P 2110T
  • 124 dB SPL Max, 200W RMS
  • Weatherproof IP55 cabinet with UV protection
  • Line transformer
  • 90° x 40° CMD constant directivity horn
  • 124 dB SPL Max, 200W RMS
  • Weatherproof IP55 cabinet with UV protection
  • Line transformer
  • 90° x 40° CMD constant directivity horn
  • 10" high-output LF transducer with 2.5" voice coil
  • RCF Precision 1" C. Driver with 1.5" voice coil
  • 12 brass suspension points (M10)
  • Roto-moulded single piece cabinet
The P 2110T is a weatherproof full-range, wide-dispersion, coaxial two-way loudspeaker system for a variety of professional indoor or outdoor applications. The speaker can be installed individually or coupled in array configurations. The low-frequency transducer is a 10” woofer with a 2.5” voice coil. The high-frequency section combines a 1” RCF Precision compression driver with a 1.5” diaphragm assembly centrally-mounted in the throat of the LF driver, and loaded on a constant directivity CMD horn for smooth, wide dispersion. The P 2110T features a selectable line transformer for 70 - 100 volt applications, built-in LICC crossover, and Active Mosfet Compression Driver Protection (AMCDP). The single-piece roto-molded cabinet is fully UV protected and meets IP-55 standard requirements. Included are M10 brass inserts (12 x) and one durable corrosion-resistant 316P stainless steel U-Bracket with spacers (2x) for 90° mounting. The aluminum grille cover is powder coated with water-repellent backing material and a rotatable logo plate.


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    P 2110T
    EAN 8024530008246



The single-piece rotomolded cabinet is fully UV protected, equipped with multiple brass inserts and a corrosion-resistant 316P stainless steel U-bracket. Connections to the amplifier are made through a watertight multi-pole connector. The front aluminum grille is powder coated with water-repellent backing material, front logo is rotatable. All P series speakers meet IP55 standard requirements (International Protection Rating), suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.




Focusing on outdoor and indoor large spaces, P Series speakers are capable of true, concert-level high performance in a compact enclosure, installed individually or coupled in array configurations. Featuring coaxial, line source, and subwoofers speakers, all modules embed RCF Precision Transducers, horns, and waveguides for optimal coverage and clarity. The cabinet’s design with coaxial or coplanar woofers and horns produces identical left and right coverage, capable of delivering serious sonic horsepower within the stadium while maintaining intelligibility and even coverage at every seat.



LICC - Low Impedance Compensated Crossover

The system includes a high-level crossover network that features lower than conventional induction values. Its benefits are delay reduction, reduced phase shift and superior transient response for improved audio performance and stability.

CMD - Coverage Matching Design

RCF exclusive CMD technology helps guarantee an optimal transition between the high frequency horn polar pattern and the low frequency woofer directivity. The horn can be rotated, allowing to install the loudspeaker either vertically or horizontally.




Our Engineering Support Group works side by side with the R&D Department to create tailor-made equipment based on the client’s real needs – complete with rigging accessories, signal processing, or custom mechanics. We are not only suppliers of standard products but also a team of highly skilled engineers who develop personalized audio solutions. Contact the RCF team to learn more about customization and color options to suit your unique environment. Each project has important benchmarks and we will help you to get the job done.

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Frequenzgang (-10dB):
95 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz
Max SPL @ 1m (dB):
124 dB
Horizontaler Abstrahlwinkel (°):
Vertikaler Abstrahlwinkel (°):
Richtcharakteristik Index Q:
System-Empfindlichkeit (dB):
95 dB
Power Section
Nominalimpedanz (Ohm):;Power:
16 ohm
200 W RMS
Paek Power:
800 W PEAK
Enpfohlener Verstärker:
400 W
Dynamic active mosfet
2000 Hz
1.0'', 1.5'' v.c
Nominalimpedanz (Ohm) :
8 ohm
Eingangsleistung :
25 W AES, 50 W PEAK
Empfindlichkeit (dB, 1W @ 1m) :
106 dB, 1W @ 1m
Woofer :
Coaxial 10'', 2.5'' v.c
Nominalimpedanz (Ohm) :
16 ohm
Eingangsleistung :
180 W AES, 360 W PEAK
Empfindlichkeit (dB, 1W @ 1m) :
95 dB, 1W @ 1m
Input/Output Sektion
Neoprene Cable
Transformator mit Konstantspannung:
100 V
Auswahl der Leistung 1 (100V):
60 W - 167 ohm
Auswahl der Leistung 2 (100V):
30 W - 333 ohm
Auswahl der Leistung 3 (100V):
15 W - 667 ohm
IP Schutzgrad:
IP 55
CE Zeichen:
Physikalische Daten
12 x M8 inserts + U-brackets and pair of spacers
Aluminum with waterproof clothing
Gehäuse Material:
PE Low Density
350 mm / 13.78 inches
320 mm / 12.6 inches
350 mm / 13.78 inches
13.4 kg / 29.54 lbs
16.3 kg / 35.94 lbs
Verpackung Tiefe:
370 mm / 14.57 inches
Verpackung Breite:
370 mm / 14.57 inches
Verpackung Höhe:
400 mm / 15.75 inches
Tondiraba Ice Hall
The distributor company designed the audio system of Tondiraba Ice Arena with the contribution of RCF Engineering Support Group. “We won the competitive tender called by Merko construction company with a bid based upon RCF products. Event Center met all criteria for sound coverage and resistance to humidity”, said project manager Priit Hinnov. “The P Series is compact, light-weight and weatherproof. With its 110° horizontal and 60° vertical coverage angle, the P4228 model guarantees perfect coverage of the whole area.”