Berklee ist eine der weltweit angesehensten Universitäten für musikalische Studien mit Hauptsitz in Boston und einer Niederlassung in Valencia, die sich dort in der „Stadt der Künste und Wissenschaften“ befindet.

Die Absolventenklasse 2018 des Berklee-Campus graduierte am Montag, den 9. Juli. Zur Feier dieses wichtigen Ziels gaben Studenten aus allen vier Master-Absolventenklassen am Samstag, den 7. Juli auf dem Berklee-Campus in Valencia ein Sonderkonzert , das auf einer von RCB ausgestatteten schwimmenden Bühne gegenüber dem Hemisféric in Zusammenarbeit mit der futuristischen Stadt der Künste und Wissenschaften stattfand.
At QC Terme Resorts, elegant spaces combine harmoniously with the latest technologies. Through skilful design, realisation and management of these spas and wellness centres, the "Salus Per Aquam" wellbeing philosophy of ancient Rome is brought back with a modern twist. Evolution over time has transformed the spa into a multi-sensory experience in which to indulge in pleasant moments of total relaxation. QC Terme's cutting-edge centres are located in Bormio (Bagni Nuovi and Bagni Vecchi), Pré-Saint-Didier, Milan, Turin, Rome and San Pellegrino, with prestigious new locations current under construction in Italy and worldwide.

One of the most recent to open, at the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site, a QC spa immersed in the unspoilt nature of the Val di Fassa. QC Terme Dolomiti slots into the landscape with maximum respect for this natural setting. The Ladin culture is revived in the spaces of the spa, through typical furnishings of the local artisan tradition. Three levels of wellbeing, for a total of 4300 square metres, plus swimming pools and outdoor areas that allow you to enjoy the benefits of "forest bathing", immersion in nature as preventive medicine. The sauna also transforms into a cinema: the Sauna Chèder is the first to offer guests the opportunity to enjoy short films dedicated to nature.
The curtain has fallen on the Eleventh FIDS Italian Dancesport Championships - Federdanza, 2018 edition. 20,000 athletes competed, with four esteemed judges who literally conquered the audience and athletes alike: Carla Fracci, Kledi, Garrison and Renato Greco. 159 couples took to the floor for the GrandSlam contests: 92 Standard and 67 Latin from a total of 22 different countries. Six themed arenas - 4 pavilions of 3 thousand square metres each and 2 one thousand square meter theatres, all set up with RCF audio - with a total attendance of over 220 thousand and an average of 20,000 spectators daily. Just over 500 judges and approximately 3500 medals awarded, with golds, silvers and bronzes for singles, couples and groups.
Milan - RCF is amplifying the sound experience in the city's futuristic new CityLife redevelopment project, with articulated audio diffusion for the public areas and a complete centralised sound system in the Allianz Tower. CityLife is located in the Fiera di Milano district, and brings together public and private spaces, luxury homes, three skyscrapers and a modern shopping centre, with access to the "Tre Torri" Metro station. The 170,000 square metre public space also includes green parks and leisure facilities. The entire area is pedestrianised, with an underground traffic and car parking system.

RCF delivered the audio system for CityLife's outside spaces. The design and colours of the speakers used are organically linked to the architectural style of the district, for maximum aesthetic continuity. The sound diffusion is managed using powerful DXT 9000 processors, in compliance with the EN 54 safety standard for evacuation announcements. An entertainment music system delivering refined acoustic performance was also installed.

The district's tallest skyscraper is the Allianz Tower: at 207 metres, 50 floors high, it accommodates up to 3800 people in its vast office space. RCF has developed an audio system with one amplifier per floor, plus the relative speakers. Each individual property can therefore independently control its musical contributions. The DXT 9000 system manages the connection between the various amplifiers and the matrices. Flexicomm BUS technology, developed exclusively by RCF, manages data traffic using copper cables, while audio signals are shared on the Dante network via fibre optics.

The hall is equipped with an advanced automatic volume adjustment system. By analysing the ambient noise, the diffused audio is adapted to ensure maximum acoustic comfort and optimum intelligibility. CityLife is one of the largest urban development areas in Europe. An example of the value, innovation and efficiency of RCF technologies.

As tourists head into Myrtle Beach, they can’t miss the grand columns and sparkling cupola of the majestic Carolina Opry that can be seen from every direction. A majestic palace, the Carolina Opry stands as a showplace on the Grand Strand Carolina beach stretch. It’s been voted as South Carolina’s “Most Outstanding Attraction,” and the only show to win the coveted Governor’s Cup, the state’s highest tourism award. The beginnings date back to 1986, when a young country music singer/songwriter migrated from Nashville to bring a new sound to the beachfront when Calvin Gilmore opened a modest 1,000-seat theater in Surfside Beach. Soon, the shows were constantly selling out. So he started a second show in North Myrtle Beach. Those sold out, too.

Forward to 1993, Gilmore merged the two shows into one when he built the 2,200-seat Carolina Opry. Three sets of stately double doors lead you into grand lobby with 40-foot ceiling featuring custom inset detailing and crystal chandeliers. There’s a grand piano, a historical memorabilia gallery, with twin staircases curving upward to the balcony. As the facility headed into its 25th year of operation, with as many as a dozen shows a week throughout the year, Opry audio manager Mike Cook had been talking with the owners about the need for a new sound system. The existing system dated back to when it first opened. “It was a point source system that was originally designed for coliseum sound and was probably the right solution at the time,” says Cook. Over the years, “as the room has gone through some seating design changes, we recognized there were coverage holes. Plus the system was showing its age.”

As with any venue, ownership questioned the value of a new system. “If I put in a new sound system, will it put more people in the seats?” Cook’s answer, “probably not, but it will give our customers a better experience.” Those memories will bring people back. In consideration of a new system, Cook noted the number one issue they are concerned about is vocal clarity as most shows are family oriented musical theater catering to an older audience. “At the same time, we needed to have the necessary output as we run the shows at 96-98 dB, with select shows such as Time Warp over 100 dB.” Having owned a sound company, Cook was familiar with RCF. “I owned a HDL20 rig, and I would have to bring it in when we were doing national acts such as Kansas, Bill Gaither, America and others.” Those shows required more energy than the family oriented theatrical productions the Opry puts on. 

Once RCF introduced the HDL30 line array system, “it was a no brainer,” comments Cook. “With the RDNet control (RCF’s proprietary monitoring and control software), it gave me the capability of running the system from the booth with the ability to grab and do what we want on the fly as needed.” And as the venue runs a variety of productions ranging from the magic and illusion show Pure Magic to the dance and laser Thunder & Lightning to the contemporary Time Warp, Cook has been able to preset performance needs and handle any situation during live shows. “We had planned on installing the system after the first of the year when we were in between productions. Suddenly, two to three weeks into our Christmas show when we are doing a 12-13 shows a week, ownership wanted the new system installed.
Located in Simpson Bay St Maarten, Lotus is a brand-new concept club created by Caribbean powerhouse duo Manny Almirakis & Fred Bianco, the same team behind Tantra SXM. After Hurricane Irma swept through the island and destroyed the old venue, the team rebuilt the venue. Six months later, Lotus was born. With its state of the art RCF sound system along with all new lighting setup and chic mosaic decor the venue is back as the Caribbean’s number one hot spot.
Calling an event "the festival of good cheer" is a bold statement, but this pop concert lives up to its billing. Thousands have been flocking to the grounds behind Willingen's Sauerland Stern Hotel, a legendary party hotspot, to attend this extravaganza for six years running.

Promoter Horst Schröder may be a local, but his concert is anything but. Unrivalled in Germany, this year's Viva Willingen attracted an audience of 20,000 on a single day. Few, if any, festivals like it can put up those kinds of numbers. The line-up reads like a who's who of the old-school German pop scene: Mickie Krause, Mia Julia, Oli P., Willi Herren and many more. They have all been part of this eleven-hour party marathon for many years. And this promoter goes all out to get the audience in the right mood, as the impressive sound system would attest:

The arsenal included no less than 32 RCF HDL50-A line array modules and 16 RCF Sub 9007-A powered dual 21" subwoofers. Even without delay lines, it delivered big beats across a venue the size of two side-by-side football fields. Two arrays with six RCF TTL33-As each served as side-fills to cover the breadth of this square. Four TTL33-As provided near-fill coverage.

Ten powered RCF TT 25SMA coaxial monitors and six TTL6-A three-way systems were set up on stage, with six TTL6-AS triple 12" bass bins bringing up the bottom end. 

Colito Productions, a Neuenmarkt-based event service provider, furnished all the gear. It has been providing end-to-end technical support for the festival for several years now.

Colito Productions' Michael Meister is the technical director tasked to plan and implement this support. Andreas Schöpf, Managing Director of Colito Productions, speaks highly of the organization and the festival: "It's fun to be working with Horst Schröder and his team every year and to see how the festival is constantly growing. We're already looking forward to next year!" 

The eye-opening pics taken by a drone and videos posted on Viva Willingen's Facebook page show how big this festival has become. And the fact that next year's Viva Willingen has already been announced for June 22, 2019 with the full line-up shows how successful it continues to be.

All pictures © Mario Kersting Fotografie
Located in Urvillers in northern France, on the site of the mythical Xenon, Helios has no comparable club between Paris and Belgium. After a special opening night on Tuesday, May 29th, Hélios opened its doors to the public on Friday, June 1st. The three years extensive development work has followed a course that some have found very long, but the result, for those who have been in the fortress, sweeps away all doubts, forgiving the procrastination. 

The main room of 900 sqm is set with a dance floor of 450 sqm, served by a panoramic bar 20m long. The second dancefloor, celebrates the 80s, 90s and 2000s—the nightclub generations—with 300 sqm of music and games of retro lights, lasers and a large mirror ball. Atelier du Son installed two clusters of HDL 10-A line arrays with SUB 8004-AS active subwoofers and a number of HD 12-A MK4 speakers as secondary room system and DJ monitoring. The whole system is controlled by three DX 2006 processors tuned by Prest Events.
One of the most unusual deployments of RCF’s active HDL 6-A line array has taken place at Sage Gateshead to coincide with the Great Exhibition of the North.

The installation of 40 of these compact elements was sensitively carried out by RCF partner Nitelites, to contour the curvilinear glass and stainless superstructure of the magnificent building. Its purpose is to reproduce a unique and newly commissioned work by Sheffield-based ‘sound sculptor’ Mark Fell, called Protomusic #1.

The installation was carried out in just three days and involves bespoke mounting bracketry, manufactured in house by Nitelites, enabling each speaker to be optimised at the correct tilt angle, while remaining discreet

Fell’s soundscape of real world sounds that represent the north of England, have been reproduced by 60 traditional instruments from around the world by Royal Northern Sinfonia, as well as non-professional players and independent musicians, in what amounts to three hours’ worth of material, recorded over a two-month period. 
Club XL in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania celebrated their grand opening recently with a lineup that included Puddle of Mudd, Saving Abel, Tantric, etal. The newest and largest venue in south central Pennsylvania, the club features a mix of live bands along with DJ’s and EDM.
Located in a gentrifying industrial area near downtown Harrisburg, Club XL set its sights to be the hottest and latest in contemporary club design. Certainly the most elaborate sound and light systems in the region, the club features a complete light show with lasers and CO2 cannons, high energy sound system, LED video wall with numerous video screens to simulcast the entertainment located throughout the venue. 
The layout includes a large dance floor, elongated bar area and back room. There’s an intimate VIP deck that offers guests a luxury experience with comfortable couches and barrel chairs with superb sightlines to the stage. There’s even an outdoor patio where you can sit beneath a 200-year-old tree, enjoy the beautiful stone fireplace and one of several fire pits, and still have a full view of the entertainment inside.
“We first became involved in the audio and lighting design for the club back in 2015,” says Hershey Solutions owner Justin Hershey. “Club owner Phil Dobson owns a number of venues in the area,” targeting this one to be the largest showpiece. “For this one he wanted a live music club with a full sensory experience.” An old warehouse converted into the club with cement floor, metal ceiling and glass garage doors made the design a challenge. “We did include acoustic treatments in the design.”
From the initial concept, “There were a lot of changes in the time between the original design and final product,” continues Hershey. “These changes were brought on by the need to meet as many tech riders as possible once a major concert promotion company got involved in the venue.” In addition, “the club owner was looking for a venue that could facilitate the needs of touring bands and DJs and provide the audience with a Las Vegas Club-style experience. He wanted to hit all senses, from a top notch sound system to the most intelligent lighting fixtures we could fit in the room. There are also CO2 cannons, lasers and a large LED wall that serves as the backdrop for the stage.”
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