Event 25 Oct 2017

Belarusian summer is full of music with RCF

The old city center of Minsk was the stable venue of an RCF sound system, set up from April 2017 until October by MLK Sound, who has handled stage, rigging, lighting, led-walls and audio throughout the event. The audio setup included 6 TTL33-WP for side plus a set of side fills with two TTL33-WPs each, puls additional TTL33-WP modules on certain events. Other events in the capital and neighbouring countries have benefited from the sound amplification of the lighter line array system of the RCF HD series: HDL 6-A.

Among the most important concerts, "Jazz at the Town Hall" hosted important names in the world jazz scene, such as the fusion / jazz guitarist Scott Henderson, Archibald Ligonniere (bass) and Romain Labaye (drums), Harrison Young (USA / Netherlands), the Ethno-jazz duo Agata (Belarus), Andrei Slavinsky’s VIP jazz, Cristian Galvez (Chile), drummer Nazar Rejepov (Turkmenistan), Boris Myagkov and The Trio of Constantine Goryachev and Cleveland Jones (USA).

Jazz at the Town Hall

Classical music was protagonist too, with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus directed by Master Alexander Anisimov and the Bielorussia Chamber Orchestra directed by Evgeny Bushkov and Igor Buchvalov. Then Nouvelle Philarmonie Trio (Belarus-France-Netherlands-Germany), Orchestra Giuseppe Tartini (Italy) and Culture Orchestra (Poland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine). Other events supported by MLK Sound and RCF in the Belarusian capital includes the 950th anniversary of the city of Minsk and the half marathon of the city that hosted more than 30,000 runners from around the world.

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