(Edison, New Jersey) Michigan’s Thunder Audio Inc. has a relationship with tour management company Peachez Entertainment Services that stretches back over 20 years – before Tyler Perry began his incredibly prolific theater, TV and film career. Since 1999, Mr. Perry has produced a new stage production almost every year, and the 300 live shows that he presents each year in association with Peachez Entertainment Services are attended by an average of 35,000 people per week. His latest stage play, “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned”, owes its clarity of sound to Thunder Audio and RCF.
“Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned” is a production of nine actors, including Patrice Lovely from the hit TV sitcom "Love Thy Neighbor" and R&B Artist Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley. The show, which also includes a five-piece band and three backing vocalists, segues from spoken dialogue right into songs and back again, and requires a system to meet these unique sonic demands. Thunder Audio Inc. has provided an RCF system, including 28 TTL55-A Line Array Modules and 4 TTL36-AS subwoofers, that perfectly fills the bill. “The actors use lavalier mics, which aren’t really designed for loud-volume singing – the challenge is making that sound not too harsh and loud, while preserving the clarity of the spoken parts,” says Ron Hurd, Thunder Audio Engineer and FOH Engineer for the tour. Hurd has engineered sound on Tyler Perry’s shows since 2000, and he’s seen a dramatic turnaround in theatergoers’ post-show comments as they exit past the soundboard since incorporating RCF into the production. “With RCF, the transition from voice to song has been so seamless,” says Hurd. “We used to get some comments from patrons as they were leaving about how the vocals were hard to understand, or that the musical numbers were too loud… Now we get compliments on the music and the clarity of the actors’ voices.” Production Director Norman Williams of Peachez Entertainment Services has presided over every theater date of the tour, primarily venues with an average of 3,000 seats, and has similar praise for Thunder Audio and RCF.
“Sometimes we have very tight load-in schedules, and the RCF system is incredibly easy to load in and get positioned,” says Williams. “Thunder Audio’s customer service is outstanding,” Williams continues. He recalls a situation at a show in Chicago, where additional sound equipment was needed “Within six hours, Thunder Audio had a truck down here from Detroit with the necessary gear.”
GRITSY is Houston’s very own infamous bass music event & movement that’s rocking the spot in Houston, Texas like no other & it just keeps on getting BETTER! GRITSY is the party/event/group of fwd thinking individuals that 1st brought the dubstep/bass music sounds to H-town in 2006 with what was intially a strictly 21+ event.
RCF would like to thank you for visiting our booth during the Prolight + Sound 2014 in Frankfurt.
It was our pleasure to inform you about our last new products and we received many positive feedbacks from all our visitors.
Please find here on the right column some pictures about the event.
Once again, thank you for the time you have spent on our booth and reserved for us during the Prolight + Sound 2014.
RCF S.p.a.
Italian loudspeaker manufacturer RCF has entered into a strategic alliance with Henderson, Tennessee-based tour audio provided 242 Concepts to showcase the RCF HDL20-A line arrays and SUB-8006AS subwoofers on the 2014 George Thorogood and The Destroyers 40th Anniversary Tour. “We excited to have a lightweight, fantastic sounding box that is self-powered, and can fit into the vast array of venues we encounter,” notes Production Manager/FOH Engineer Jeff Pitt. The band first got the opportunity to use the system at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville, Tennessee. “We had awesome coverage, and a great evening mixing on the boxes,” said Pitt.
For George Thorogood and his longtime band The Destroyers – Jeff Simon (drums, percussion), Bill Blough (bass guitar), Jim Suhler (rhythm guitar) and Buddy Leach (saxophone) – their 40th anniversary is indestructible proof that staying true to yourself and the music can still mean something. Over the course of sixteen studio albums (including six Gold and two Platinum), they would storm the charts over their illustrious career with a catalog of iconic hits that includes “Who Do You Love”, “I Drink Alone”, “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”, “Move It On Over”, “Bad To The Bone” and more, being able to share it with audiences is what will always matter to Thorogood. The tour coincides with the release of the George Thorogood & The Destroyers ICON album and the Eagle Rock Entertainment live DVD Live At Montreux. For the tour, 242 Concepts is taking 24 HDL20-A along with 12 SUB-8006AS subwoofers for use dependent on size of venue. The RCF HDL20-A is a 1,400-watt two-way line array cabinet with two 10” low frequency/mid frequency transducers coupled with a 3” high frequency compression driver capable of achieving 135 dB max SPL. The SUB-8006AS is a 5,000-watt dual 18” subwoofer able to achieve 141 dB max SPL.
Ultimately, the 40 Years Strong Tour is 50% celebration, 50% declaration and 100% Thorogood throwdown. But after four decades as one of the most consistent – and consistently unique – careers in rock, can a guitar-slinger still at the top of his game choose a moment that sums it all up? “Stan Musial was once asked, ‘What was the greatest day of your career?’ And Stan said ‘Every day when I walk onto the field is the greatest day.’ I feel the same way,” George says. “Every night when I walk out on that stage is the highlight of my career. I hit that first chord, the band kicks in, and we hear the audience respond. That’s the rush. 40 years into this, and every night, that's still the only moment that matters.”
For George Thorogood & The Destroyers – and for rock & roll – it doesn’t get stronger than that. And their choice to make it happen – RCF. Tour dates and information are available at www.georgethorogood.com
Here’s the image of a true mobile DJ – the Mix on Wheels self-contained mobile DJ entertainment experience. After touring with a major soft drink company and working with Central Florida theme parks, DJ Charles Miles became inspired to create a self-contained mobile entertainment experience by building a complete system on wheels.
The success has been overwhelming, and Orlando, Florida-based Mix on Wheels now offers three system packages – one built into a Hummer H3, one in a Honda Element and one in a Mini Cooper Clubman. By designing the vehicles with a blank canvas exterior, clients can use for their own brand marketing with magnet signage or wraps rather than a billboard for a DJ company. The DJ system is self-contained, there’s onboard LCD screens for custom media playback, LED light effects and Lamborghini doors trick out the vehicles. The gear of choice – RCF loudspeakers for the PA and Pioneer gear for the DJ gear onboard. Why? “The stuff just doesn’t fail,” says company owner Charles Miles.
Once parked, the speakers are placed on a custom designed flat all-steel roof rack. Mix on Wheels choice of speakers include active RCF ART-725 15” 2-way cabinets or HD32-A 12” 2-way cabinets, depending on the vehicle. They simply plug into an input box on the roof panel, with the vehicle capable of generating its own power for outdoor events (and are certified for indoor events as well). With a high dispersion output, Miles sums up the sound of RCF – “they scream!” He notes he seldom has to add a subwoofer, even when playing EDM or Hip Hop music. “We find we don’t have to adjust EQ because of how the cabinets are tuned, getting the most out of the boxes without needing to add a subwoofer in the system. And we always get compliments on our sound,” Miles adds.
“We like the RCF boxes because they are so efficient they don’t pull a lot of power,” going on to note, “they are the only speakers that never shut down when it gets hot. We do a lot of outdoor events on the beaches and in the parks, and it gets hot in Florida. We’ve never had one ever go into thermal load.” A unique approach to the mobile DJ market, Mix on Wheels (www.mixonwheels.com) was named Best Industry Innovation Esprit Award from the International Special Events Society, as well as a Gala Award nomination as Best New Innovative Event Technology by Special Events magazine.
Ab Montag den 17.02.2014 erledigt dB Technologies Deutschland (die deutsche Niederlassung von RCF) den Kundenservice für alle Produkte von RCF wieder im eigenen Haus.
Geschäftsführer und Verkaufsleiter Arne Deterts kommentiert: „Genauso viele Gründe vor einigen Jahren den Service an einen externen Dienstleister abzugeben, gab es jetzt für wieder in’s Haus zu holen. Kundenservice und After-Sales-Support werden ab 2014 für unsere Marken auf eine komplett andere Ebene gestellt, den Service im Haus und damit unter voller Kontrolle zu haben ist, ein großer Teil davon. Wir tragen zum einen dem Markt Rechnung, in dem neben dem Produkt selbst Dinge wie Service, Vertrauen und gute Geschäftsbeziehung generell immer wichtiger werden, zum anderen optimieren wir unsere Position im professionellen Rental- und Installationsgeschäft, welches mittlerweile einen erheblichen Anteil unserer Aktivitäten darstellt.“ Thomas Kuck, ebenfalls Geschäftsführer kommentierte weiterhin: „Wir möchten uns bei Triplex für die gute und professionelle Zusammenarbeit in den letzten Jahren bedanken. Gleichzeitig freuen wir uns, dass wir mit Andrew Cullen, Alessandro Angeli und Victor Tolstich Mitarbeiter gewinnen konnten, die auf langjährige Erfahrung zurückgreifen können und die Erwartungen, die unsere Kunden an unsere international renommierten Marken haben, zu erfüllen,“ ergänzt Geschäftsführer Thomas Kuck,. „ Wir sehen in diesem Schritt einen weiteren wichtigen Baustein in unserer Kundenorientierung, ab sofort noch besseren und schnelleren Service bieten zu können.“
Das neue Service Team erreichen Sie ab dem 17.02.2014 telefonisch unter 0 22 03/ 9 25 37 50 oder per email unter service@dbtechnologies.de.
Bild v.l.n.r.: Victor Tolstich (Service), Thomas Kuck (Geschäftsführung), Andrew Cullen (Leitung Service), Arne Deterts (Geschäftsführung), Alessandro Angeli (Service)
Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to TTL55-A line array system and NXL24-A system!
Live Sound Arena - Outdoor Area F10
Every day at the following times:
11.00 - 13.00 - 15.00 - 17.00
The course is organized by the Department of Science and Methods for Engineering of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, in cooperation with RCF SpA, a leading international manufacturer of professional sound products and systems.
The primary goal is to provide engineers with a specific knowledge of the state-of-the-art technologies related to sound, transducers and speaker systems and their applications in the professional market. The course is organized in modules taking the participants through a learning process from the basis of electro-acoustics components like transducers, amplifiers and digital processors till the design of a complete audio project based on a real case study. An international reference project carried out by RCF engineers will be used as a studying guideline to be followed during the course.
The learning topics are grouped into four modules as follows:
1) Environmental Acoustics in open air and inner spaces including design and simulation methods. 2) Transducers and speaker systems including clusters, arrays and point source configurations. 3) Electronics including circuit analysis, filters, amplifiers and DSP. 4) Sound systems design including practical experiences in measurements, listening tests and tuning.
The technical contents provided in this University course will be completed by the direct experience of RCF laboratories, since 1949 involved in the design, manufacturing and market applications of professional products and systems for theatres, concerts, auditoriums, airports, cruise ships, shopping malls, cinemas, stadia.
Organization: • Department of Science and Methods for Engineering University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, www.dismi.unimore.it • RCF SpA, via Raffaello 13, Reggio Emilia, Italy, www.rcf.it
Course director: Prof. Luca Larcher, Department of Science and Methods for Engineering, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
Date and time: 120 hours, divided in a five week period, from Monday through Friday. Starting date: May 5th, 2014. Finishing date: June 6th, 2014.
Language: The course will be held in English.
Location: RCF Audio Academy premises, located in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
Number of participants: 10-20 people, selected by the Course committee on the basis of CV and information provided.
Requirements: Degree in Engineering or similar educational background, good English knowledge.
Costs: Participation fee will be covered by sponsorship of RCF SpA. Enrolment fee: 300,00 Euro (+ application taxes). Special conditions for lodging expenses in Reggio Emilia will be available to the participants. A limited number of scholarships will be assigned by RCF SpA as a contribution to the lodging expenses.
Contents: The course is comprised of four modules: Environmental acoustics, Transducers and speaker systems, Electronics, Sound systems design. The complete program is available on request.
Candidates’ applications: You will be requested to send your personal data and CV including studies and professional experience if any before March 28th, 2014.
Contacts: For more information and assistance please contact:
Prof. Luca Larcher E-mail: larcher.luca@unimore.it Phone. +39 0522 522625 - Fax +39 0522 522609
Find out what the students have to say about the “First edition 2012” at this link
Der Cannstatter Wasen ist mit über 3 Mio. Besuchern eines der größten und auch schönsten Volksfeste der Welt. 320 Aussteller und Gastronomen sorgen für ein vielfältiges und abwechslungsreiches Programm, rund um die großen Festzelte. Traditionsreichster Wasen-Wirt ist das Göckelesmaier Festzelt mit über 3800 Sitzplätzen und Logen. In dem 70m x 42m großen Festzelt wird für die Zuschauer neben den kulinarischen Köstlichkeiten auch immer ein sehr abwechslungsreiches Programm auf der im Zelt platzierten Bühne geboten. Dabei reicht die Bandbreite von reinen Show-Acts bis hin zu Auftritten bekannter Bands und Künstlern.
Die akustischen Anforderungen, die sich aus dem Program und den Lautstärke-Emissionsauflagen ergeben, wurden von der Firma Soundline aus Untermeitingen in einem speziell dafür entwickelten Konzept erarbeitet und umgesetzt. Die Herausforderung lag darin, dass es zum Einen Auflagen seitens des Betreibers einzuhalten galt und gleichzeitig unterschiedliche Zonen in der Beschallung innerhalb des Festzeltes gab, was sich erstmal unproblematisch anhört. Betrachtet man jedoch, dass sowohl die Hauptsitzfläche im Zelt mit an die Grundlautstärke angepasste Pegel versorgt werden sollten und gleichzeitig die Beschallung innerhalb der Logen (von den Oberkellnern), je nach Wunsch der Gäste, getrennt regelbar sein musste und das Ganze in einem vom Veranstalter geforderten Lärm-Emissionskonzept integriert sein musste, welches sicherstellt, dass außerhalb des Zeltes, ein gemittelter Wert von 80db(A) nicht überschritten wurde, zeigt sich schon, welcher Vorplanungsaufwand betrieben werden musste, um die Genehmigung des Festzeltbetriebes zu erhalten.
Robert Reichle, Inhaber der Firma Soundline, setzte bei der Umsetzung voll auf RCF. Die für die Systeme zur Verfügung stehenden Ease-Daten wurden in einer Simulation in Ease-Focus II verwendet, um eine dreidimensionale Pegelberechnungen für das Festzelt zu erstellen. Die daraus resultierenden Ergebnisse wurden als Basis für das Gesamtbeschallungskonzept für das Genehmigungsverfahren eingereicht. "Die Tatsache, dass wir für alle TT+ Lautsprecher (RCF Touring & Theatre Serie) Ease Daten zur Verfügung hatten, half mir sehr, bei der Erstellung des Beschallungskonzeptes. Wir sind seit Jahren sehr zufriedener RCF Kunde und für mich war von Anfang an klar, dass wir mit RCF-Produkten ein passendes Konzept würden erstellen können“, so Robert (Robby) Reichle.
Zum Einsatz kamen als Front-Beschallung 8x TTL33-A MKII, sowie zwei TT1-A als Front-Fill, für die Seiten jeweils sechs TTL31-A MKII, sowie sechs TTS-56A und sechs TTS 36-A als Cardioid Set-Up. Die Logen wurden mit TT08-A und TT052-A bestückt. "Es hat alles bestens funktioniert, besonders auf das „Stihl Timbersport Event“ mit brüllend lauten 70PS Kettensägen und gleichzeitiger Moderation und Musikeinspielung war ich gespannt, aber auch da waren alle äußerst zufrieden!", ergänzt Robert mit einem Lächeln.
Following a successful Sonar meeting in Malaysia last year, RCF recently hosted a two-day meeting in Bali for its distributors in the region. ‘We like to think that we’re a big family and feel that these meetings help to strengthen our relationships,’ explained RCF’s Asian Pacific sales manager, Lars Yoshiyama.
Distributors from as far afield as New Zealand and Japan came to Bali to better understand the latest RCF technologies and products, including the TT+, Media and Acustica loudspeakers, Ayra monitors, IPS amplifiers, Forum conferencing solutions, RDNet 2.0 software, together with the digital AX/MX matrix and DXT evacuation systems.
The new Livepad mixers on display at the Hotel Magani certainly took the eye of all those who attended. The four new models represent a new market for RCF and fill a much-needed gap in its product catalogue as a complete solution provider in addition to providing increased brand visibility. The aggressively priced LivePad mixers feature USB interfaces, three-band equalisers, 99 pre-sets, 4-6 microphone inputs in addition to an MP3 recorder, Bluetooth and Player cards.
‘By having full control of the signal chain, the LivePad mixers are compatible to our other products and are more dedicated to our speaker designs,’ commented sales director Alberto Ruozzi.
Mr Yoshiyama shed further light into the investment taken by RCF in hosting such an event. ‘Sales increased by over 30 per cent in the region last year, so we need to work more closely with our partners. You cannot really achieve that during a trade show such as Frankfurt Pro Light + Sound. On one hand, it is good for us as a manufacturer to spend two days explaining our products in greater detail, but on the other hand it is equally important for us to better understand how their markets work. At the same time, we encourage group discussions between different partners in a relaxed setting in which they can share their experiences and learn from one another. For example, some partners are stronger in the live than the fixed installation markets, so they can relate to one another and learn from each other’s experiences.’
Following the first day’s activities, the delegates spent the evening on a sunset cruise off the Bali coast.
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