Installation NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS 06 May 2024

La Vela Sunrise Enhances Venetian Coastal Nightlife with RCF

La Vela Sunrise, a celebrated venue along the waterfront of Caorle, not far from Venice, Italy, has become a beautiful destination for those who cherish fine drinks and great music. Situated on the Caorle beachfront, the venue offers patrons a chance to experience a unique atmosphere, charged with live DJ sets and concerts featuring both local and international artists.

To enhance the auditory experience for its guests, both inside and throughout its expansive outdoor area, La Vela Sunrise has undertaken a complete overhaul of its sound system. The venue chose to install an RCF audio system capable of delivering powerful sound across a wide area, including the beachfront. This system is not only high-powered but also designed to withstand the elements, from UV rays and summer humidity, to the corrosive marine salt air, which is particularly detrimental to transducers and electronics.

The venue's aim was to ensure that music could be enjoyed at lower volumes during the day while providing the power needed for high-energy summer nights.

The project, led by Marco Mazzon and his experienced team, features RCF QPS and HPS amplifiers managed through a digital matrix for preset/scenario adjustments. This setup includes equalizations and limiters for component protection and meeting restrictions on SPL. Outdoor areas are fitted with P Series P-4228 speakers, and three S 8015 II subwoofers in a cardioid configuration to minimize low-frequency spill into the adjacent camping area. Indoor spaces boast Compact M06 and M08 speakers, blending seamlessly with the venue's aesthetic while delivering an auditory impact on par with the finest nightclubs.

Marco Mazzon shared his confidence in the choice of Compact M systems for the indoor areas, praising "their high-quality sound that satisfies even the most demanding DJs". For the outdoors, RCF P Series was also selected for its high-performance sound and ability to offer peace of mind to the owners. "The P Series is perfect for environments that demand resistance to the worst weather conditions, like major stadiums, ice rinks, swimming pools, and, of course, seaside areas. The value here are their cabinets and transducers. P Series speakers are fully resistant to UV rays and marine corrosion. It definitely the right solution at La Vela " Mazzon concluded.

their high-quality sound that satisfies even the most demanding DJs
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