A studio reference monitor is the key tool for the recording engineer to transform a live sound performance in a mix that will be played by people at their home or on their portable players. This concept was the foundation of our designing process for the Mytho speakers. In our history we had the opportunity to explore and manufacture live sound products, hi-fi products and also to introduce some notable technologycal innovations in the studio recording technology such as the integrated tweeter-mdrange system in our 1990 RCF SDC6000 studio monitors.

This is why we decided to combine our state of the art active live sound systems experience with our 30 plus years of hi-fi audio heritage to create a studio monitor which represents the connection between this two worlds.






The Mytho woofers feature a vented, large sized 51 mm voice coil. This guarantees very high energy for tight and controlled bass reproduction and perfect thermal stability with minimum power compression. Carbon fibre reinforced natural cellulose cone and high damped rubber surround produce a well behaved roll off and avoid high q resonances.

A special air ventilation system that includes coil ventilation, magnet plates ventilation and basket ventilation reduce air compression, air noises and minimize distortion in large excursion situations.

The magnetic circuit includes a special ICC coil and features a large neodymium disc to maximize the transducer sensitivity and optimise the transient response.






Mytho monitors features a high definition metal dome tweeter with a high excursion soft polymer surround. The diaphragm is moulded in a special aluminium/magnesium alloy with pistonic behaviour throughout the audible frequency range. In combination with the unique wave guide profile performs a perfect constant directivity dispersion also above 10kHz. The surround is designed for low resonance and excellent mechanical linearity. Voice coil windings, immersed in magnetic fluid, increase short term power handling capacity and reduce the compression at high power levels. The optimally damped cavity in the pole piece controls and slightly lowers the fundamental resonance. The chassis is precision moulded from glass fibre reinforced nylon and the front?design offers optimum radiation conditions. The diaphragm is protected with a fine hexagonal metal grille.






The MYTHO Sudio Monitor's cabinets are shaped to deliver the most linear and precise audio response. This concept is the result of a long and accurate design process that involved RCF's Engineers and their great expertise in acoustic and loudspeakers manufacturing. In fact, by giving a carefully rounded shape to the angles of the cabinet, the edge reflections are extremely reduced compared to standard wooden monitors, and therefore the sound is perfectly perceived by the listener. This unique shape, combined with the precision-directivity wave guide of the front baffle, improves the linearity and directivity of the sound dispersion, which results in a more accurate listening and mixing process.






The die cast aluminium cabinet is the result of many years of experience. The cabinet is internally braced and reinforced to improve low frequencies behaviour and reduce resonances. The internal volume is maximised in comparison with more traditional wooden cabinets. The external shape of the cabinet is precisely designed to minimize edge reflections. The front baffle integrates a “precision directivity” wave-guide designed to improve the treble dynamics and create uniform high frequency dispersion. Special attention has been dedicated to the bass reflex air port design. The cabinet vertical angle can be adjusted to optimise the orientation for the listening position.






The Mytho woofers feature a unique “Impedance Control Coil” technology. A secondary coil wound on the speaker yoke and driven in opposite phase to the primary coil has the function of cancelling the primary coil inductance, increasing the speaker sensitivity and reducing the speaker distortion.

A primary effect of this technology is the improvement of the temporal behaviour of the speaker, improving the crossover transition from the woofer to the tweeter and resulting in incredible midrange accuracy and perfect phase linearity.







In RCF, technology stands side by side with craftsmanship.

Along with the most advanced production technology an impressive staff of skilled workers builds and check every component of our products in our main factory and headquarters in Italy.








Even small differences in level or sound coloration from speaker to speaker can make very hard the work of the sound engineer. Each component of Mytho speakers is carefully tested during the production process. The assembly is accurate in every detail. The final testing comprises a special procedure where each single speaker is measured in detail and small differences in level or coloration are corrected writing a dedicated Dsp correction file in the input board memory; thanks to this calibration process each single speaker perfectly match each other.






Ultra low noise operational amplifiers and a dedicated analogue-digital converter take care of signal input amplification and translation in the digital domain. The signal processing is executed from a dedicated high quality DSP. The numerical choice guarantees fine crossover tuning and accurate multipoint two way equalization independent from temperature and component tolerances. Soft signal clipping and transducers protections are integrated in the DSP processing. A special algorithm runs in RCF during the final speaker testing to calibrate the speaker sensitivity and cancel even the smallest difference from the ideal curve response.






The input interface on the rear panel offer a complete group of setting to get the maximum performance from Mytho monitors in every conditions. The rear panel is equipped with input with protecting fuse for the power cable, a main power switch and a voltage selector (115-230V). An audio signal balanced input with combo XLR - ¼" jack socket is provided.