Corporate 02 Jan 2024

RCF debuts Twenty New Audio Products at NAMM2024

The NAMM Show
January 25–28, 2024
Anaheim Convention Center, California
Booth 18111
Demo Room 17112

Anaheim, CA - Celebrating 75 years of innovative audio solutions, RCF unveils an array of twenty new audio products at the 2024 NAMM Show. Key highlights include the NXL 14-A, a new member of the NXL Active Column Speaker Series and an expanded NX Series with models  NX 932-A and NX 945-A.
Available in black and white, the self-powered NXL 14-A boasts two 6” woofers, a 1.75” PKX HF driver, and a 2100W amplifier. The NX 932-A and NX 945-A share the NX 9 Series’ cabinet, DSP and amplifier and incorporate Precision Transducers with neodymium magnets and titanium compression drivers.

The ART 7 Series, an RCF icon, introduces its MK5 version with models ranging from 8-inch to 15-inch woofers, featuring FiRPHASE and XBOOST algorithms for optimal sound. The ART 745-A MK5, ART 735-A MK5, and ART 732-A MK5 stand out with new compression drivers and RCF Precision Transducers.

RCF's new subwoofer lineup includes the SUB AX Series with DSP and Bluetooth control, alongside MK3 versions of the SUB 8003-AS and SUB 905-AS, now with improved sound and a durable polyurea coating. Additionally, RCF will preview its new RDNet 5.0 management software and Shape D3D acoustic simulation software.

RCF’s new Precision Transducers Series introduces seven new products, including the high-performance NDT895 and NDT995 titanium/neodymium compression drivers, and the innovative NDX595 and NX495 1.75-inch PKX dome compression drivers. Newly unveiled cone drivers include the LN19S400 and LN19S450 subwoofers, featuring 19-inch, high-power voice coils, and the 16-inch LN16S400 woofer, offering superior bass reproduction and high excursion capabilities.

These transducers feature innovative designs including ultra-long excursion and 4-layer ultra-light CCAW voice coils, ensuring remarkable performance with minimal distortion. Experience these groundbreaking products at RCF's booth 18111 and Demo Room 17112.

NAMM, January 25-28, Anaheim Convention Center.

RCF Demo Room 17112
Demo Sessions from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28
10.00 am
12.00 pm
02.00 pm
04.00 pm

GTX Demo at the Anaheim Arena
Demo Sessions from Friday 26 to Saturday 27
11.00 am
01.00 pm
03.00 pm
05.00 pm