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Sri Lanka hosts RCF Audio Academy

The new RCF distributor for Sri Lanka Multi Audio Visual held a two-day RCF Audio Academy training in February. The course was one of the most numerous ever held by Lucio Boiardi Serri, official trainer for RCF Audio Academy with the presence of most of the rental company in the country.
The excellent hospitality of Srilankan and the superb location were fundamental to host 150 people. After a Live Sound seminar, various product demos followed, including HDL 6-A + SUB 9004 (indoor), HDL 20 + SUB 8006, HDL 30-A + SUB 9007, and HDL 50-A + SUB 9007.

The course begins from an analysis of Point Source and Line Array audio systems, deepening the physical principles of linear source systems. A thorough digression on Subwoofers completed the primary study of the emitters, and then started the actual course of System Design, with a complete lesson on design and preparation of the audio systems. All RCF software such as the Shape Designer and RDNet Networked Management system and the measurement systems such as Smaart or Systune are then analyzed. The last part of the Live Sound course takes the audio technician to understand the secrets and solutions for the optimization and temporal alignment of audio systems with RDNet.