Installation NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS 06 Aug 2009

Balux sea club Athens

The RCF’s distributor in Greece, Kariotis Audio & Lighting have recently undertaken a large sound installation at the prestigious Balux sea club in Athens.
Mr. Kariotis Pandelis explains “ The brief was quite specific regarding the design and installation of the venue. The philosophy is designed around the idea for an audio system that could cover the different parts of the complex, thus eliminating any possible sound pollution from the other areas bordering on the Balux Club in order to deliver a clean and defined sound. Using RCF ART speakers, Kariotis Meletios and Partners designed a “surround sound” system, in which a lot of the speaker sources are placed to cover the different parts of the club eliminating the interference from the other areas. To achieve this we used a combination of RCF ART 312’s and RCF C3110’s and S8018 subwoofers”.
The finished installation comprised a large number of ART 312 two way speakers installed outdoors, while for the interior of the club RCFACUSTICA C3110’s and S8018 subwoofers have been used.