Lille-Lesquin (France) - Place des Oliviers is a place both authentic and modern. It is an ideal place to spend a moment of relaxation, offering a culinary experience, with exquisite French flavours of the south and a lounge area to enjoy tapas and appetizer boards. There is also access to a bowling alley to practice petanque with nine tracks—the summer-sport par excellence.

The chosen speaker series - RCF MEDIA - are the optimal sound for distributed acoustic coverage both for ambient music and party events. Controlled by an RCF DX1616 digital matrix and installed by Sonodistrib of Lesquin, the sound system develops into multiple areas with separated controls and practical mute functions easily managed from the ad-hoc map interface on the iOS control App.

A total of 32 RCF speakers have been installed, both outdoors and indoors, with six M801 plus 16 M601 for the internal spaces, and four S5012 subs. Six additional weatherproof MQ80P speakers service the petanque lawn—outside on the top of building roof! The entire system is powered by 11 RCF IPS 700 /1700 amplifiers and managed by a DX1616 matrix.

Aurelien Senaffe of Sonodistrib designed a dedicated interface with volume, zoning and mutes on iPad, to manage and gain secure control of the DX1616 via WiFi.
When Tom Chennells merged his previous company Wavelength Entertainments into Yes Events back in 2011, he brought with him a clutch of RCF 905AS and ART 722AS loudspeakers. But he could little have realised that seven years later he would be operating three divisions from a 13,000 sq. ft purpose industrial unit, housing £2m of sound, lighting, staging, rigging, video and power equipment — including more than 200 loudspeakers from RCF (his sole speaker supplier). 

Yes’s recent addition of 24x HDL 6-A composite line array enclosures is the latest stage on a journey that took them from those early ART boxes to TT+ (TT25-A, TTS-28-A, TT 08-A lightweight monitors), and into the new technology of the Bluetooth enabled EVOX JMIX8.

With the company now split into three sections — Yes Events, Yes Production and Yes Hire — Chennells realises the value of having access to a product catalogue that covers all bases, and meets all budget requirements.

With a background in high-end DJ work he also sensed the value of being able to offer a turnkey infrastructure, while his love for RCF had blossomed during those earlier days when he was running pole-mounted ART series speakers with his roadshow.

Once he had merged Wavelength with Nick Ratcliffe’s Yes Events he was soon buying bigger TT+ systems, such as the TTL33-A, and today points to client requirements for more sophisticated production as the reason for his 20-30% growth in turnover during the past three years to a multimillion pound annual operation.

Why such a large RCF inventory? “You start by purchasing a few pieces of a certain product, and when you see such great results it’s an easy decision to keep adding further stock. Every box has a purpose — from the simpler standalone point and shoot boxes such as HD10-A, HD12-A and the very cost effective ART3 and EVOX ranges which make a great choice for wedding and rental customers.

“The rental stock extends through to a large amount of the premium industry leading TT+ and HDL. We should give special mention to the little TT052-A. It is so discreet that it is easy to hide away on corporate events at places such as The Shard and equally at home as lip fill in large shows.”

In the corporate world Yes Events has had the privilege to work with many A-list acts, Elton John, Beverley Knight, Duran Duran, Tony Hadley to name a few, along with corporate giants such as Disney, while they have provided PA for many sporting events right across outdoor venues and arenas the UK.

Aside from budget considerations, and RCF’s legendary matched componentry of their active systems, what other compelling reasons are there? “Simple,” says Tom. “You don’t need to do much to the systems on set up. 99% of the time you just plug in, stand back and it sounds great.

With limited set-up times at some shows this is a massive attribute. There is also a good rental network of RCF users now and great support from RCF UK … it’s a nice relationship.” Anyone who attended the recent RCF Open Day at G-Live in Guildford will have noted how Tom Chennells evangelised the HDL6-A (hence Yes’s recent investment). “The cost and weight are amazing for what it can deliver and it’s a great way to get people into a focused sound system with so much control over directivity. At G-Live we put up eight [elements] with a flybar per side; this system comfortably throws 50 metres and yet it weighs less than 100kg a side, which is amazing.”
RCF will highlight a vast range of new products at this year’s BITAM Show. The new RCF product line features innovative solutions, design upgrades and exciting new advances in audio technology. Following the HDL 30-A philosophy, RCF officially launches the two-way bi-amped line array HDL 28-A, featuring RCF’s proprietary RDNet Networked Management in a lightweight cabinet featuring high accuracy on voice intelligibility and the ubiquitous FiRPHASE.

Widely appreciated, and globally used as the primary portable system for on-the-go musicians and DJs, the EVOX speaker series showcase its new twin brothers, EVOX J8 and EVOX JMIX8. Built on the high-quality analog path found in the RCF professional E series, the new F Series mixing consoles comprises four fully-featured mixers from six to 16 channels, offering multi-FX, Single Control Compressors, and Recording capabilities.

The RCF booth will further exhibit the new range of touring TT+ speakers such as the TT 10-A, TT 08-A II, the double 8” low-profile wedge monitor TT 20-CXA and the innovative TTP/TTL 4-A. Because of the innovative rigging concept and a rotatable/swappable waveguide, the TTP/TTL 4-A is a brand new speaker concept worth a visit.

FiRPHASE processing drives all the new self-powered RCF speakers, allowing 0° phase compatibility between the entire RCF speaker range, delivering transparent sound, absolute clarity, and perfect sonic image to the listener. 

The RDNet Networked Management sees improvements with the 3.2 release, such as real-time air compensation, the inclusion of the Shape Designer, the RCF two-dimensional simulation software and the new Bass Shaper function, to achieve the desired timbre on low frequencies and maintain the desired tonal balance across the entire system.

Don't miss the opportunity to attend our product demos as shown below.

BITAM VI Edition
November 20th, 21st and 22nd 2018, Madrid (Spain)
Pabellón de Cristal, Recinto Ferial Casa de Campo de Madrid


Tuesday 20th: 1st: 11:10 – 2nd: 13:15 – 3rd: 17:10
Wednesday 21st: 1st: 10:25 – 2nd: 12:30 – 3rd: 16:25
Thursday 22nd: 1st: 11:45 – 2nd: 13:35
Dopo un completo restauro degli interni e un aggiornamento le tecnologie audio installando il piccolo e potente RCF HDL 6-A, il Tour Bus Red Bull ha solcato le strade estive della penisola italiana con il progetto LIVEIT. 

LIVEIT coniuga la presentazione di nuovi progetti artistici di musica indierock, electropop, hip hop italiana, con la possibilità di vivere un’esperienza del tutto originale, in località diverse l’una dall’altra, con delle produzioni di Festival che hanno nel loro DNA la buona musica con una particolare attenzione alle novità discografiche.

Il Tour Bus Red Bull si è fermato tra le piazze e le arene più belle d’Italia, al fianco dei migliori festival, per diffondere la musica e la voce delle band più interessanti della scena musicale autoctona, in collaborazione con MusicRaiser, Clockbeats e LePark Music Hub.

Il Red Bull Tourbus è un FIAT 309 degli anni ’60 che diventa sleeper-bus, sala prove e palco mobile. La dotazione tecnica è composta da 10 moduli HDL 6-A per lato e 4 potenti SUB 8004-AS. L’installazione è velocissima: il tetto del bus si trasforma in palcoscenico in pochi minuti, con truss laterali che contengono tutto il materiale illuminotecnico e i line array, installabili facilmente. Una volta appeso, l’array è ad oltre 5 m di altezza, in grado di coprire adeguatamente platee anche molto numerose.

"HDL 6-A è un sistema versatile, che unisce leggerezza delle componenti con un’ottima resa SPL. I SUB sono potenti e rotondi, l'impianto reagisce bene all’head-room del mixer ed ha una timbrica chiara e potente”, afferma Daniere Giraldi, sound engineer e titolare della SPS Audio che ha usato il sistema durante il festival L’Umbria che Spacca, “utilizzando già sistemi similari con SPS Audio, non abbiamo avuto il minimo dubbio nell’utilizzo del HDL 6-A."

Michael Gario - Freelance Sound Engineer, è sul Music Tour Bus di Red Bull in qualità di FOH Engineer durante il Reload Sound Festival. “Il sistema audio RCF a bordo del Music Tour Bus di Red Bull mi ha stupito enormemente sin dal primo ascolto”, commenta Gario “nonostante le ridotte dimensioni ha dimostrato subito di avere i muscoli per competere benissimo con sistemi audio ben più grandi. A livello di bilanciamento ho notato subito una piacevole freschezza sulle alte frequenze senza mai risultare fastidiose all’orecchio, medie frequenze perfettamente bilanciate e basse frequenze estremamente “punchy” senza mai sfociare in sub frequenze incontrollate. Un vero piacere per le orecchie.”
Il Primo Maggio è da sempre un’occasione per festeggiare alla grande, ma quest’anno, i BRINGS, la band rock di Colonia capeggiata dai due fratelli Peter e Stephan Brings, hanno portato i festeggiamenti a un livello completamente nuovo con il loro May Polka Party.

Hanno organizzato un raduno con ben 13.000 fan e la partecipazione di personaggi famosi, suonando a colpi di rock alla Lanxess Arena di Colonia in uno show maratona di oltre quattro ore il giorno del Primo Maggio. E tutti coloro che non volevano andare a casa potevano partecipare a un party dopo lo spettacolo di ben tre ore.

La TSL Productions ha implementato i prodotti della RCF per offrire un sound degno di questa festa. I principali 32 moduli PA line array attivi a 3 vie HDL 50-A (2x12", 4x6", 2x1,4") erano abbinati a 20 subwoofer SUB 9006-AS composti da 2 woofer da 18". Quest’ultimo sistema era formato da una serie combinata di subwoofer in configurazioni cardioidi end-fired e gap-toothed. L’RD-Net di RCF ha collegato i singoli sottocluster in un sottoarco con ritardi temporizzati per offrire una copertura uniforme dei bassi su tutta l’area.

Lo staff ha utilizzato 36 dei nuovi moduli superiori line array attivi di RCF HDL 30-A (2x10", 1.4") in quattro cluster come side-fill e per arrivare ai posti in tribuna. Era la prima volta che venivano utilizzati assieme a 16 subwoofer attivi 18" VIO S118 di dBTechnologies, marchio parte dell’RCF Group, in una configurazione cardioide sospesa. Altri 18 moduli line array HDL 6-A” composti da 2 woofer da 6” fornivano il supporto near-fill.
(Edison, New Jersey)
When Montana Pro Audio was called on to replace a 15-year-old sound system at the Beaverhead County Fair Rodeo Arena, they faced a scenario that limited their installation options leaving them to search and source the right product to both provide the coverage they needed and endure the outdoor elements of the rodeo arena. “The only placement options for the bleacher seats were light poles which are irregularly spaced with respect to the bleachers,” notes Montana Pro Audio Integration Manager Ryan Johnston. Plus, “the existing speaker wire to the far side of the arena was buried and would have to be reused for the updated system,” leaving them with pre-specified speaker positions. With that in mind, “We needed to select a loudspeaker system that would withstand the weather with fairly high output and low power ratings. We also needed a series that had different horn patterns that we could deploy based on throw distance, as due to the bleacher/pole layout we had to vary between shorter and medium distance throws.” Johnston continues, “We were also looking for a bracket mount option to simplify rigging and supply a stable mount for the speakers. “Plus the far side speakers would have to be powered with a 70-volt amplifier and stepped back down using an autoformer at the speaker end to maximize the amount of power we could send over the long, smaller gauge wire runs from the existing infrastructure.”
Serving an international fellowship of Christian students, the University of the Nations was born out of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), a highly decentralized international movement of Christians from many denominations. Their history dates back to 1978 when Pacific & Asia Christian University in Kona, Hawaii was founded. As their teachings spread to other campuses throughout the world, now with over 600 locations in 160 different nations, they have since adopted the new moniker University of the Nations. The 40-acre Kona campus is home to some 700 students offering Associate Degrees ranging from the arts to counseling and early childhood education to biblical studies. The campus is also home to the Aloha Lanai Cafeteria, Hawaii’s largest dining facility with a capacity of 3500. Nearly a decade ago Orlando, Florida-based Owens Audio Video Design was called on to implement a new system for their Ohana Court, an outdoor Worship area & basketball Court Being an open-air facility, that system was exposed to nature’s elements and getting tired. Over the years, and with advancements in loudspeaker technology, with the long-time relationship the university has with the integrator, they called upon Owens once again to refurbish the facility, this time specifically requesting a line array solution.
RCF has added Watford, UK based hire company, Just Smile to its growing number of HDL 30-A line array customers around the world.

The events specialists, who service a wide portfolio of projects — ranging from corporate events to Jewish weddings and national sporting fixtures — purchased a 16-box HDL 30-A rig, with six complementary SUB 9006-AS subwoofers. This will not only service their large roster of summer events, including their own promoted BushFest festival, but also the many fireworks spectaculars they undertake towards the end of the year.
Berklee è una delle più importanti università di studi musicali al mondo, con sede centrale a Boston, negli Stati Uniti, e una sede a Valencia, in Spagna, nella Città delle arti e delle scienze.

Gli studenti dell'anno 2018 del campus di Berklee si sono laureati lunedì 9 luglio. Per celebrare questo momento importante, gli studenti dei quattro programmi di laurea master presso il campus di Berklee a Valencia hanno organizzato uno speciale concerto sabato 7 luglio. Il concerto si è svolto su un palco galleggiante dotato di attrezzatura RCF, di fronte all'Hemisféric, in collaborazione con la futuristica Città delle arti e delle scienze.
Nei centri QC Terme l’eleganza degli spazi si combina armoniosamente con le più recenti tecnologie. Grazie ad una attenta progettazione, realizzazione e gestione di centri termali e di benessere, viene riportata in chiave moderna la filosofia di benessere delle “Salus Per Aquam” dell’antica Roma. L’evoluzione nel tempo ha contribuito a trasformare le SPA in percorsi multisensoriali dove abbandonarsi a piacevoli momenti di relax totale. Gli avanzati centri QC Terme sono a Bormio (Bagni Nuovi e Bagni Vecchi), Pré Saint Didier, Milano, Torino, Roma, San Pellegrino e in nuove prestigiose location in Italia e nel mondo in fase di realizzazione.

Tra le ultime aperture, nel cuore del Patrimonio dell’UNESCO delle Dolomiti, un centro QC immerso nella natura incontaminata della Val di Fassa. QC Terme Dolomiti si inserisce nel paesaggio con il massimo rispetto per il contesto naturale. La cultura ladina rivive negli spazi del centro grazie alla ricerca di arredi tipici della tradizione artigiana. Tre livelli di benessere, per un totale di 4.300 metri quadrati, oltre a piscine e spazi esterni che permettono di godere dei benefici della “forest bathing”, l’immersione nella natura come medicina preventiva. Inoltre, la Sauna si trasforma in un Cinema: la Sauna Chèder è la prima ad offrire agli Ospiti la visione di un palinsesto di cortometraggi dedicati alla natura.
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