NIGHTLIFE AND RESTAURANTS Installation 30 Jun 2015

Sometimes the best things are the simple ones

A half-hour drive far from Lisbon, the Costa da Caparica is one of the favourite spots both for tourists visiting the Portuguese capital and city dwellers looking for a one-day escape to the beach. With its 30 km of sandy golden shore lined with eucalyptus trees and animated with restaurants and bars, the area is busy from May to September and is also a lively spot at night.
The fancy bar “Praia – Sea, Salt and Pepper” is the newest venue in Costa da Caparica and has attracted the attention of many locals, including the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo. Praia was recently opened by a group of young entrepreneurs and it is conceived as a beach bar and gourmet restaurant, that turns into a night lounge and party spot after sunset. A wooden staircase a few steps away leads to the restaurant, a 900 msq elegant lounge decorated with modern furniture and a vertical garden.
Paulo Andrade from Garrett Audiovisuais, a Lisbon-based sales and installation company for sound and light systems and RCF distributor for about 25 years, was the consultant and designer for Praia’s sound equipment.
“The owners of Praia already had an old system but it was unsuitable for their present needs, so we decided to use a system made of 4 units of EVOX 8,” Andrade tells. The lounge is completely open air and the sound of the ocean is loud, which contributes to the atmosphere of the place in quiet times, but is not ideal when DJs are pumping the party at night.
Project designer Andrade organized an on-site demo. “The 4 units of EVOX 8, placed at the corners of the lounge, create the right acoustic environment and overcome the ocean’s sound. Thanks to their constant directivity of 120°x30°, the whole space is perfectly covered,” he explains. Now Praia’s customers feel embraced and surrounded by the music, wherever they are standing or sitting, for a full immersion in the funky vibe.
EVOX 8 proves to be the perfect solution for the venue, since it gathers all features required by Praia’s owners: quality of sound with excellent bass, small and discrete equipment size, and high power.
The events programme includes some prominent DJs of the local scene, thus it was essential to ensure high SPL and good quality of the audio equipment. Easiness of set-up and lightweight were also key requirements, because the system has to be dismantled every night, when the bar closes. With a socket in the back side of the sub to accomodate the top column and a pole mount that is easy to screw on the sub, EVOX was developed by RCF keeping in mind unique portability and a very smart package as its main design characteristics.
The customer is more than satisfied with the solution provided by Garrett Audiovisuais. “Our initial idea was to have a resident system and then rent a more powerful one whenever we would throw a party,” tells Mr. Spinola, one of the owners of Praia. “With EVOX we don’t need to rent anything, because it is perfect for all situations, from quiet chill-out evenings to big parties with DJs. This bass is amazing!”.

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