All the models of the ART 4 Series feature two special equalisation presets: Extended Frequency Response, which slightly emphasizes the bass response for playback music and low volume applications; Linear Frequency Response, for live music applications.
The use of neodymium magnets on all the transducers of the ART 4 Series speakers drastically reduce the weight of the fi nal cabinet and delivers better performances. Woofers and Compression Drivers are precision built in our factory in Reggio Emilia, Italy, taking advantage of RCF’s superior moulding, assembly technologies and a wealth of professional knowledge and experience dedicated to achieving extremely high standards.
The look of the ART 4 Series mirrors the functionality and aggressive design of the ART 7 Series, whilst the newly designed 400 W digital amplifi ers (300 W for the low frequencies and 100 for the compression driver) coupled with the unique RCF transducers technology make the ART 4 Series a cutting edge product, suitable for any portable sound reinforcement applications.
All the models of the ART 4 Series are equipped with a fully featured input panel which comprises: - XLR In/Out - Jack input - MIC/Line switch - Volume control - Extended response switch - Flat response switch - 3 Status leds - Power/Signal/Status
By Daniel Woon of Acoustic & Lighting
Opened in October 2009, the new elegant Rootz club will literally lift your clubbing experience to a brand new height. Overlooking the breathtaking skyline of Kuala Lumpur, this club is heavily inspired by the architecture of the great Russian museums and imperial palaces. Dashes of maroon and a sprinkle of gold can be seen radiating from everywhere inside the club. It is truly a magnificent feast for the senses and an ultimate expression of contemporary architectural.
Located on the rooftop of Lot 10 shopping center and set amidst lush greenery of overhanging ferns and emerging foliage and a variety of tropical plants, this club is quickly emerging as one of the top and exclusive club in Kuala Lumpur.
Mr. Ramesh Krishna, the Operations Manager of Rootz, is quick to point out its exclusivity. “What sets our club different from the others is the fact that we embrace a healthy lifestyle. We positioned ourselves at the medium and high-end spectrum of the clubbing scene. Thus, unhealthy practice like drug-taking is prohibited and we condemned any act of violence in the club. Guests will feel safe and privileged to be soaked in this ultimate and exclusive clubbing experience”
Utilizing an RCF system is indeed a good decision for this premise. “When I choose a system, I look for durability and also superior sound quality. A good system must be able to lasts significantly long. Thus, both durability and stability are the integral factors in influencing my selection. Of course, a clear and perfect sound quality is a must-have in the system as well. I’m glad RCF is able to fulfill all these requirements.”
Two set of NX L23-A line array systems provide the coverage to the main dance floor. These two ceiling-mounted systems are supported by a set of FLY-BAR NXL 23 mounting system each. A further two units of NX S25-A subwoofer and two units of NX S21-A subwoofer are positioned in front of the DJ booth. “The sound quality is good. It is loud and powerful enough to delivers all the right beat and bass to lift the energy of the crowd. This keeps the whole crowd going throughout the night”
Crowd gave very positive feedback as well. They like the vibe and the whole energy channeled from the sound system. “A unique and posh clubbing arena requires a comparable sound system to delivers the same message of exclusivity and classiness to its guests. RCF complements our image perfectly with its clear and mind blowing sound quality”
The ultimate aim of Rootz is to provide a posh and exclusive getaway in the city center of Kuala Lumpur. It is also a sanctuary of good quality music to compensate the madness and the obnoxious pace of city life. And thanks to RCF, all these are now possible.
Equipment list:
NX L23-A active two-way line array NX S25-A bass reflex active subwoofer NX S21-A bass reflex active subwoofer FLY BAR NX L23 suspending bar for NX23 array system
Rental Supplied by: VSL Audio & Visual Sdn. Bhd.
Dublin based Integrator AVL Systems have completed the installation of a complete RCF sound system for the Club D’Ville in Charlestown, Ireland.
Pete Williams (one of the partners in AVL) explains:‘’My role is not as simple as just installing. I am asked to conceptually design and integrate sound and lighting as part of a theme and a direction. Quite often venue owners need this closer assistance from us’’. ‘’With Club D’Ville the scene is a gothic red and black colour scheme with a feature back bar providing a focus for the two tiered venue. Technology – wise, the install is energetic but directionally zoned so that the intensity is lower in the peripheral areas than on the dance floor’’.
RCF Acustica C5215 Full Range Speakers are positioned around the dance floor, with a formidable collection of RCF Acustica S8018 Sub Bass Speakers. In addition RCF Acustica C3110 Two Way Speaker Systems are positioned throughout the venue for infill in the peripheral areas.
Manager Ciaran Young’s claim ‘’Dee Jays and Clubbers alike are totally impressed with our sound system’’. Commenting on the finished club, Ciaran reveals: ‘’ I wanted something that would blow everyone’s minds in Charlestown. There was a nightclub here and it was 10 or 15 years old, which had lost its pizzazz, so I wanted something that people would walk into and go ‘Wow this is amazing’ from both Sound and Lighting. AVL certainly delivered this and more’’.
Near Les Champs Elysees and The Arch of Triumph in Paris, La Villa restaurant is an exclusive place to have dinner, cocktails in a stylish and elegant atmosphere.
Sonomax provided and installed the complete new sound system for the building using RCF Acustica full range, wide dispersion two-way C5215-W speakers.
Sonomax opted for the white version of the C5215-W to match the light and elegant décor of the rooms.
As Part of the Pontiff‘s recent visit to the Czech Republic, the Pope celebrated mass in Brno — the Czech Republic’s second largest city — in front of a crowd of 120,000 (which included the Czech President, Václav Klaus). Audioblue provided a large RCF line array rig for the event, which was held close to Brno - Tuřany airport, with the company‘s Tomáš Barták handling all mixing duties.
The system was designed around two stages — the main one for the Pope, the satellite stage for the musicians — and the primary system comprised four ground stacks of three RCF TTL33-A enclosures, specifically for the seated VIP zone at the front. As Tomáš Barták explained, “There was no opportunity to hang the line arrays due to the architectural requirements of the main stage, and restrictions placed by TV camera sightlines.”
There were three delay zones set along the coverage area, with two towers of ten TTL33-A and two towers of six TTL33-A respectively providing coverage at the second and third delay points.
Further TT Series speakers were used for stage monitoring — with a pair of TT08-A at the altar, discreetly hidden behind the floor grilles, and a further eight TT25-SMA’s providing reference monitors for the musicians.
Acoustic & Lighting System, RCF distributor in Malaysia, with Rental Company RetroAve, installed a complete RCF audio system for the entire building.
By Daniel Woon of Acoustic & Lighting
The newly-opened Hard Rock Hotel in Penang is practically a living museum of rock memorabilia. Rock legends and music icons are celebrated and their unforgettable tunes are played throughout the entire venue at all time.
Located by the breathtaking seaside on the coast of Batu Ferringhi, this 250-room hotel also houses the world famous Hard Rock Café, an all-day dining restaurant known as Starz Diner, a VIP lounge (appropriately named the King’s Lounge), a multi-purpose ballroom and a luxuriously stretched swimming pool.
While music is prominently referred to as its “heart and soul”, the whole sound system can be considered the hotel integral “spine and backbone”. Without it, the whole Hard Rock experience cannot be channelled out symbolically to its guests. Thus, it is integral for them to maintain and develop a good system to complete and deliver the whole Hard Rock experience.
“RCF sounds really nice and it is perfectly suitable for our hotel”, explains Mr. John Primmer, Hard Rock Hotel General Manager, “our sound and audio consultant from Bali, Vision One, recommended RCF to us. Once we tested the system, we knew that RCF is the one. With RCF, there is definitely no compromise in quality. Now, RCF is installed practically everywhere in this hotel”.
In the exclusive King’s Lounge, a different type of RCF system is installed. “There’s this amazing tiny speaker by RCF. This impressive tiny fellow can give quite a dispersion and good sound” With depth of 104 mm and width of 104 mm, the RCF HS 1026W can easily be mistaken as a ceiling ventilation hole. Mr. Sridevan Sriniwass, the Director of RetroAve (Rental partner of Acoustic & Lighting System), rained praises on it as well. “At the end of the day, we need to get the right kind of system in places for what is required. The HS 1026W is neat and lightweight. This coincides beautifully with the exquisite nature of the lounge”.
In the prominent Hard Rock Café, RCF Acustica Series were installed. Utilizing both the C 5215-W and C 3108 speakers, Hard Rock Café will never be short of power and performance. Usually a live band will perform there every night to live up the atmosphere of the entire dining experience.
In addition, the double storey café also houses the stylishly rocking souvenir shop, RockShop for guests to purchase a piece of tangible Hard Rock memory.
For the vast and spacious hotel lobby area, the powerful MQ 50C ceiling speakers were installed. Facing the beach and sea, the hotel lobby is also the perfect premise for concerts or showcases to be held. Abundant number of MQ 80 P speakers was installed around the pool area to provide soothing tune for guests to rejuvenate by the pool side. “The sound system complements the acoustic sound really well. It really brings out the tune and enlivens the entire atmosphere”.
The whole audio system integration took about a year to complete.
In a hotel where rhythm is its main heartbeat, one cannot help but wonder what will happen to a world without music. It is difficult to envision the world today if influential masterpiece like “Imagine”, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” or “Born to Run” were not recorded. They said, music is what feelings sound like. Judging by that phrase, I can “hear” the guests in Hard Rock Hotel smiling from their heart and having a time of their life.
By Daniel Woon
Want to have a dash of retro in the urban concrete jungle of Butterworth? Step inside the latest attraction of Juru Autocity, the Slippery Senorita. This club is a mixture of contemporary design with retro theme decoration. From outside, this hot spot literally stood out like an orange among the apples. Coated in a shade of tangerine orange, this club is a cheerful reminder of the happy and enthusiastic side of life.
Opened in September 2009, this popular spot is the brainchild of three long-time friends. Mr. Mark Siva, the Sound Engineer, is one of the pioneers of the club. Sitting before us, Siva is still as enthusiastic as ever when it comes to his club. “This is actually a sister club. As you know, there is one established Slippery Senorita in Georgetown (Located in the nightclub hotspot, The Garage). After contemplating, we find that Juru Autocity is also a very suitable location for us. That’s why we decided to go ahead with the decision”
Since both clubs are running a different concept (Autocity’s is taking an acoustic live band approach while Garage’s is leaning towards urban R&B beats), serious considerations need to be taken in the sound and audio aspect. “Let me put it this way. For this club (Autocity), I expect a system with clearer definition. We are dealing with live bands and acoustic music; we must have a clear and defined sound system. We really want to bring out the music and the raw energy of live performance. So, in more ways than one, RCF really fulfils all the criteria”
Coverage to the main dance floor is provided by a ceiling mounted FOH system comprising of four NX L23-A line array cabinets in each cluster. A further 4 units of NX S25-A and 2 units of NX S21-A were positioned on each side of the main stage. For processor, Siva opted for a DX4008 4 input and 8 output speaker processor. Two units of FLY BAR NXL23 suspending bar for array system support were also installed.
Besides looking for high definition in sound system, Siva is also vying for reliability. “We want a good system that does what it does best without constant maintenance. We can’t be expecting the system to break down all the time. Good quality consistency is also another key factor in our selection of sound system. Well, we must have certain degree of confidence in our system. In this case, RCF has so far performed splendidly. Plus I must add, this system is definitely value for money. It worth every penny I spend!”
Installed on a complex truss pattern that reminisced the intricate design of a spider web, this whole system proved to be a hit with the club goers. Siva feels that the sound quality is good and it enlivens the whole atmosphere of the club. “Feedback from the crowd has been positive so far. They love the sound quality and the clear definition. For me, I really like the way it brings up the spirits and the energy of the crowd. A bad sound system can drive the crowd away but a good one will make them stay”
Equipment list:
NX L23-A active two-way line array NX S21-A bass reflex active subwoofer NX S25-A bass reflex active subwoofer FLY BAR NXL23 suspending bar for NX23 array system DX4008 speaker processor
Installer: Acoustic & Lighting System Sdn. Bhd.
Citysound recently completed an installation of several Forum 6000 units in the Salon de Plenos del Ayutamiento de Calzada de Calatrava (Ciudad Real), in Spain.
MYTHO 6 and MYTHO 8 are active two-way, nearfield reference studio monitors specifically designed for audio production applications where an accurate reproduction is required, such as professional recording studios, project or home studios.
The new Mytho Series is a new line of reference monitors that combine the legendary quality and reliability of RCF precision transducers with the latest development in digital amplification technology and acoustic design. Two models are presented: Mytho 6, with a 6” neodymium woofer design and Mytho 8, equipped with a 8” neodymium low frequency transducer.
Discover all the features of the Mytho Series.
From the 24th to 27th of March 2010, RCF will be exhibiting at Pro Light + Sound in Frankfurt.
Come and visit us in HALL 8, Booth G70
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