Corporate 22 Jul 2009

New TT45-SMA stage monitor

The TT45-SMA is a very high output, high performance, active stage monitor. Perfectly flat amplitude response, extended bass reproduction and incredible output make this monitor unique in the market.
The TT45-SMA distinguishes itself for vocal clarity, accurate and detailed high frequency reproduction, prefect feedback stability. The cabinet angle and the 90° x 40° uniform directivity provide optimal coverage in medium and large sized stages. A special switch has been developed to provide a perfect equalisation when using the TT45-SMA in couples, giving exceptional tour grade monitoring to the most demanding artists. The TT45-SMA features 1500 Watt digital amplification power with integrated onboard signal processing and transducers protections.
FEATURES • 1500 Watt, 2 way digital amplification • 2 x 12” high power neodymium woofers, 3.5” voice coil • Horn loaded 1.5” throat titanium compression driver, 3” voice coil • Soft limiter and rms protection • Very low profi le • Maximum gain before feedback • Maximum output per size on market
The loudspeaker’s low frequency section comprises two 12” high power neodymium vented woofers. The two transducers are driven in parallel for a tight and powerful bass response. In the low midrange frequency region only one of the two transducers is driven in order to avoid side cancellations. The TT45-SMA woofer is designed to provide an excellent frequency response linearity with very low distortion. A very strong neodymium magnetic structure guarantee dynamic and precision, a new and unique 3,5” voice coil design provides a very high power handling, especially recommended in comparison to a standard 3” voice coil. The unique Dual-forced air venting system guarantees a very efficient voice coil ventilation to minimize the power compression.
A new high performance 3.0 inch diaphragm compression driver with a 1.4 inch exit throat deliver perfectly natural midrange and high frequencies. The diaphragm is precision formed from pure titanium, the suspension is based on a vented and damped design in order to provide very low distortion.
The TT45-SMA is powered by a 1500 Watt digital 2 way amplifier: 1000 Watt for the two 12” woofers and 500 Watt drive the 3” voice coil horn loaded driver. The input board features a special switch to align the curve response equalisation for use of the speaker system in couples. The amplifier is housed on a heavy duty aluminum panel suspended from the main cabinet with flexible mounts to obtain the best insulation from vibrations. Signal output link and power output link are available on the right side of the cabinet.