RCF Acustica at BAC, London

Stage Electrics have recently completed the installation of a new sound system at the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) in South London. BAC, which is at present home to one of London's most critically acclaimed shows, "The Masque of the Red Death" is providing the new sound system with a stringent test. For this production, the whole of the building is used, as Metro magazine described it "Punchdrunk's transformation of the labyrinthine BAC into an extraordinary warren of velvety interiors and glamorous decadence"
BAC's technical manager Luke Girling takes up the story "The performance is driven by the soundtrack, so the development of the sound within the show has been our real goal. We were aiming at a sound as comprehensive and high quality as possible, that was the real challenge" Girling continued, "The RCF system is a massive move forward, we benefited on having the time to work with Greg Oliver (RCF) on finding the right solution for the space available, as a result this is by far the best sounding show we've put on" The show runs for about three hours, with the finale taking place in the grand hall, where they have a live band and DJ's. All the music both live and recorded is played through the Acustica speakers. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the performance is extended into the early hours, with several bands playing. Ben Noble of Stage Electrics "Punchdrunk required a system that could provide an intense atmospherical environment for soundscapes, but also be able to handle live bands and singers. RCF's Acustica range of loudspeakers gave us the right balance in this intricate space." Summing up Felix Barratt, Artistic Director of Punchdrunk said "The point was to get away from the safety and staidness of so much theatre. Normally, you sit back in your red seat, the lights go down and you see the show. We wanted to shake things up - to make the audience the epicentre, to let them shape their experience within what we create". It would appear that Stage Electrics use of Acustica has gone along way to helping achieving their goals.
FOYER SPACE 1 x ART705AS Subwoofer 6 x Acustica C3108's powered by an EP 5004 amplifier 2 x Acustica C3110's powered by an ED1100 amplifier
GRAND HALL 6 x Acustica C5212L's 2 powered by HC2000 amplifier 2 x ACUSTICA S8018 Passive Subwoofers powered by an HC3200 amplifier 1 x RCFART705AS (extra bass)