RCF public address system in Kallithea Underground Parking Station
TNM Projects, one of the RCF commercial audio installation partners in Greece has recently completed the supply, fine tuning and start up of a RCF PA system in the new Underground Parking Station in Kallithea, Greece.
Kallithea is the 8th largest municipality in Greece with 109,609 inhabitants and the 4th biggest in the Athens urban area.
The public address system features 4 loudspeaker zones and 2 paging microphones. There is also a back up amplifier that will automatically replace any of the basic amplifiers in case of failure.
RCF products installed in the central equipment rack are:
1 x PR 4092 Preamplifier 9 in – 2 out 1 x PD 1066 6 zone speech / music switching unit 3 x MF 6000 Mainframe FLEXA amplifier system 3 x PS 6640 Modular power supply unit 640W – 240V 1 x UP 6241 Modular power amplifier 240W / 100V 3 x UP6481 Modular power amplifier 480W / 100V 5 x SB 3320 Power amplifier & speaker line surveillance card 5 x RB 3320 Back amplifier board 1 x RD 2080 Digital recorder / player 1 x MS 1033 CD-USB-MP3 player 7 FM tuner
Two RCF BM 3067 pre amplified paging microphones are installed in the supervisor’s office and in the cashier room.
The following RCF products have been installed in all areas of the parking station: v 59 x PL60 Ceiling speaker 6W/100V 82 x DP4 Sound projector 10W/100V
TNM Projects is specialized in turnkey solutions and one of their key statements is to supply high quality equipment for all kind of installations.
Recently the Sound Festival 2011 was held at Grand Cube in Osaka, Japan. The “Sound Festa” is the largest exhibition of professional audio equipment in Japan.
The Japanese distributor Ballad exhibited a large selection or products from the Commercial Audio and Installed Sound catalogue.
Many people stopped by the booth to see the RCF products and to meet staff from Ballad and also to get a talk with people from the RCF staff.
“The Sound Festival Exhibition is a very good and important show. A lot of Japanese customers come to this show to check out the latest technical developments and see new products etc. It is always a pleasure to meet customers and get direct feedback from the market segment”, says Lars Yoshiyama – Sales Manager RCF.
The Sound Festival exhibition is an annual show, so the next event is scheduled to be in June 2012.
More info:
The US magazine Music & Sound Retailer has launched their first Vnewsletter, the industry´s first video newsletter with host Jill Nicolini. In the first issue there is a feature on the RCF TTS-56A subwoofer.
See the Vnewsletter here.
Los festejos del 201° aniversario de la Revolución. Fue una jornada intensa: a lo largo del día subieron al escenario de la Plaza Los Pericos, Los Súper Ratones, Falta y Resto, Leo García, La Mosca, Víctor Heredia y Soledad Pastorutti, quien se presentaba al cierre de esta edición. El festival se inauguró a la tarde con un homenaje a María Elena Walsh,
Las mas de 90.000 personas que se esperaban y la ocasión especial demandaron un gran esfuerzo técnico.
Se monto un escenario de 80 metros de frente, se instalaron 11 pantallas de leds , se ilumino con mas de 120 luminarias robotizadas y se utilizaron 88 sistemas de audio tipo Line Array .
Los sistemas demorados a la altura de la pirámide de Mayo consistían en 24 sistemas RCF TT·33A de la firma Offramp el área que estos debían cubrir fue de 100 metros de ancho por 70 de largo.
El resultado fue Optimo se obtuvo una cobertura uniforme y pareja con el sistema funcionando al 50% de su rendimiento.
También se puso a prueba en lo que a resistencia a la intemperie se refiere , ya que este fue montado el día 23 a ala noche y soporto un día entero de lluvia sin ningún tipo de problemas.
Fue la primera vez que sonó en RCF TT·· en Bs As el debut fue ampliamente satisfactorio.
Vasco and RCF – A great success at San Siro Stadium in Milan. Italian singer Vasco Rossi has ended the first part of his “Live KOM 011” tour, with the last 4 concerts held at the legendary stadium San Siro in Milan. More than 250,000 people attended the four shows at the San Siro and they experienced an incredible stage show featuring a vintage Vasco performance, complemented by a cutting edge sound and light production.
The RCF TT+ sound system on tour with Vasco is capable of delivering almost 1 million watts and was based around the outstanding TTL55A line array. Consisting of 120 pcs of TTL 55-A, combined with 60pcs of the 2 x 21” TTS 56-A sub, it ensured a great result with positive feedback from the members of the production team.
"I was very pleased with how the TT+ line array performed, this is the largest system I have ever toured with and there is no doubt that the results we achieved, firmly place the RCF TTL55A as the leading system for this type of event”, says Andrea Corsellini - FOH Sound Engineer.
The Nuovo Service Rental Company provided full production for the Vasco tour and they are also very positive about their experience with the TT+ system.
"I am very happy working with the team at RCF, we have had a great relationship for a long time. As well as being a manufacturer, they also have a clear idea of ​​what is happening on a tour of this calibre and are ready to provide their complete co-operation and passion,” says Willy Gubellini - Nuovo Service Rental.
Another important factor when choosing the TT+ as the system for the Vasco tour was its’ ease of use in all areas of the production.
"The fact that the speakers come with DSP and amplification on-board changed our way of handling a large concert like this. With this system we were able to dramatically reduce the rigging time, while still maintaining perfect control of the system. Also the transport and storage solutions provided by RCF allowed us to greatly simplify our life on the road. All in all an incredible package that allowed assembly or breakdown the first truck load in just 20 minutes", says Camporese Angelo - Head of Audio for Nuovo Service.
Composition of the complete system:
MAIN LEFT-RIGHT: 20+20 TTL55-A, 10+10 TTL36-AS, 21+ 21 TTS56-A
SIDE LEFT-RIGHT: 16+16 TTL55-A, 9+ 9 TTS56-A
ABOUT US: - Ciao Ancona! - Anteprima Live Kom '011 Corriere Adriatico - 3 Giugno 2011 Corriere Adriatico - 4 Giugno 2011 Sound & Lite - Giugno 2011 La Repubblica - 17 Giugno ZioGiorgio - 28 Giugno
È stato inaugurato con il concerto-spettacolo di Paolo Schianchi il nuovo Piccolo Teatro in Piazza di S. Ilario d'Enza (RE), una location forse piccola e defilata, ma interessante per le caratteristiche tecniche e le dotazioni. Le dimensioni ridotte, infatti, non ne limitano l'usabilità da parte degli artisti, consentendo per esempio di variare il numero dei posti disponibili attraverso l'impiego di una gradinata telescopica, fino a un massimo di 206 persone. L'intera struttura è quindi stata pensata per essere flessibile, attraverso un'accurata progettazione architettonica ed acustica e una ricca dotazione di impianti realizzata in collaborazione con RCF. La dotazione della sala prevede infatti un impianto di amplificazione fisso costituito da due moduli line array TTL31-A, un subwoofer TTL12-AS e un processore digitale DX4008. L'Arch. Paolo Borghi, che ha curato l'insonorizzazione della sala ha commentato: "le prestazioni offerte dal sistema TTL31 sono al di sopra delle mie aspettative. Consentono infatti una perfetta riproduzione acustica con elevata intelligibilità e dinamica".
RCF TT Series is on the right Wavelength
Wavelength Entertainments Ltd have made the strongest statement yet about their intention to standardise on RCF solutions for the wide range of parties, high level corporate events, charity and fresher balls they support, with the purchase of four TT08-A, four TT25-A and four TTS28-A subs from the Italian company’s Touring and Theatre range.
Based in the village of Eversley near Reading, Wavelength service productions throughout the UK (and into Europe) — and thus transportation becomes a major factor. The obvious weight and economy advantages of an active, matched system, with all the processing onboard, was too good to resist, according to Tom Chennells.
The Wavelength MD has been an RCF customer for nearly two years, having been introduced to the brand through the retail shop in which he has an interest, RSD Music. The company already runs RCF 905AS’s and ART 722A’s — and on smaller corporate jobs know they can use their 905 active 15" bass bins with TT08 tops.
The decision to back the brand followed the recent merger of Wavelength Entertainments with Yes Events Ltd. “This produced a massive inventory of sound and light, which will enable us to reduce outsourcing,” he said. “However, we wanted a single audio brand … so we did a like-for-like sound off against our other brand and we unanimously preferred RCF.” The company will be moving forward under the name Yes Events, exclusively using RCF solutions.
Presently Yes Events sub in outdoor roofs for mobile staging and have an eye on RCF’s compact line arrays for the future. But for now they are delighted with the flexibility offered by the combination of the tiny TT08-A powerful lightweight active monitor, and high-performance TT25-A and double 18in bass reflex TT25S-A.
“I did my research and set up a system demo, which surpassed our expectations on performance to weight and cost ratio. To put this into context, the TT08, outputting 750W at 11.4kg weighs less than half of one of our old amps,” he says.
“We knew the system was deployable, modular and lightweight — but at the same time, from a client perspective we looked at the quality of sound. Since it is active we can cover a lot of student parties or fresher balls with just four bins and four tops. Not having to carry amp rack and outboard processing is a huge boost … we just provide a flat EQ and it sounds great every time.”
The new TT system made its unlikely debut in a 14m inflatable dome — the Evolution Trident Dome — at a private 18th party in Englefield Green. “The system really sounded great — which was just as well, as our customer was also Italian,” Tom Chennells declared.
Having used RCF’s TT+ Touring & Theatre series successfully in the past, production on Vasco Rossi’s 2011 tour has stepped up to RCF’s TTL55-A three-way active line array system for the main PA rig, with the TTL33-A for the reinforcement systems and TT45-SMA cabinets for the stage monitors.
For more than 60 years RCF has been up with the world’s leaders in the production of professional loudspeakers and one of the top international players in professional audio amplification. The enormous experience accumulated by RCF over the years has led to the development of the acclaimed TT+ Touring & Theatre line, of which the TTL55-A is the recently developed high-end line array module: a 4-way cabinet with 3500W digital amplification, six RCF high power neodymium transducers, DSP 32-bit processor, 96 kHz sampling, remote control with RD NET software, and Shape designer focusing system, all developed by RCF. In production since 2010, the TTL55-A system is swiftly penetrating international markets and carving out a place for itself among the best systems in its class, thanks to its superb performance levels.
In the words of Vasco Rossi’s stage manager Diego Spagnoli: “I’ve always believed in placing my trust in people who have earned it. This year seemed like the right time to let people know that we need to be proud of our Italian heritage — Italian industry has scaled incredible heights, and I feel honoured to be able to bring my support to this project.”
Willy Gubellini’s Bologna based Nuovo Service rental company, an audio and lighting equipment hire service, with special expertise in live concerts and tours, has worked alongside many top musicians over the years. This summer they will deliver Vasco's music to audiences via some 120 TTL55-A array lines, 60 TTS56-A subwoofers, and an endless number of additional reinforcement cabinets and stage monitors to provide total audio power of almost 1 million watts.
“Today’s concert-goers expect to be provided with superb sound quality in all conditions, regardless of the acoustic problems of the stadium or arena – noted Willy Gubellini. “RCF’s TTL55-A means we can deliver optimal results for an audience that will number more than 80,000 people for each date of this tour.”
RCF Pro Italy Sales Manager Fabrizio Grazia gave an inside view: “We are extremely proud of this important milestone, which consolidates the growing success that we have achieved, one step at a time, thanks to the enormous dedication and passion that has driven our activities over the years. It’s a huge source of satisfaction for the entire RCF team, which has spent long hours working tirelessly on this project.”
System resources: MAIN LEFT-RIGHT: 20+20 TTL55-A, 10+10 TTL36-AS, 21+ 21 TTS56-A SIDE LEFT-RIGHT: 16+16 TTL55-A, 9+ 9 TTS56-A LEFT-CENTRE-RIGHT DELAY: 12+12+12 TTL55-A STAGE MONITORING: 6+6 TTL33-A + 10 TT45-SMA + 4 TTS36-A
ABOUT US: - Ciao Ancona! - Anteprima Live Kom '011 Corriere Adriatico - 3 Giugno 2011 Corriere Adriatico - 4 Giugno 2011 Sound & Lite - Giugno 2011 La Repubblica - 17 Giugno ZioGiorgio - 28 Giugno
Live in Atlanta – RCF TT+ delivers sound at The Dogwood Festival
During the weekend of 15-17th April 2011 Atlanta was in music mood.
Two large festivals were running at the same time and this year it was RCF TT+ systems that supplied the sound to a big audience at the SweetWater 420 Fest and the Atlanta Dogwood Festival.
The Atlanta Dogwood Festival is an arts and crafts festival held each spring at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally held for nine days across two weekends, it is now held only one weekend during early April, when the native dogwoods are in bloom.
The Dogwood Festival 2011 was celebrating its 75th years anniversary in the beautiful surroundings of Piedmont Park. With several stages with continuously performances the festival gives many upcoming artists and talents a good possibility to play their music to a wider audience.
At the festival there were performances by: Charlie Wayne Watson, Arena Sound, Off the Grid, Frets on Fire, OGYA World Music Band, SALSAtlanta, 3052 Dub Collective and several others.
Atlanta Audio Visual supplied the TT+ system to the main stage. The system was composed by RCF TTL55-A with 6 pieces per side and with 3 pcs TTS56-A Subwoofers on each side.
”After using many LINE ARRAY Systems such as JBL and V-Dosc, we decided to go for the RCF TTL55 System, for the great sounding DSP and Power Consumption. You can hear a true stereo sound from the rig. Also using the RCF software to calculate precise throw distance and splay of each box is a breeze…. We can setup 16 tops and 10 subs within 30mins and be ready to pass signal! When we want a great sounding system ready in no time and easy to use, The RCF TTL55 rig is our choice!!!” says Brad McWhorter from Atlanta Audio Visual.
Atlanta Audio Visual is a full service production company specializing in Audio, Lighting, Staging, Video, Set Design and Total AV Integration Services. They have installed and used RCF products for many corporate events, music festivals and shows and for many clients around the country.
See more at:
On the two sides of the town of Atlanta a lot of music was playing at the same time, all loud and clear thanks to the RCF TT+ Sound Systems.
Musica en vivo en Atlanta – RCF TT+ proporciona el sonido para el SweetWater Festival
Durante el fin de semana del 15 al 17 de Abril de 2.011, Atlanta estuvo en “Modo Música”
Dos grandes festivales tenían lugar al mismo tiempo, y este año el sistema RCF TT+ ha proporcionado el sonido a una gran audiencia en los festivales SweetWater 420 y Dogwood Festival de Atlanta.
El SweetWater 420 Fest, es un festival inspirado en la Tierra que ofrece dos grandes escenarios con una gran cantidad de música combinada con varios eventos artísticos.
Detrás de este evento se encuentra la marca de cerveza SweetWater que organiza este evento y los cambios necesarios para convertir el Parque Candler de Atlanta en una gran zona de ocio, y también ofrece a la audiencia la posibilidad de degustar los sabores de los distintos tipos de cerveza y, al mismo tiempo disfrutar de la música.
Artistas invitados este año al festival fueron: Galactic , Railroad Earth, Arrested Development, 7 Walkers feat. Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead y otros.
Producciones Rock Quarry suministró el TT+ para el escenario principal. El sistema se compone de: 8 unidades de TTL 55-A y 4 Subwoofer TTS 56-A por lado de RCF TT+ Series.
“Todo el mundo estaba impresionado por el rendimiento del sistema RCF, el promotor del concierto, publico asistente, y los ingenieros de los grupos por igual. Fué un gran festival con un gran escenario principal. Estábamos preocupados porque era la primera vez que teniamos que sonorizar una audiencia tan grande, nos sorprendió a todos la calidad de sonido y la potencia que entrega el sistema TTL 55-A. Los Subgraves TTS 56-A son igualmente excepcionales; Es el grave más poderoso y profundo que he tenido oportunidad de experimentar con mis manos hasta la fecha” dice Jay Holem de Producciones Rock Quarry.
Aproximadamente 30.000 personas visitaron este año el SweetWater Festival.
Producciones Rock Quarry Inc, se dedica a la producción, venta, instalación y servicios de audio, iluminación, video, escenografía y otros servicios para eventos. Producciones Rock Quarry puede satisfacer todas sus necesidad de producción o instalación. Su departamento de diseño personalizado y el departamento de instalaciones, diseña e instala todos los sistemas necesarios para eventos grandes o pequeños.
Producciones Rock Quarry ofrece equipos y servicios para conciertos, teatros, eventos corporativos, medios de comunicación y eventos deportivos. Con un equipo de diseño, ingenieros y técnicos, asegura que su evento sea espectacular.
La compañía ha utilizado los productos RCF en muchas instalaciones y aplicaciones. El departamento de servicios para eventos utiliza sistemas RCF TT+.
Más información:
En los dos extremos de la ciudad de Atlanta se estaba escuchando mucha música al mismo tiempo, todo gracias al sonido de los Sistemas de Sonido RCF TT+.
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