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RCF E Series is redefining the tradition of professional analogue mixing desks. A step forward in the development of analog technology, RCF takes the familiar platform of mixers to a new level of quality and usability in three formats: 12, 16, and 24 channels. Features include top of the range preamplifiers; single-control dynamic compressors; semi-parametric four-band EQ, with superior degree of precision for this class of compact mixer; USB port for stereo recording and playback; USB powered port to feed a lamp or external devices; long-throw faders and onboard Z.CORE DSP effects. RCF E Series packs all the power of large-format consoles and high-quality FX into a portable solution.




Purpose-designed high-grade preamplifiers, based on modern solutions and accurately selected components, offer high dynamics and exceptional sound clarity. Re-designed single-control dynamic compressors on mic input channels adjust the dynamic behavior of any instrument and voice. Two onboard Hi-Z inputs solve the need for the D.I. Boxes.


The Hi-Z inputs are very useful when connecting low level musical instruments such as acoustic instruments with piezo transducers, passive electric guitars and bass with passive pick-ups, or stompboxes.
This on-board solution allows you to forget about the D.I. Box



The transparent and accurate single control compressors limit the dynamic behavior of any instrument and voice, on demand. Just plug in the instrument or microphone, adjust gain and shape the dynamics by rotating the single control knob.





Superb, professional-quality recordings straight to your computer. No longer the need for external delicate audio interfaces, multiple connections and levels to check. Just plug in a USB lead from the mixer to a computer, select the USB routing and you have CD quality recording and stereo playback from you computer effortlessly. The driver-less Class Compliant design allows recording and playback from Windows, MacOs and iOS (through USB adapter) without any additional software.






EQ like no others Shaping the sound can be both fast and precise, the ultra-musical four-band EQ, featuring two semi-parametric EQs with a narrow/wide Q selector and two shelving EQs. The switchable Q brings the accuracy of the parametric EQ on the small form factor of the mixer.

The smooth yet precise +/- 15 dB semi parametric EQ narrow/wide selector enables an augmented range of sound nuances.

E 12: one semi-parametric




All consoles feature the newly-designed 32-bit floating-point Z.CORE DSP effects engine offering 80 predefined presets – 40 reverbs, 20 delays and 20 modulation effects – with two responsive parameters that can be freely modified to suit the needs of the mix and a Tap tempo button. Also, a storage bank of 20 user presets are available with quick recalls. The last preset used is recalled when turning on the mixer. All algorithms have been developed internally by RCF’s R&D Electronic Department, with the contribution of some of the most trusted sound engineers.



Press the parameter button and turn the knob to adjust the effect





The TAP tempo button recognizes the BPM. Hold the button to keep the selected tempo.





Adjust the 80 available effects and store them on the 20 banks memory for quick access




The best overall quality on the market: touring grade metal construction with plastic protections on the sides make it easy to grab the mixers and move them swiftly without difficulty. High contrast graphics and knobs, premium quality connections and 100 mm (60 mm on E 12) low maintenance faders with dust cover, as well as digital stereo driverless class-compliant USB IN/OUT, USB powered port for personal devices or USB lamp. The multi-voltage power supply makes it perfect for worldwide touring use.




USB Power Port

Charge your USB devices or power up an external USB lamp thanks to the 5V – 500 mA USB port on top of the mixer.





Foot Switch

For connecting to a third-party foot switch. The FX send can be muted by pressing the foot switch.