07/01/2021 Installation
Harmon AV, an events production and sound integration company based in Fort Myers Florida, has seen a steady increase of integration business over the past few months. With COVID restrictions lifted statewide, Bobby Harmon, co-owner and integrator at Harmon AV, has seen a big push with clients wanting to improve sound quality, become more digitally capable, and stream video online. One notable installation was a complete system upgrade at Burnt Store Presbyterian Church [BSP] in Punta Gorda which features an RCF HDL active line array system.

When the conversation started about upgrading BSP’s audio it was apparent that the 20-year-old system was in dire need of an upgrade. “The challenge for us was to find a PA that was properly voiced and was going to cover the room for varying types of services,” said Harmon. “Initially when we discussed upgrading the system, one thing that came up was their live concert series. The church holds several live concerts [with full bands] throughout the year, and usually hire outside companies to provide additional sound.”

Other acoustic challenges throughout the church included echo and bounce-back which were addressed by Harmon AV. “One issue we had to address was the reverberance of the room, which they liked for the traditional services, so they didn’t want to change that,” continued Harmon. “We talked about room acoustics and treating it, but the music minister didn’t want to change the natural acoustics of the room. Another issue brought up by one of the pastors, was the ‘echo in a cave’ sound of being when speaking on the stage, which we determined was bounce-back from the backwall. We knew we could solve these issues with a line array system and few fills throughout the room,” said Harmon
10/12/2020 Installation
Podolsk (Moscow Region, Russia) - The Palace of Culture "October" is an 850 seat theatre with two levels, established in 1966. The venue hosts many types of events from dance to concerts and local events. RCF Russian distributor, ARIS, provided a new HDL 28-A line array with SUB 9004-AS for a new and improved sound, recently allowed to open to the 240 seat balcony to the public, previously closed for acoustical issues.

Installed more than ten years ago, the previous sound system was unable to cover the rather spacious balcony properly. Therefore, tickets to the balcony during box office concerts were not sold, avoiding complaints from disappointed patrons. When the budget was approved for a new sound reinforcement system, a mandatory requirement from management of the House of Culture was to provide a high-quality sound experience to all sections of the venue including the balcony and parterre.

ARIS suggested hanging two RCF active line array clusters of six elements each. The two upper elements in the cluster exclusively targeting the balcony, and the four lower elements pointing the parterre. Three SUB 9004-A active 18-inch subwoofers were configured in L / R stacks providing sound at lower frequencies. All control and monitoring of the system is carried out from the sound engineer's booth using RDNet protocol.
25/11/2020 Installation
Warsaw, Poland - Stadium Generała Kazimierz Sosnkowski has undergone a complete renovation under KS Polonia Warszawa SA management, installing a new RCF sound system for the best engagement of their fans. TOMMEX company, official distributor for RCF Install products in Poland, took care of the delivery, assembly, and start-up of the system.

Also called Polonia Stadium, the building is a multi-purpose sports facility with 7,000 seats. The stadium opened for the first time in 1928, then destroyed and reconstructed after World War II. The Polonia Warszawa Club uses the stadium; it also serves as a training facility for the national football team's training camp each season. Additionally, the stadium hosts RUGBY matches played by the SKRA Warszawa Club.

The new RCF sound system of Polonia Warszawa covers the grandstand, the pitch, and the sports commentator stand. All systems are connected digitally via a Dante audio network. The system can also fully process signals in time and provides frequency domain, and manages dynamic processing for each zone.

The sound system's priorities are high speech intelligibility and high quality of music reinforcement while providing high power and efficiency, priorities perfectly secured by the RCF P Series. The P Series, used as the main audio system, is waterproof and housed in a weather-resistant box, protected from UV rays, and is adaptable for indoor and outdoor use, confidently meeting all the requirements of the IP 55 standard.

TOMMEX installed three different P Series models for ideal coverage of the stadium. The P 3108 two-way speakers provide sound for the main zone and side stand; P 3115T speaker units reinforce the pitch with a wide coverage area; P 1108T speakers amplify the Stone tribune.
16/11/2020 Installation
Stasikratous street is Nicosia’s premier shopping street, hosting a number of international prestigious brands and has been categorized as one of the most famous streets in the Eastern Mediterranean region. RCF provided nearly 100 speakers plus amplifiers for an outstanding experience of the avenue’s new soundscape.

The street reopened to the public end of 2019 after a complete road renovation with new pavement for pedestrian and an improved disabled-access. Within this renewal, a sound system was requested throughout the whole pedestrian strip.

The chosen installer, Megasound - RCF distributor for Cyprus, installed 98pcs RCF Column Series Speakers CS6940EN to the entire street on poles powered by UP Series amplifiers at different rack points throughout the road strip and all leading to a main control room were RCF DX Series Digital processors were installed. The entire system is controlled remotely and triggered by a tablet.

CS 6940EN is a compact and elegant two-way column speaker providing highly intelligible voice reproduction. The terminal connection blocks, for input and output flameproof cables, are made of ceramic material. A thermal fuse protects the integrity of the line in case of heat affecting the speaker. Ground screw available (if needed). Thanks to its IP66 protection grade, it can be installed both indoor and outdoor.

29/09/2020 Installation
Located in the Black Sea resort town of Anapa, military innovative technopolis "ERA" is built to reduce the time from the creation of innovative scientific projects for the country's defense capability and for peaceful purposes. The Russian solution provider Avilex was selected to develop the multi-zone warning system for the facility covering more than 17 hectares area and 5 buildings, also integrating the buildings together creating a unique broadcasting system.

Functioning structures include an assembly hall and life support facilities, a residential unit for soldiers (for approx. 2000 people) a sports and health complex with a swimming pool and fitness equipment, as well as a number of technical facilities and sites. The construction of this military complex advanced at an unprecedented pace to have a fully working facility in less than one year after the foundation was laid.

With the assistance of ARIS, the Russian RCF distributor, Avilex deployed more than 300 RCF products on the area. All powered by RCF IPS amplifiers, the installation features a vast range of RCF passive speakers - MR series of point source speakers, CS column speakers, VSA steerable column speakers, HD weatherproof horn speaker, and also active line arrays such as the HDL 20-A with SUB 9006-AS.
23/09/2020 Installation

With over 50 years of ministry and community service, Tabernacle Church, located just outside Nashville, in Clarksville Tennessee, decided in 2017 that to keep up with their tremendous growth, they would undergo a monumental change with a grand new construction project, to reemerge as Mosaic Church—adding 65,000 square feet to their campus, including a 1,500 seat performance space.

When audio and integration firm, Holly Media was asked to oversee the expansion of the performance space, owner Fred Holly, with over 30 years of pro audio experience, led the design effort. “With new dynamics and changing needs, the scope of the ministry has changed—it’s become a new work,” said Holly. “Tabernacle seemed old fashioned. The name didn’t match the demographic of our church because it’s very diverse—and it’s thriving. The new Mosaic Church wanted to reflect that.”

The original structure was a smaller sanctuary [about 200 seats] and was insufficient space for many years. The church adapted for larger congregations by expanding Sunday services to four per day. Recently through COVID, the church was mobile, moving its worship service to a local high school, setting up and tearing down in the parking lot each week.

Aside from general construction, Holly focused mainly on the performance space, and the subsequent procurement of an audio system and its installation. “Early on with my ideas for the shape of the room, I didn’t want to encounter any problems later on. I wanted the diffusion to be completely natural — with the splay of the walls and installing surface treatment.

Not only does Holly Media tackle the challenges between space design and installing sound systems, Holly pulled in one of his trusted resources for advanced surface techniques and sound dampening.

“Usually when clients show me plans for a church, it’s obvious architects know nothing about acoustics,” said Jay Perdue, owner and designer at Perdue Acoustics, and the lead instructor of architectural acoustics at InfoComm University. “They’re more focused on what it’s going to look like versus what it’s going to sound like.”

Upon first glance, Perdue knew something about this new space was very unique. “When I first saw the room design, I thought Fred really did his homework,’ said Perdue. “The shape of the room was very nice with no corners to deal with. I checked all the parallelisms and found slap back on the back wall was a non-issue. I not only check a room for echo and reverberation, I conduct intelligibility testing as well. After a 13-point check throughout the space, it has the flattest response I’ve ever seen.”

Holly has worked with most major audio brands and was looking for a sound system to deliver. “Being in this business for as long as I have, I’ve come from the old school thinking that having a solid, heavy box would also give solid frequency response — or a chance at it,” said Holly. “At first I thought to spec a JBL V 20 rig, but in the spirit of transformation, I wanted to find something new.”

When Holly was referred to RCF and was introduced to Jim Reed [RCF product specialist and system designer] his curiosity was piqued. “When we spoke, Jim said he was willing to demo an RCF TT rig personally, he had my attention.” noted Holly. “I sent him the final room schematic and he returned an EASE drawing, and I was like, ‘when can you come’? [laughs] I was very excited about the possibilities.”

Reed put together a complete system which included: 16 [2x8] TTL 55-A active line array modules, four companion TTS 56-AS active subwoofers, two TT 25-CXA active floor monitors, and four TT 20-CXA active monitors for the stage. For added coverage, Reed also added nine HDL 26-A active line arrays for center and front fills for added coverage. At the helm is an Allen & Health dLive s7000 mixing console.

“Pulling everything out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of it [TTL 55-A module]. The stuff is hardcore, man [laughs]. I’m an old military guy, so I know that if it’s heavy, it must be expensive.”

Once all the products were out of their boxes and flown, Holly was also surprised at the time it took to test the sound system.

16/09/2020 Installation
El estadio de San Marino es un instalación deportiva de referencia para el microestado homónimo que se eleva sobre el monte Titano, al centro de Italia. Nace en el 1969, conocido como Estadio de Serravalle. En tiempos recientes se realizó una obra de modernización que ha permitido la construcción de una torre de servicios con enfermería, gimnasio, fisioterapia, una sala grande de prensa y estudios de televisión, una gran pared de LED y un nuevo sistema de audio renovado por RCF.

Ubicado a unos cientos metros de la frontera con Italia, es uno de los primeros estadios del mundo en adoptar un campo mixto sintético / natural; tiene una capacidad total de casi 5000 asientos y en 2019 fue la sede de los partidos del Campeonato de Europa Sub 21. Aquí tambien se han realizado las ceremonias inaugurales de los Juegos de los Pequeños Estados de Europa en 1985, 2001 y 2017 y las ediciones de Rally Legend desde 2002. La instalación deportiva está ratificada como categoría 3 de la UEFA y alberga los partidos de las selecciones nacionales de la República de San Marino, las finales del Campeonato de San Marino y la Copa Titano, así como los desafíos de los clubes que participan en las preliminares de la Champions y la Europa League.

“Después de haber invertido en el gran muro de LED, confiábamos en que un sistema de audio de alta calidad aumentaría la participación de la audiencia durante los partidos y eventos”, comenta Elya Bonifazi del Departamento de Organización de la Federación de Fútbol de San Marino. La Federación de Fútbol de San Marino se ocupa de todas las inversiones deportivas en el estadio, con instalaciones y tecnologías que serán de libre acceso para todas las demás actividades nacionales. “Cuando la Federación de Fútbol decidió renovar el sistema de audio, seguí todas las ofertas de las mejores marcas. Luego escuché hablar de los sistemas RCF en algunos estadios y no tuve dudas, es el sistema más adecuado para nuestra estructura. Una vez realizado un procedimiento de licitación con las empresas instaladoras, pudimos tener uno de los mejores sistemas audio del mundo y estamos seguros que nuestro público también apreciará su calidad ”

Dado el uso previsto y la altura del techo de las tribunas, se decidió utilizar un sistema distribuido compuesto por ocho (8) altavoces coaxiales P 3115T colgados bajo el techo y seis (6) altavoces coaxiales P 3115T para la parte cubierta de la Tribuna Sur y dos (2) altavoces coaxial P 6215 para la parte descubierta. Además de estos, hay dos (2) P 6215 que se utilizarán para reforzar el sonido del campo. Para completar el sistema, se instalaron dos (2) subwoofers HS 2200 en la tribuna para tener un empuje adecuado en todo el sonido.

El P3115-T y el P6215 son altavoces de dos vías coaxiales resistentes al clima. Tiene una excelente cobertura debida a su bocina de directividad constante y ofrece un poder y la eficiencia adecuadas para una variedad de instalaciones con usos en interiores y exteriores.
07/09/2020 Installation
Región de Moscú, Rusia - RCF proporciona una cobertura perfecta de más de 10 mil metros cuadrados con más de 500 altavoces en el último complejo religioso construido en Rusia. La Catedral Principal de las Fuerzas Armadas Rusas (Catedral de la Resurrección de Cristo) es una catedral patriarcal en honor a la resurrección de Cristo, "dedicada al 75 aniversario de la Victoria en la Gran Guerra Patria, así como las hazañas militares del pueblo ruso en todas las guerras". El impresionante edificio de 100 metros de altura fue terminado en mayo de 2020 en el “Parque Patriot” en el distrito de Odintsovsky, en el óblast de Moscú. Los escalones y otras piezas metálicas fueron construidas con armas nazis fundidas.

La capacidad interior del templo tiene capacidad para 6 mil personas. La iglesia se encuentra a pocos cientos de metros del cercano museo al aire libre, celebrando los tiempos históricos de la Gran Guerra Patria. El complejo principal del templo es de 11 mil metros cuadrados.
03/06/2020 Installation
Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia and a leading international financial institution. It is Russia’s most valuable brand and one of the top 25 brands in the world. Sberbank has 11 regional banks that are responsible for the operations of more than 14,000 branches in 83 of Russia’s regions. RCF’s Russian distributor ARIS and Polymedia equipped the central office’s entrance zone with a sound system for background broadcasting and vocal announcements.

“The main goal was to equip the entrance zone of the central office with a sound system for background music and vocal announcements and a mobile system for events. Glass walls and the abundance of reflective surfaces are the real acoustic challenge of this project,” says Alexandr Shamray, Sales Director of Aris. “We decided to implement a steerable vertical array RCF VSA 850 MKII and the point source wall speakers RCF MQ 30P-W.”

The installation extends to more than 750 square meters covering the waiting area, self-service area, thematic exhibitions, meeting and customer service areas, access control zone, and the balcony.

“The RCF VSA 850 II column is a vertical controlled array with eight amplifiers and eight 3.5 inches speakers,” says Dmitry Semenov, Lead Project Manager of Polymedia “VSA 850 II provides accurate sound directivity to the listening area. Using RCF’s RDNet software, you can control the radiation pattern by controlling the width and inclination of the sound beam, which allows you to accurately articulate our audio sources .”

The miniature two-way coaxial sound projector RCF MQ 30P is ideal for complex architectural solutions,” continues Shamray “The loudspeaker features high intelligibility and a wide frequency range to ensure background music is smooth. The integrated support makes it easy to mount the speaker to a wall or ceiling and orient it in any direction. It’s compact and looks great, perfect for our application.”

As a mobile speaker system, the RCF D-LINE line array series was proposed. “The HDL 30-A with HDL 38-AS became the absolute right decision for Polymedia. “The HDL-30 has the necessary sound pressure level and sufficient headroom for these rooms and RDNet control helps to quickly achieve a good result”. states Semenov.
05/05/2020 Installation

500 years after Leonardo da Vinci's death, the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan celebrates the engineer and humanist "Homo Universalis" with the largest permanent exhibition in the world. A spectacular setting guides the journey starting from the Florence of the fifteenth century. From the training of the young Leonardo to the contribution of the Tuscan engineer to his stay in Milan, invited by the Sforza family.

The New Galleries renew the historical setting with which the Museum opened to the public in 1953 and represent a unique cultural resource to inspire the new generations, the world of research, and enthusiasts of all ages.

Over 1300 square meters and 170 between historical models, works of art, ancient volumes, and installations revive the story through the evolution of Leonardo's thought in an emotional, physical, and intellectual experience.

For the occasion, the museum also renews the devices for the voice alarm and fire evacuation with an extension of the RCF DXT 3000 system previously installed. In addition to the MX 3500 units, new compact and powerful DP 1420EN loudspeakers, and BE3806 microphone bases with BM 3806 push-button extensions were installed.

MX 3500 is the master unit of the Voice Alarm system DXT 3000, dedicated to small and medium-sized applications where an EN 54-16 certified system is required. The system is equipped with powerful and exceptionally reliable Class D power amplifiers, that provide up to 500 W of total power. Depending on the model, each module is able to serve up to 6 independent zones. Moreover, a spare power amplifier facility is also available.

The internal power supply is EN 54-4 certified, and the back-up batteries can be included inside the cabinet, making the system a complete and extremely compact solution. The cabinet also features customizable finishing. The on-board DSP platform allows optimizing environmental equalization, maximizing voice intelligibility, background music, and performances. The system can be completed with emergency microphone consoles, allowing to add live announcements functionality.

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