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30/09/2021 Installation
Raubling, Germany - BORA, the company that invented the cooktop extractor systems for kitchens in private homes and restaurants, recently moved into its new office building in Raubling, Bavaria. The building’s remodelling was assigned after finding a winning architect with an architectural competition. The building was completely rebuilt with resource-saving construction in mind, an intelligent façade was constructed, and a 9th floor was added. On the top floor, a multifunctional room was integrated, which also functions as a staff canteen. BORA uses the space for product presentations, but external companies use it for their purposes as well. To give the room the sound possibilities and maximise its diverse usage, BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer and the installation company Musik Mayer GmbH & Co KG from Aiging in Chiemgau (Germany) decided on a sound system from RCF.
27/09/2021 Event
Potters Bar, UK - Having given their new RCF HDL 30-A rig an auspicious debut at Rutland Water recently for the Frankie Valli tribute act, Frankie’s Guys, JPS Sound & Light were in action again at the Colesdale Farm festival site near Potters Bar for the now firmly established Zimfest Live—a colourful celebration of Zimbabwean music. Working alongside Gareth Wildman’s Stage Tec as they frequently do, John Southee’s Peterborough based company populated the 12 x 10-metre Alidome stage with two hangs of eight HDL 30-A active two-way line array modules. These were underpinned with powerful 2x18 RCF SUB 9006-AS on the ground in front of the stage, while across the stage lip were RCF’s reference monitors.
09/09/2021 Installation
Wuppertal, Germany - The arts centre Immanuel, housed in the rededicated church building of Immanuelskirche in Wuppertal (Germany), impresses with a versatile and innovative programme that also features experimental events. The stage design in the house itself is as varied as the centre’s programme. To prepare for all event possibilities, the venue management opted for permanently installed loudspeaker systems from RCF and combined them with mobile components. As a long-standing partner, taking care of day-to-day operations in the areas of audio and stage technology, Guido Ogrzewalla’s company Safe in Sound was commissioned with planning and installation of the new system.
02/09/2021 Installation
St James the Apostle Parish has proudly served its local Catholic community in Hoppers Crossing for over two decades. Mindful of the rapid population growth of Melbourne’s outer western suburbs at the turn of the century, local parish priests from the nearby St Peter Apostle Mission purchased a ten-acre wheat paddock, which would become the future site of St Peter Apostle Primary School and its resident church, St James the Apostle Parish. Originally constructed in 2000, the church has become a multicultural hub of worship and community activities. Late 2019 saw the church enter a complete rebuild phase, with the structure being redesigned from the ground up to accommodate modernized facilities and a growing community base. As part of the redesign, AV professionals at RTR Productions were consulted on supply and setup of a new PA system that would meet the church’s needs. An RCF HDL 6-A line array system was chosen for the parish and installed by integration specialist Digital Link Solutions. Drew Menard, General Manager of RTR Productions, explains why the RCF HDL system was chosen: “As the parish is a multicultural space, attendees are often people for whom English is a second language, making voice reinforcement a priority.
04/08/2021 Event
Nottinarena è una rassegna artistica e culturale che si estende per tutta la stagione estiva con numerosi spettacoli dal vivo. Un sistema HDL 28-A con SUB 9006-AS, fornito da Doff Eventi, seguirà tutta la programmazione all’Arena Alpe Adria di Lignano Sabbiadoro nei mesi di luglio e agosto 2021 con grandi nomi del panorama musicale e della scena teatrale italiana. Emma Marrone è stata la protagonista del primo show live del 3 giugno che combacia con la Data Zero del “Fortuna Live 2021” per celebrare i suoi primi 10 anni di carriera. Seguono numerosi concerti ed eventi con nomi del calibro di Patty Smith, Max Pezzali, Modena City Ramblers, Franco 126, Frah Quintale, Natalino Balasso, Federico Buffa, Subsonica, Margherita Vicario e tanti altri.
22/07/2021 Event
La città di Monheim am Rhein inizia la stagione all'aria aperta con la Monheimer Kulturwerke GmbH. Le giornate "Gartenzwerg grüßt Gänseliesel", una festa cittadina basata sulla ricerca di 500 nani da giardino tra i boschi e i prati del paese, si concludono con i Culcha Candela alla Schützenplatz di Monheim. Il suono per il "concerto picnic" è stato fornito da Christofer Kaufmann di Tontechnik Kaufmann. Essendo da sempre un cliente fedele al brand RCF, ha allestito tutte le postazioni e il palco con i diffusori attivi della casa italiana.
21/07/2021 Installation
Lo Yokohama Stadium sceglie RCF come sistema di amplificazione sonora per gli eventi sportivi e l’intrattenimento. Lo stadio è una delle sedi delle Olimpiadi 2021 e uno degli impianti sportivi più importanti del Giappone. È, infatti, il più grande stadio nel suo genere nella regione di Kantō, utilizzato principalmente per il baseball ed ospita gli Yokohama DeNA BayStars. Negli anni ha ospitato importanti concerti di artisti internazionali, come Santana, David Bowie, Madonna e Michael Jackson.
02/07/2021 Installation
Bilbao, Spagna - Un nuovo stile retrofuturistico nell'ultima avventura imprenditoriale di Luis Ángel Rodríguez. Una passeggiata tra mondi psichedelici antichi e moderni che anche Stanley Kubrick approverebbe. Lo Shock Club apre al pubblico nel febbraio 2021 nel centro di Bilbao, incantando gli occhi con sfumature rosa chewing-gum, blu fluorescente e nuance violacee. Se il coronavirus ha costretto i proprietari di locali notturni a reinventarsi con nuove proposte, Rodríguez, già fondatore del MoMa Club Bilbao, riparte con una veste completamente rinnovata. Shock Bilbao è un luogo per tutti e per tutte le età, aperto dalla mattina fino a tarda mezzanotte per gustare cibo, bevande e soprattutto buona musica attraverso gli altoparlanti della serie RCF TT+.
31/05/2021 Installation
The Saints Hoan-Thien Catholic Centre in Keysborough, Victoria, is situated on 4 hectares of land owned by Melbourne's Vietnamese Catholic community. Over the years, the Community Centre has been the site of many milestones for the local Catholic populace, such as festivals, congresses, and celebrations. Across from the cardinal building lies the 'Our Lady Of La Vang' shrine, a newly completed house of worship that has been a long-term labor of love for the fellowship. Within the bright inner expanse of the shrine, the building's crisp white roof dominates the architecture. Hanging cleanly from either side of the far end, sit two compact RCF line arrays. Looking almost transparent in their optional matte white finish, the HDL 6-A modules blend perfectly into the supernal scene. Supplied by Factory Sound in Melbourne, and recently set up by installer UB Group, the system provides Front of House audio coverage for voice reinforcement, music playback, and occasional live instrument reinforcement for the venue's regular church Services.
24/05/2021 Installation
Recently, in Łódź City (Poland), under a public service contract with local government, the UKS Anilana Sports Hall was granted a new scoreboard and a complete modernized sound system upgrade to RCF— covering the playing field and the stands. The Hall is a facility with longstanding traditions, actively servicing the Łódź community for several decades. UKS “Anilana” refers to the tradition of “KS Anilana”, one of the most famous handball clubs in Poland, enjoying great popularity and winning awards during Olympic Games in the 1970s and 1980s. The capacity of the UKS Anilana Sports Hall is 22000 m3. The playing field area is 1200 m2 and can host up to 1,000 people seated in the stands. The surface of the sports field is covered with Taraflex flooring and meets the requirements of Handball Federation, Federation of professional Volleyball and Basketball.