The optimum choice for high powered vocal applications, music playback and demanding musicians.
ART 3 is a brand-new classic: a re-engineered loudspeaker that preserves the original concept, which dates back to 1996,
with cutting edge technology. Power and high quality in a convenient package.


The ART Series is the beating heart of RCF. These multiple purpose active speakers represent the finest examples of audio design in a rugged composite cabinet.
The ART concept offers the best audio choice for a multitude of live sound applications in a portable device.


EVOX is RCF's professional solution for small-array with subwoofer and column style portable speakers.
EVOX, designed for live sound with first of class acoustical performance, exceeds the sound quality and reliability of the portable systems.


The RCF D-Line speaker range boosts the performance of compact systems with a series of high-end solutions.
The vocals are natural, the sound is clear at long distances, and the SPL power is stable at very high levels. The concept of the D-Line derives from the touring industry, bringing in an elegant and compact cabinet all the experience of RCF with the maximum reliability and strength for intensive use on the road.


Carefully studied design, offering to the musicians and the professionals a perfect tool to amplify their performance, show after show.
High-quality materials, precise manufacturing, careful assembly, and extensive quality control procedures complete the ground-breaking design of the 4Pro series.


Ultra compact and next-generation monitoring tool for rental companies and musicians. Designed as a professional acoustical solution, together with high SPL and low distortion, unmatched reliability and acoustic compatibility across the whole series, ST Series is the answer to a wide variety of live production requirements


The low-frequency complement for the RCF Professional speakers. Featuring strong Baltic birch construction, high-quality mechanics, superior acoustic design and premium RCF Precision Transducers, the SUB Series brings the legendary RCF low-frequency efficiency and power to your sound system.


A complete range of powerful, robust, musical, and clean electronic devices for any live sound or install use. The amplifier range is the best companion for the entire passive range of RCF speakers, offering high power and low distortion when a separate amplifier/loudspeaker system is a requirement. The electronics (DSPs, Matrix, etc...) follows the RCF high quality design for a reliable use, stand-alone or on a RDNet networked management.