• 800 W program power handling
  • 129 dB max SPL
  • 60 ÷ 20000 Hz frequency range
  • 90° x 70° constant directivity coverage angle
  • 1 x 12" high power woofer
  • 1 x 1.4" voice coil compression driver
  • High quality plywood cabinet
  • Installation points available on rear, top and bottom panels

The full-range passive two-way speaker X-MAX 12 has been specifically designed as club systems for entertainment, to achieve the best nearfield quality, vocal coherence and a stable tonal balance even at high volume. The heavy-duty speaker cabinet is made of plywood coated with black textured acrylic paint. Featuring a 12” woofer with a 2.5” voice and a 1.0” compression driver with 1.4” voice coil. The LICC crossover design includes an electronic protection on high-frequency device. The rotatable 90°x70° horn allows installation either vertically or horizontally in any environment and architectural constraint.

Part number:

X-MAX 12
EAN 8024530018368

Designed to perform

The RCF X MAX series and its components are designed inside RCF’s laboratories and feature superior transducers. Equipped with a rotatable horn with 90° x 70° dispersion pattern, X MAX 12 boasts a 12” woofer and 1” compression driver, and delivers a maximum SPL of 129 dB SPL over a frequency range of 60 Hz – 20 kHz, with a total power handling of 800 W.
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Perfectly tuned crossover

The X MAX Series features a custom-designed mid-freq shaping for close distance listening on a perfectly tuned crossover to ensure the best frequency and phase response. The LICC crossover design includes electronic protection on high-frequency device.

Robust workhorse

All X MAX Series cabinets are built-in plywood coated with black textured acrylic paint. A sturdy powder-coated metal grille protects the front, and an acoustically transparent sound foam backing on the inside of the grille ensures protection from dust and humidity.
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Easy rigging

The base of each speaker includes a robust steel pole socket for mounting on a stand or a subwoofer pole. Threaded inserts are provided on all sides for optional mounting hardware. Included are multiple rigging points to fly the speakers for maximum architectural freedom in any installation.
Specifications acoustiques
Réponse en fréquence (-10 dB) :
60 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz
SPL max. @ 1m:
129 dB
Angle de couverture horizontale:
Angle de détection vertical:
Indice de directivité Q :
Sensibilité du système:
97 dB
Section alimentation
Impédance nominale: alimentation
8 ohm
Manipulation de tension:
400 W
Manipulation de tension de crête:
1600 W PEAK
Amplificateur recommandé:
800 W
Protections :
Dynamic active mosfet
Fréquences de recouvrement :
1800 Hz
Pilote de compression :
1 x 1.0'', 1.4'' v.c
Woofer :
12'', 2.5'' v.c
Sections entrées/sorties
Connecteurs d’entrée :
Conformité standard
Marquage CE :
Specifications physiques
Matériau du cabinet/caisson :
Matériel :
2 x M8, 16 x M10
Montage sur pied/embase:
Grille :
Steel with clothing
Couleur :
Hauteur :
620 mm / 24.41 inches
Largeur :
362 mm / 14.25 inches
Profondeur :
404 mm / 15.91 inches
Poids :
22 kg / 48.5 lbs
Infos colisage
Hauteur du colis :
655 mm / 25.79 inches
Largeur du colis :
442 mm / 17.4 inches
Profondeur du colis :
400 mm / 15.75 inches
Poids du colis :
25.5 kg / 56.22 lbs