, Kelly Joyce, Vincenzo Consilio, Radio Number One, Luca Barbarossa, Sirya, Stefano Salvi, Isabella Biffi, Mass Corfini, Finley, Riki Cellini, YuYu and others.
Read more about Mytho here.
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