HD 10-A MK5
  • 128 dB Max SPL
  • 800 Watts 2-way amplifier
  • DSP Processing with FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control
  • 1.0” HF driver
  • 128 dB Max SPL
  • 800 Watts 2-way amplifier
  • DSP Processing with FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control
  • 1.0” HF driver
  • 10” woofer, high power, 2.0” voice coil
  • 90° x 60°, wide dispersion constant directivity horn
  • Silent Fan-less Class-D Amplifier
  • Mylar/Ferrite driver - Kapton former coil
HD 10-A mk5 active speaker boosts performance with a high-power professional 10" woofer and a 1.0" HF driver, an 800W 2ch Class-D amplifier, and innovative FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control processing. Vocals are natural, the sound is clear at long distances, SPL power is stable at very high levels. The strength of HD series speakers comes from decades of experience building gear for the touring industry, equipping this compact cabinet with power and reliability expected for life on the road. Elegantly designed, the lightweight polypropylene cabinet with internal reinforcement offers maximum strength. The speaker also includes a steel pole mount, threaded inserts for rigging, and rubber handgrips. D-LINE offers working DJs and musicians professional sound designed with music in mind.

Numéro de pièce:

  • 13000676
    HD 10-A MK5
    EAN 8024530019518
  • 13000659
    HD 10-A MK5
    EAN 8024530019310


The powerful 1.0” diaphragm compression driver of the HD 10-A mk5 features extended dispersion control and high efficiency at long distance. The 10” woofer offers an extremely linear response and a precise, deep low-frequency control. All compression drivers and transducers are precision built, taking advantage of RCF’s superior knowledge and experience dedicated to achieving extremely high standards.

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La technologie des amplificateurs classe D RCF enregistre d’énormes performances, une efficacité de fonctionnement élevée, tout en étant une solution légère. Les amplificateurs D-Line fournissent une attaque ultra rapide, une réponse transitoire réaliste et des performances sonores impressionnantes. L’amplificateur présente une solide structure mécanique en aluminium, qui non seulement offre de la stabilité à l’amplificateur lors de son transport, mais qui favorise également la dissipation de chaleur sans l’usage d’un ventilateur. Tous les amplificateurs D Line sont équipés d’une alimentation à découpage (SMPS) pour fournir un maximum de puissance en un minimum de poids en transport.


The cabinet shape makes it easy to use the speaker for stage monitoring. Two M10 threaded inserts are available for optional mounting hardware, making the speakers perfect for use in wall-mounted or flown install applications.




The amplifier presents both XLR In/Out connectors and a Jack input for maximum connection versatility.



A switchable EQ Mode makes it easier to select among two different equalization presets: BOOST - Extended response switch that slightly emphasizes the bass response for playback music and low volume applications; FLAT - Linear response switch, when the speaker is used to amplify a live mix. The amplifier has a built-in limiter circuit to prevent clipping or overdriving the transducers.



A useful Mic/Line switch helps to adjust the input sensitivity. When used for speech, the [Mic] setting allows using a microphone directly with the speaker. Set the selector to [Line] when using the speaker for live music or playback.



An easy-to-reach volume knob on the back allows setting the overall volume of the speaker according to its application.



3 status LEDs – Power / Signal / Limiter are provided for monitoring the system.




D-LINE cabinets are molded on a special polypropylene composite material designed to dampen down vibrations even at maximum volume settings. From molding to the final texture, D-LINE offers the maximum reliability and strength for use on the road. The reflex port has been resized to offer better efficiency. The HD 10-A is equipped with a top handle and a side handle with a rubber hand grip for greater portability. At the bottom, a rugged steel pole mount has been installed in all models. The new cabinet shape will allow every D-LINE model to be used as it is, standing on a pole or for stage monitoring. Two M10 threaded inserts are provided for optional mounting hardware in Installed Sound Applications.


Les enceintes RCF sont conçues en utilisant une technologie avancée brevetée de filtrage FiR, mise au point pour offrir à l’auditeur un son transparent, une précision absolue et des images stéréo impeccables. Les filtres spéciaux FiRPHASE permettent d’atteindre une répartition cohérente du son pour tous les auditeurs sans distorsion de phase, assurant des temps de latences minimes au système.

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Specifications acoustiques
Réponse de fréquence :
50 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz
SPL max. @ 1m :
128 dB
Angle de couverture horizontale :
Angle de détection vertical :
Pilote de compression :
1 x 1.0'', 1.0'' v.c
Woofer :
10'', 2.0'' v.c
Sections entrées/sorties
Signal d’entrée :
Connecteurs d’entrée :
XRL, Jack
Connecteurs de sortie :
Sensibilité d’entrée :
-2 dBu/+4 dBu
Micro : Sensibilité d’entrée :
-32 dBu
Section processeur
Fréquences de recouvrement :
2000 Hz
Protections :
Thermal, RMS
Limiteur :
Soft Limiter
Commandes :
Boost, Volume, Mic/Line
Section alimentation
Puissance totale :
800 W Peak, 400 W RMS
Hautes fréquences :
200 W Peak, 100 W RMS
Basses fréquences :
600 W Peak, 300 W RMS
Système de refroidissement :
Connexions des unités :
Conformité standard
Marquage CE :
Specifications physiques
Matériaux du cabinet/caisson :
PP Composite
Matériel :
1 x M10 top, 1 x M10 bottom
Poignées :
1 Top, 1 Side
Montage sur mât/plafond:
Grille :
Couleur :
Hauteur :
527 mm / 20.75 inches
Largeur totale :
303 mm / 11.93 inches
Profondeur du pack :
303 mm / 11.93 inches
Poids du pack :
11.8 kg / 26.01 lbs
Infos colisage
Hauteur du pack :
640 mm / 25.2 inches
Largeur du pack :
400 mm / 15.75 inches
Profondeur du pack :
380 mm / 14.96 inches
Poids du pack :
12.12 kg / 26.72 lbs