From April 10 to 13th 2013 the audio and light industry will be gathered in Frankfurt and the Messe Halls will be filled up with all the latest products and technologies.
Prolight + Sound will offer users a possibility to get a look into what the new trends are and what future directions the industry is aiming at.
RCF will follow up on previously year’s success with new products, innovative technologies and will offer visitors the chance to get a “hands-on” experience with a large selection of product range and the possibility to meet the RCF staff.
Come to visit us in HALL 8 – booth G70
Visit Prolight + Sound website.
RCF loudspeakers dominate the five floor interior of the new Hard Rock Café in Nicosia.
S&V Megasound won a highly competitive bid, beating a large number of companies (mainly based in Cyprus). They were selected to develop the AV infrastructure for this new leisure project Cyprus’ capital city — chosen for their ability to provide reliable up-to-date technology and support, and based on their reputation of being able to deliver challenging projects such as this.
The RCF distributors were tasked with providing sound reinforcement for live and club performance down to low level, high reference background music across the three functional floors.
The ground floor, which contains the main restaurant, with a seating capacity of 250 people, also hosts the main stage area. On the weekly band nights the restaurant transforms into a huge rock concert with a standing capacity of around 500 people.
To provide potent, even coverage S&V Megasound have specified four flown RCF HDL 20-A, with a pair of RCF HDL 18-AS compact, high power subwoofers This composite active line array was the perfect choice, with its 1400W (peak) powered amplifier and fast, simple set-up procedure. The installers’ own FOH sound engineer ensures the sound is optimised from the fully-featured, iPad controlled mixing desk, while the bands themselves use MY MIX IEM’s.
Infilling around the periphery of the large restaurant are four RCF C3108 versatile, full range but low visibility two-way loudspeakers — alongside various flat screens distributed around the restaurant.
Outside the restaurant on the ground floor S&V Megasound have installed ten RCF MQ80P’s, since this is also an IP65-rated weatherproof speaker, giving a relaxing mood to the customers.
The first floor is for multipurpose use, such as dining, private parties and conferences, and the installers have specified four versatile RCF Acustica C3108 wide dispersion speakers and a powered RCF SUB705AS compact 15in subwoofer. with further RCF MQ80P’s out on the veranda area
Finally, up on the roof garden S&V Megasound have dipped further into RCF’s extensive catalogue, specifying six RCF P3108 weatherproof, wide dispersion speakers and three RCF S4012 passive 12" bandpass subwoofers. “This provides the ultimate for an open roof clubbing experience,” reasons S&V Megasound MD, Stelios Petrides.
The system offers a number of routing and processing options throughout the venue, with individual zone control — and all spaces iPad controlled. This gives each space its own local source, volume and preset control, depending on the mood and atmosphere.
Summing up, Mr. Petrides said, “The sound system has been a huge success ever since the first performance. This was one of our biggest projects in 2012 and certainly a very complex one. It gave us the chance to test our capabilities to a whole different level — and the end result is amazing!”
Star Systems have been finding plenty of use or their new RCF TTL33-A active line array system since fielding it last summer at Thurles Greyhound Stadium in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, for a concert by all-girl group The Saturdays. At the time it was the largest RCF system ever rigged in Ireland.
This was to be repeated at Thurles Semple Stadium in July when 50,000 arrived at the stadium for the Senior Hurling All Ireland Quarter Final 2012.
Declan O’Sullivan runs the audio production company, who are based nearby. He stated, “The sound was unbelievable. We had two stacks of eight TTL33-A’s on 6m high towers, firing down the length of the pitch and six TTS36-A bass bins. The system was used for music playback and major game interviews — and we switched off the house system completely.”
He added, “The event was broadcast on RTE — but you could clearly hear the system 150 metres away. The sound threw brilliantly and was fully intelligible.”
The system is becoming increasingly in-demand and has also been out four or five times reinforcing Jedward’s live shows. Concludes O’Sullivan, “The TTL33-A wipes the floor in terms of speech clarity with every other system I’ve used and the fact that it’s three way is great because it makes it more adaptable.
Giovedì 20 dicembre 2012, al Palasport di Reggio Emilia, le cooperative Coopselios, Unieco e Andria hanno organizzato un evento di solidarietà a favore delle terre colpite dal sisma dello scorso maggio. La musica è la protagonista dell’iniziativa: Paolo Belli e la sua Big Band – preceduti dalla Concert Band di Reggiolo – si sono esibiti in uno spettacolo a sostegno del progetto di ricostruzione della Scuola di Musica G. Rinaldi di Reggiolo (RE). Service audio per la serata, "Piano e Forte" con sede a Novellara (RE), che per il concerto ha scelto prodotti RCF di tutto rispetto: 20 TTL33 e 8 TTS36, un impianto che di certo ha colpito ed entusiasmato. L'artista stesso si è compiaciuto per la qualità audio raggiunta: "Il 20 dicembre a Reggio Emilia abbiamo utilizzato questo impianto per la prima volta" - spiega Paolo Belli - "e devo dire che sono davvero entusiasta di questa scelta con RCF. Collaboro con Piano e Forte da oltre 20 anni" - continua l'artista - "e dopo la serata al Palasport di Reggio Emilia abbiamo deciso insieme di adottare questo tipo di impianto come riferimento per tutti i prossimi live del tour che faremo con la Big Band." I partecipanti all'evento hanno contribuito alla raccolta fondi a favore della Scuola tramite l'acquisto di un CD di canti natalizi (prodotto dalla Scuola di Musica di Reggiolo) e di magliette "Italia Loves Emilia" realizzate in occasione del concerto del 22 settembre scorso al Campovolo. L’intero incasso sarà devoluto alla ricostruzione della Scuola.
EDISON, NJ (February 2013) – Loftland, a Wisconsin based pop rock quintet, recently gathering national attention on tour as the opening act for Christian rock band Manic Drive. The group, which has been performing together for the last five years, recently invested in their own touring rig featuring a D Line line array system from RCF. "When we were out with Manic Drive we came to appreciate touring with the same system every night," explains Tanner Gibbs, who not only plays guitar for the band but is also responsible for the groups FOH and production requirements.
"We're heading out on our 'Let's Make It Loud' CD release tour in early March and decided the time was right to invest in our own system." After determining the bands requirements and a price point to work within Gibbs began to check out their options. "We wanted a system that would provide the sonic quality we are used to as well as the flexibility required for the different sized venues we perform in," Gibbs explains. "One night we could be at a church that seats 300 and the next at a festival performing for a crowd of 5,000. The system would have to handle our current performance schedule and also grow with us in the future." Ultimately Gibbs chose a D Line line array system from RCF that consists of eight HDL-20A modules, two SUB 8006-AS subwoofers along with two HD-10A active two-way monitors.
"We can fly the arrays or stack them on stage," adds Gibbs. "And because they are not fixed, we can easily adjust the degrees of the array to tailor the system for each venue. It works extremely well for us." The HDL 20-A modules are loaded with two 10-inch woofers and a large format 3-inch voice coil compression driver. Powered from a 1400 Watt Peak Power 2-way digital amplifier, each module includes comprehensive digital signal processing with cluster and HF projection correction and presets for indoor and high curving situations. Featuring two 18-inch transducers with 4-inch inside/outside voice coils, the SUB 8006-AS delivers a serious amount of low frequency. Powered by a 2500W digital amplifier module, the SUB 8006-AS can perform in the most demanding situations.
"The quality and output of the system is tremendous," Gibbs concludes. "It sounds great, and it gets louder than we need. We are very happy with it and look forward to working with RCF more in the future."
Si conclude in bellezza il 2012, con una travolgente serata di sport e spettacolo. Prestazioni sportive di alto livello e spettacolari performance mozzafiato sono gli ingredienti essenziali dell'Ice Gala, un appuntamento che ormai da 12 anni rappresenta tradizione e grande prestigio ma soprattutto un'opportunità unica per vedere all'opera le più grandi stelle del pattinaggio artistico e della danza su ghiaccio. E così è stato: sabato 29 Dicembre nella magica cornice del Palaonda di Bolzano, oltre 7200 spettatori hanno potuto assistere ad uno show a dir poco straordinario: atleti e acrobati olimpici e mondiali di altissimo livello, nonché clown noti in tutto il mondo, hanno regalato al sempre interessato e numeroso pubblico presente in sala una serata indimenticabile. Alla tredicesima edizione hanno presenziato le due atlete italiane di maggior spicco: Carolina Kostner e Valentina Marchei, nonché i quattro più forti atleti del Giappone: Fumi Suguri, Akkiko Suzuki, Yuzuru Hanyu e Tatsuki Machida.
Il service audio e luci incaricato per l'Ice Gala 2012, "Piano e Forte", da diversi anni ha stretto un solido rapporto con RCF: "Abbiamo fatto questa scelta con RCF perché sicuramente è il top che può offrire il mercato, sia dal punto di vista dell'affidabilità che della qualità. Quando si lavora con prodotti RCF, si ha sempre la certezza di poter lavorare bene e dare il massimo". Così Gustavo e Roberto Ferretti, titolari di "Piano e Forte", manifestano pieno apprezzamento per la loro collaborazione con l'azienda reggiana.
Per dare "suono" alla serata sono stati scelti prodotti RCF di altissima efficienza e professionalità: TTL33, modulo array attivo a 3 vie, TTL31, soluzione ideale per le applicazioni indoor e HDL20 modulo array dal suono straordinariamente dinamico.
Il Dott. Manfred Call e il Dott. Michael Atzwanger, rispettivamente presidente e vicepresidente di Calma Srl, agenzia organizzatrice dell'evento, si sono congratulati per l'altissimo livello qualitativo raggiunto con il nuovo sistema RCF: "L'eccellente qualità audio dell'edizione di quest'anno" spiega il Dott. Michael Atzwanger "ha certamente contribuito a creare l'atmosfera giusta e a rendere questa serata un evento indimenticabile". In questi 12 anni di Ice Gala, infatti, la grande collaborazione tra "Piano e Forte" e Calma Srl, basata sulla reciproca fiducia e stima professionale, è cresciuta a tal punto da raggiungere mete ed obbiettivi tecnici al top, proprio come in quest'ultima edizione. "L'evento in sé è stato formidabile" - conclude Atzwanger - "e la ciliegina sulla torta sono state davvero l'acustica e la sonorità, assolutamente impeccabili. Senza dubbio il nostro obbiettivo è stato raggiunto."
Adjoining the famous Escape Club on Amsterdam’s fashionable Rembrandtplein, and also owned by experienced entrepreneurs, Ton and Dick Poppes, the new Kitchen & Bar Van Rijn has opened in the style of a grand café, with a terrace and upstairs area.
Inspired by the beauty and the masterpieces of Rembrandt van Rijn, following a substantial investment, guests can enjoy authentic Dutch cuisine in a cosmopolitan atmosphere with open kitchen, whole listening to music through a premium RCF sound reinforcement system.
In fact premium is the watchword, since installer Mike Ho, of locally based service company 24/7 Audio, specified a TTL11-A active steerable column array, requiring only two systems with two presets to service all the requirements — literally 24/7 (including live music and a DJ on weekends).
“I first heard this system under demo at RCF’s headquarters in Italy, and was so blown away that I couldn't wait to use it. Since the requirement at Kitchen & Bar was multifunctional, this presented the first opportunity.”
“The owners have been doing this for more than 30 years and one was a DJ back in the day — so we both know the importance of good audio.”
A popular addition to RCF’s Touring & Theatre series, the system is composed of two modules, TTL11A-H for the mid-high and TTL11A-B for the bass frequencies. It is run here with separate sub bass extension and is digitally steerable down to -10°.
Since it is used for live artists, DJ, various live playback devices and a pianist at a grand piano, Mike Ho has judiciously processed the sound with two different presets — one for daytime, the other for after dark.
“The TTL11-A provides a unique solution. I would have hung 20 or more conventional speakers to produce a result that delivers coverage to all four corners of this huge restaurant. And people are telling me they don't even notice the speakers because they are so discreet!"
“Everyone is delighted with the quality of the sound; it’s crisp and clear and genuinely multi-purpose.”
Giunto alla sua seconda edizione, Benny Benassi and Friends 2012 ospita a Reggio Emilia una straordinaria lineup di DJ a livello internazionale. Gli organizzatori dell'evento in collaborazione con Pro Music, service audio, luci e backline incaricato per l'occasione, hanno scelto RCF per celebrare al meglio il sound elettronico e trasformare due notti di musica in un emozionante momento di condivisione.
Per l'assortimento del live equipment sono stati scelti prodotti RCF di alto livello: 24 HDL 20-A, moduli array di indiscussa qualità, e 14 SUB 8006-AS, il subwoofer più grande e più potente della "serie Professional". "Grazie a questi prodotti dalla tecnologia assolutamente innovativa" - spiega Stefano Corrias, titolare di Pro Music - "siamo riusciti a dare a questo evento un'impronta di alto stile, sia dal nostro punto di vista sia per quanto riguarda la resa del sound della serata. La nostra collaborazione con RCF, ormai più che decennale, ci permette sempre di lavorare al meglio, con prodotti di alta professionalità e affidabilità e dal rapporto qualità-prezzo assolutamente interessante." Benny Benassi & Friends 2012 è un evento dance di importanza nazionale che il 21 e 22 dicembre 2012 ha portato al Palahockey Fanticini di Reggio Emilia il sound e lʼatmosfera dei grandi “Festival” americani e nord-europei, in una realtà che vanta un pubblico molto ricettivo e attento alle nuove tendenze.
A fare gli onori di casa, naturalmente, è Benny Benassi, DJ reggiano cresciuto artisticamente nelle discoteche della sua provincia e oggi tra i più apprezzati DJ-produttori internazionali, con innumerevoli successi da classifica e collaborazioni con artisti del calibro di Madonna e Rolling Stones. "Le due serate del Benny Benassi and Friends di Reggio Emilia" - continua Corrias - "sono il chiaro segno che il nostro sodalizio con RCF funziona alla grande e che anche in questa occasione siamo stati in grado di creare un'atmosfera e un sound assolutamente in linea con le aspettative del pubblico presente al palahockey Fanticini". Insieme a Benny, in queste due serate, è inoltre salita sul palco un'importante selezione di DJ di livello internazionale, tra cui il “top-producer” olandese Nicky Romero, Crookers, Congorock, i milanesi Pink is Punk e tanti altri, tutti accomunati dallʼ“amicizia”, non solo musicale, con il DJ reggiano.
EDISON, NJ (February 2013) – More than 10,000 votes were cast in the recent Readers' Choice Awards sponsored by ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International magazine. Twenty-three product categories covered everything from live sound recording software to large format line arrays and system engineer/tech tools.
RCF received Readers' Choice Awards for the TT052-A ultra compact, high output loudspeaker in the "Loudspeakers: Active" category and the TTL33-A active, three-way line array module in the "Line Arrays: Small Format" category.
"The readers have spoken and we are delighted with what they have said," says John Krupa, national sales manager RCF USA. "To win two awards is really exciting. We know we have terrific product. It is rewarding to know that Live Sound and ProSoundWeb readers agree with us."
The TT052-A is an extremely compact, active loudspeaker specifically designed for indoor applications where the audio beam must be directed towards specific zones. It is equipped with two 5-inch neodymium woofers and a 1-inch compression driver. Equipped with a constant directivity horn and high volume output, the TT052-A can be used to ensure intelligibility in critical environments.
The TTL33-A is a compact, wide dispersion, 3-way active line array module that offers the highest performance from a small size line array. The high output and dynamics, extreme accuracy and high frequency extension – plus the compact size – makes the TTL33-A the ideal tool for outdoor sound reinforcement, live performances and events as well as fixed installations in theatres, concert halls or auditoriums.
EDISON, NJ (January 2013) – RCF USA, the U.S. branch of RCF and dB Technologies, announced the 2013 winners of the Prestige Partner Awards. "Our dealers are more than just people we do business with – they are our partners," explains John Krupa, national sales manager RCF USA. "These companies are as invested in our growth as we are. The Prestige Partner awards acknowledge the companies that we feel have gone above and beyond in promoting our brands." RCF USA presented 12 companies with plaques identifying them as Prestige Partners – Trinity Production, Tracy, CA; AudioPyle, Napa, CA; Washington Music, Wheaton, MD; 4 Sound Group, Doral, FL; VIP Electronics, Brooklyn, NY; IDJNow, Ronkonkoma, NY; Impact AVL, Florence, MS; Yakima Sound, Yakima, WA; Pantera Productions, Seminole, TX; Owens AV Design, Orlando, FL; Soundworks Systems, Stevens Point, WI; and Rondinelli Music, Dubuque, IA – recognizing them for their exemplary commitment to RCF and dB Technologies product lines. "We are building our brands with these companies and through them our end-users," concludes Krupa. "It takes teamwork to create a mutually beneficial relationship. We are delighted to work with all of our partners and look forward to a very bright 2013."
RCF designs and manufactures high-quality professional audio sound system components including transducers, powered and self-powered loudspeakers and line arrays, power amplifiers, digital loudspeaker management systems, recording monitors, microphones and rack components. Headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy, RCF USA is a subsidiary of the RCF Group, which is comprised of RCF S.p.A and AEB Industriale s.r.l. (which owns dBTechnologies), and is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.
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