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RCF Set Up a New Service Department in germany

The german RCF subsidiary will resume providing in-house customer service for all RCF products as of Monday, February 17, 2014.
Commenting on this development, General Manager and Sales Director Arne Deterts says, "There were just as many good reasons to bring the service unit back home now as there were to outsource it to an external provider a few years ago. From 2014 forward, we'll be taking customer service and after-sales support for our brands to a whole new level, and bringing the service department back home and having total control over is it a big part of that. For one, we're making this move to respond to a market where things like service, trust and good business relationships are becoming increasingly important alongside the actual product. For the other, we're optimizing our position in the professional rental and install business, which now accounts for a significant share of our activities."
Germany's other General Manager Thomas Kuck adds, "We want to thank Triplex for their good and professional collaboration over the past few years . At the same time, we are delighted that we were able to bring aboard employees Andrew Cullen, Alessandro Angeli and Victor Tolstich, who have many years experience to draw on and what it takes to meet our customers' expectations for our internationally renowned brands. We see this move as another important building block of our customer-centric outlook as we will now be able to offer even better and faster service."
The new service team can be reached as of February 17, 2014 by calling 0 22 03/ 9 25 37 50 or sending an email to
From left to right: Victor Tolstich (Service), Thomas Kuck (Management), Andrew Cullen (Head of Service), Arne Deterts (Management), Alessandro Angeli (Service)