Corporate 23 May 2024

RCF expands versatile product portfolio at InfoComm 2024, Booth 9535

VISIT US AT InfoComm 2024
Booth 9535
Demo Room N101
12 June - 14 June, 2024
Las Vegas Convention Center

At the upcoming InfoComm 2024 show (exhibits June 12-14), RCF will celebrate 75 years of authentic performance sound debuting a host of new products. Visitors to booth 9535 at the Las Vegas Convention Center will have the opportunity to get up close with RCF’s brand-new offerings, engage with RCF’s experts, experience live demonstrations, and find the perfect audio solutions tailored for live events and installation.

RCF looks forward to seeing you at Infocomm 2024. Order your free registration: Use RCF VIP Code RCF147 during registration for free passes to the show.

The first of the new products is the NXL 14-A Column Speaker, the most compact model in RCF’s NXL Active Column Speaker Series, offering remarkable power and sound clarity. It features a dual 6-inch woofer configuration and a 1.75-inch PKX driver on a rotatable TRW waveguide, powered by a 2100W amplifier, and is available in black or white. This speaker is ideal for both portable and fixed installations.
Also debuting are new high-power portable subwoofers. The SUB 15-AX and SUB 18-AX active subwoofers offer factory-tuned presets for RCF speakers, boasting sound pressure levels of up to 135 dB, advanced processing, and Bluetooth® remote control. For extreme power in professional applications, the new active SUB 9019-AS and 9029-AS subwoofers are tour-ready and deliver unmatched performance.
Next are the X Series Speakers. Perfect for large-scale demanding installations, the X Series promises concert-level performance with robust weatherproof designs. From the line source X 28L to the point source X08 and X12, these speakers provide superior clarity and reliability.
The S Series Subwoofers are also making their debut. Tailored for fixed installations and perfectly matched to RCF XPS 16K amplifiers, the S 19 and S 29 high-power bass reflex subwoofers deliver powerful performance in a compact design, ensuring deep, ground-shaking bass down to the lowest frequencies.
RCF is also unveiling the Business Music Series, including the CMR-S 60T ceiling subwoofer and PMR 60T pendant speakers. These components merge elegant aesthetics with powerful audio, ideal for professional settings requiring discreet yet strong sound solutions.
The last of the new products is the upgraded RDNet 5 Sound System Management and Control Software, which boosts audio management performance with streamlined workflows, improved device discovery, and sophisticated UI enhancements including advanced EQ visualization and real-time FFT analysis.
A series of live demonstrations will be taking place in Demo Room N101, from June 11 through 14.

Room N101 Schedule:
June 11th: 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m.
June 12th to 14th: 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m.